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The BigCMen - Update

August 23, 2023

Morning Oral Edging

The chemistry between us is undeniable, day and night. Boys always know that when they sleepover, Daddy needs attention in the morning. Andrew eagerly latches onto my morning wood, and we suck and edge each other REAL good! We save our loads, and I take the day off work so that we could film a super hot daytime FUCK scene. Editing that vid now, and it's fucking scorching!!! Stay Tuned!

English Lads - Update

May 10, 2023

Young Horny Straight Lad

Casper makes his debut video with us today and he's a complete natural. Casper is one of these extremely horny young straight lads who wanks his uncut cock all time and loves edging! He teases his cock to almost cum several times! All his training is paying off as he shows off his muscular, tanned, smooth body and flexes his muscles! Casper covers himself in oil and most of his huge erect cock! He enjoys showing us how he fucks as he pretends to fuck the bed and shows off his peachy bum! Having not cum for two days, Casper is busting to shoot his load! When we finally let Casper cum, wow, he shoots for England! Thick cum everywhere! I then follow his peachy bum into the shower and film him washing off his big sticky mess.

Wu Boyz - Update

January 07, 2023

Tyler Edges Tyler

Tyler Wu, meet Tyler Tanner -- for a hot afternoon of edging each other till we blast. These sexy guys love to play around and it's always at its best when edging each other. Watch as Tyler edges Tyler from one extreme to the other and then it goes back around and around.

Chaos Men - Update

December 04, 2022

Amone & Christian: Edge

Amone Bane and Christian Ryder enter the room as Amone instructs Christian to make his way over to the St. Andrews Cross. Amone explains how things are going to go... that he's in charge, and that Christian is allowed to cum when HE lets him. Amone secures Christian's wrists, then begins to kiss his way down Christian's body as he rubs Christian's cock through his shorts. Amone leans in and whispers 'You're mine now, boy...' Christian acknowledges with a breathy 'Yes sir,' and Amone gets to work. Amone pulls Christian's dick out through his fly and orders Christian to 'Get it hard for me.' Christian's cock stiffens and Amone takes it into his mouth as he reaches up to play with Christian's pierced nipples. Amone spits and slobbers all over Christian's dick, slicking it up as Christian begins to moan faster and faster.

The BigCMen - Update

November 17, 2022

Big C & Nico Edge & Flip Fuck

We had planned to edge like crazy until our first fuck scene...And that's exactly what we did. So much stroking, sucking, and literally on the brink of cumming throughout this entire video. Half the video is in black and white, filmed late at night. The next morning we turned the cams back on and showed off some killer morning wood and full balls. Get ready, we are flipping fucking, blowing loads, and calling more boys over in the videos to cum!

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

December 26, 2021

Kinbaku - Milk

Being bound and immobilized for sex is not everyone's cup of tea, but putting full control of his stiff dick into Yoshi's caring and masterful hands is holepig Lawrence Knight's wet dream cum true. Tied up once more by Shibari master Encho, this time his dick is getting teased and edged, and not his hungry hole. With arms tied and immobile, there's nothing for Lawrence to do except beg to finally cum. Yoshi edges him with slick, lube-y hands, his mouth and a buzzing vibrator to keep the stimulation turned up to high. Meanwhile, he's controlling Lawrence's breath and drenching him in the spit he loves. Just when Lawrence's stimulation is hitting a maximum level, Yoshi milks his aching cock to give him a delicious mouthful of his own fresh cum.

Young Bastards - Update

April 25, 2021

Plastic Wrapped & Pumped

Little Tommy is angelic, but devious Giorgio knows how to make the boy spit that cum from his long tanned cock. The boy has been prepped, wrapped tightly in plastic, his dick soon released for greedy Giorgio to play with and tease. That long twinky dick really wants to spurt some juice but Giorgio is going to take his time, sucking the head and wanking the shaft, stopping when he can taste the precum flowing heavily and turning his attention to the boy’s hole. With an opening made for his rampant meat to slide right in he fucks his captive real good, slamming his snug little hole with his stiff length until he can’t stop his own dick from unleashing that thick cream. He makes a big sticky mess and jabs his gooey cock right back inside to seed the boy, but it’s not over for Tommy yet.

Raw Hole - Update

February 09, 2021


Their last hookup found Dominic Pacifico getting his ass opened up by Axel Abysse in his first experience getting fisted. Now it's Axel's turn to take all the kinky toys and tricks Dominic's dishing out in an act of raw male retribution. Axel's down on Dominic's fuck bench with his dick hard and butthole already puckered and ready for hard action. Dominic opens up his "fuckin' hungry cockhole", gives it a lick and takes out his sounding rod. He plugs it in deep, slides out so fast it almost takes Axel's breath away. Spurts of piss come shooting out of Axel's hard rod, his hole swells and puffs out seductively. Squirting a layer of heavy duty fisting lube onto his rubber glove, Dominic goes in wrist deep without a trace of resistance.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

February 08, 2021

Pig Fest Gang Bang

Hamburg Pigfest Orgy filmed on location in a dirty sexclub. Why is it a pigfest? It's all there; pighole breeding and lots and lots of pissplay. oink oink. Watch me, Viktor Rom, Darek Kraft fuck Drew Dixon and Sultan Rhodos. They get a pounding of a lifetime while we swap them around like the sluts they are. Throat fucking in a cage, pissing on each other and breeding in slings are on all on the menu in this nasty non-stop 5 man orgy. Hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Young Bastards - Update

December 18, 2020

Edged & Emptied

He's already been bound and blindfolded, his cock and balls tightly strapped to make his inches throb and bulge, a dick shoved in his face for him to lick and suck. RobemXXX has one of the most delicious dongs and no sane boy would say no to it. The fresh edging toy boy is entirely under his master's control, and his master knows how to make the most of their hotel encounter. Tied down to the bed and made to breathe through dirty socks his dick is so raw, so tender, the painful slaps of a sneaker against his tight balls only increase the pleasure for him. The feel of a rough sock being used on his bulging young cock gets him closer and closer, the gloved hands massaging his meat and the feel of his master's swollen length rubbing against his is so intense he can hardly control himself.

Young Bastards - Update

October 28, 2020

Bound Boys Big Dick

The young man has been prepped, roped up to a bar and left hanging, but now his tormentor is here the boy’s big dick is already swelling. With his smooth body revealed and his engorged meat exposed edging master RobemXXX starts to play, stroking and tugging, massaging and rubbing, delivering jolts of pleasure to spread through the boy’s body. The stool to lean on makes it easier for the twink, but soon his legs and fuckmeat are roped up too, his balls tightly bound and bulging, the constant ache mixing with the pleasure of rubbing hands on his big veiny dick. The twink knows when he feels the masterful gloved hand wrapped around his slick meat that he's going to be milked to completion.

Fisting Central - Update

September 02, 2020

Master Plan

Fetish Force - Jessie Colter keeps Casey Everett and Kory Houston locked in a cage together and only lets them out to teach them how to be good slaves. Lesson one is flogging, and Jessie pushes his slaves to the limits when he binds their hands over their heads and gets to work flogging his slaves. When Jessie is convinced his slaves have had a good lesson, he moves onto lesson two: face fucking. Jessie rigs Casey to a bench with his hands restrained and a clamp on his balls. It's time for Casey to learn how to take a dick down his throat. Kory face fucks the eager slave until Jessie decides it's time for the third lesson of rimming. Casey gets chained bent over as Jessie teaches Kory how to eat an ass.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

April 23, 2020

Blind Muscle 5

Anthony Martin loves keeping Stefano blindfolded and standing erect, his arms at his sides chained away from his body, his legs spread and chained, his back aching, forced to remain erect and unbending for hours by the steel collar around his neck. It’s the ideal position for maximum appreciation of his physique. He is gagged and completed naked, a voiceless slab of male muscle. Anthony rubs down every inch of his glorious body with baby oil before flogging him mercilessly on his abs and pecs, stopping only to grope his reddened, warm flesh and his fat, hairless cock and balls. Then Anthony switches to a horse crop – delivering a new, much sharper pain to his torso, inner thighs and cock. In total darkness, Stefano is terrified and confused. Then a live electrode touches his metal collar.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

December 16, 2019

Owned & Broken 1

Brian Adams is the kind of stud who is always on top, whether he’s fucking a girl or beating some gay sub’s ass then fucking it. He’s a top, a total dom. Not in our dungeon. Today, he gets round-one of the full DreamBoyBondage treatment. He’s bolted to a wall, in a T-shirt and tight jock, blindfolded and gagged, his back already aching from the awkward position he’s forced to maintain. Anthony Martin enters, wearing his signature leather boots, jock and cap – and carrying a horse whip. “You fucking pretty boys think you own the world. I got news for you: I own the world and now I own you!” he tells the helpless straight-boy, slapping his face and ripping-open his shirt. He rubs Brian's smooth, lean muscles, bites his nipples and squeezes his genitals.

Bromo - Update

November 19, 2019

Make Me Squeal

Ian Greene receives a mysterious anonymous text saying something has been left in his room, and Bo Sinn watches and follows him back home. Ian finds a leather collar and mask waiting on his bed, and immediately gets naked and puts them on, then waits on the bed on all fours. Bo enters holding another surprise, a studded leather paddle, and gives Ian's ass a thorough spanking before fucking his mouth. Ian wants his master's big dick in his tight hole, and Bo fucks him hard before cumming all over his face.

Chaos Men - Update

November 02, 2019

Greyson & Kyle Edge

If you have been reading my summaries about Kyle, you may notice I seem to mention he is always about to cum. We have gotten some nice OutTakes of him tapping out during oral, jerking and fucking, for fear of busting too soon. He gets SO turned-on during these shoots. So, getting him in the Edge chair was one of my goals. Since Greyson loves to service guys and definitely goes for a rough Top, I wanted to train him up to do Edge videos. He watched a few beforehand, and got the rhythm down. At first, he jumps around to several positions, rushing through, and then he slowed down and realized how fun it was to tease and edge a guy for as long as possible.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

July 14, 2019

Athletic Hetero Killian

Athletic hetero Killian likes ball games, right? We want to play with this feisty Irish fucker but he's not feeling it. He thrashes back and forth desperate to rip out of his binding to tear apart the man pervily groping his manly body. We've watched him charging down the rugby pitch in his sexy sporty shorts. Here Adrian destroys his kit so his sexy hairy arsehole is fully exposed. Sliding his hand under his jock pouch Adrian discovers Killian's dick is hardening. To keep it that way Adrian binds Killian's cock and secures it to his cleats. Now the bastard can't kick out without causing himself intense groin pain. Dave slaps him about and slides his fingers into his tight warm arse. All the while Killian's cock is aching hard.

My Dirtiest Fantasy - Update

July 08, 2019

Yah-Jil's Bitch Boy 2

After leaving David for a while, and freshining up a bit, Yah-Jil is ready to continue torturing the pale-bodied twink a bit more, starting with some good old-fashioned pegs, to soon be whipped off with his flogger. But pain is most definetly in store for this boy, as soon his nipples are clamped with medical clamps, and his body worked over with a pin whele, to later be covered in Wax... obviously this isn't all going to be about pain, so Yah-jil gets out his vibrating wand, and uses it to get the boy hard so he can finish the show with some good old-fashioned milking.

My Dirtiest Fantasy - Update

June 16, 2019

Up He Goes 2

The second part of the torment is purely motivating for Yoshi, clamps on his nipples and made to bite the chain, pulling on them with the lightest of movements. AJ doesn't doubt to spank the boys balls making him move and squirm in pain before pulling them off, to replace them with weighted clamps. Because Yoshi is behaving just as AJ wants, he's allowed breifly to suck AJ's whilst begging to be fisted, now he's pulled into the air with his rope bondage, where his hole is gradually opened by AJ's fist.

Dominic Pacifico - Update

March 25, 2019

Double Fist Gimp

Dominic has his sub chained and cuffed, lying helpless in a gimp suit. His head is in a black leather pup mask, and the shiny latex jeans on his long slim legs are no match when Dominic snips away to open up the ass to an all-out anal assault. As the gimp groans in pleasure, Dominic slides each gloved hand up his wide open hole. Slicked and ready for more, his ass drips long strings of the gooey fisting lubricant. One fist after the other, Dominic opens up the gimp till he's ready for a gigantic toy. The mushroom head is bigger than a fist, and its flexible shaft is thick as a muscular arm. Then fists go back in and the gimp lets his rosebud push out and bloom.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

March 24, 2019

City Boy Lunch Screw

Who doesn't like a quick hookup in a public toilet screwing a city boy on his lunch hour or tossing off a construction worker on his break? But it's fucking typical that some busybody security guard comes sniffing around and spoiling everyone's fun. Hetero tough guy Vincent especially enjoys lording his power over the guys he catches cruising and spewing homophobic nonsense. Time to turn the tables on this nosey bastard to show him what we really get up to in the toilet stalls! We subdue the big hairy oaf and restrain him so he desperately pleads to be released. He's delivered a firm lesson in being our bitch as we flog the fucker till he's bursting with anger. We stretch open his bum hole giving this arrogant bastard the arse pounding he so sorely needs.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

March 17, 2019

City Boy Jozef

We've got sexy city boy Jozef tied and bent over so his arse is completely exposed. It's absolute hell for a hetero to know his bum is vulnerable to two bent perverts aching to bugger him. He fights and curses us with every breath in his body but we've got him fixed in place so we can tenderise that pert arse of his. We drive the terror in him even further plunging an anal hook up his arsehole so he's completely immobilised and any tiny movement might cause his fuckhole to be torn wide open. Jozef's already sore bum and the sensitive soles of his feet receive a merciless lashing so the stupid straight boy has to desperately stop himself from lashing out.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

February 05, 2019

Straight Stud Aaron

Sporty straight stud Aaron is locked in place in nothing but a tiny pair of speedos. Just a little fumbling from us makes his willy peek out of that sheer fabric. The insubordinate bastard hurls insults at us so we fill his mouth with a gag as if he were nothing more than a rebellious farm animal. He's going to learn respect by our humiliating and punishing his pride and joy. That big fat dick of his falls right out when Dave shreds his little shorts. Dave cruelly squeezes his dick until Aaron feels like it's going to pop off and stomps on it with his thick boots. His genitals are fixed in a ball crusher so every slight turn of the screw tightens it further flattening his big manly balls.

RetroMales - Update

January 19, 2019

Gay S/M Classic Film

Pictures from the Black Dance is the first film from the gay S/M classic Dungeons of Europe Trilogy that was shot in 1988, fourteen years after director Roger Earl and producer Terry LeGrand made the BDSM classic Born to Raise Hell. The viewer first glimpses an outdoor scene of a theatre, with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the marquee. The scene is London, as the video was filmed there in a particularly notorious leather dungeon; the image of the theatre could perhaps hint at BDSM play as erotic theatre, a type of play with scenes, as defined above. The viewer first sees Tony Starr, the pivotal figure in the film, at first kind of like the distant impresario orchestrating the dance of leather scenes.

Breeder Fuckers - Update

December 08, 2018

Enraged Marc

Enraged Marc is excruciatingly aware of his perilous situation. His arse has been beaten to fuck till its black and blue. He's roped down to a platform with no way to stop a further invasion to his precious straight arse. There's a ball gag shoved in his gob so he can't even scream out his fury! Marc feels the agonizing tension of every second as Dave enacts his pervy desires on this hetero's vulnerable body. Marc is shocked to be fixed in place with a hook inserted in his sphincter and tied to his head. Now he's terrified that any quick movement may rip his hole to shreds.

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