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Bad Boy Bondage - Update

September 10, 2023

Brayland & Mykul Pierce

Electrodes Will Teach Him: The only thing sadistic Master Brayland likes to use more than his flogger is the electrodes, something arrogant sub boy Mykul is about to discover as he's thrown on the table and strapped down. He's determined to endure, but with the probe up his ass and the clamps on his nipples and cock he's soon crying out and thrashing around!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

August 11, 2023

Den Fitness & Tony Keit

My stepson gives me nothing but a headache. He thinks he's too big for a spanking, so he tests my limits and pushes my buttons. But what he doesn't know is that I love when he does because he has an ass worth spanking. One day, he came in later than I told him from school, and it was time I reminded him who was boss. I put him over my knees and started slapping his ass. His crocodile tears only made my cock harder with every slap of his ass. I then pulled his shorts down and teased his pink hole with my finger. Eventually, I was too hard for my shorts, and my boy knew what to do. He lusted on my cock the way I did over his hole. It was time for me to taste my boy's dick and ass before drilling it, and that's what we did. He likes how my tongue feels on his ass but loves how my meat feels inside. He and I both.

French Twinks - Update

July 29, 2023

Mystery Boxxx Nathan VS Zack

Hosted by a mischievous virtual fox, Mystery Boxxx is a zany game that blends discovery, surprises, laughter, suspense, culture, and sex! Two contestants must first blindly guess which objects are hidden in the mystery box and eliminate the imposter object before battling it out in a quiz focused on sex and LGBT culture. The victor not only earns glory, but also gets to choose two kinky accessories they wish to bring into the love room for experimentation with their opponent. In this episode, it's Nathan Belair and Zack Maurin going head-to-head in Mystery Boxxx before embarking on a super hot sex session. The two twinks offer up a pure moment of pleasure, combining sensuality, intensity, sucking, masturbation, sex toys, spankings, rimming, and passionate sex, leading them both to an explosive climax.

Straight Fraternity - Update

June 05, 2023

Nerd Spank

I welcome back Tex and Reese and catch up on their adventures. Tex tells me about the ladies in Texas, and Reese is still with his girlfriend. I get them comfortable since they don't know what I've got in store. After the guys strip, I bring out the paddle. I tell them that only Tex is being paddled today, and Reese is excited about that. He happily whacks Tex's ass until it's cherry red. Then I reveal that it's his turn next. Reese takes a few smacks, but his skinny butt can't handle it. I make the guys stroke their cocks and tell Tex he has to suck Reese's cock to make him feel better. Tex does what he can to choke down Reese's big dick. Reese takes over jacking his cock, and he shoots a huge load all over himself. He even flings some on Tex.

The BigCMen - Update

May 07, 2023

Big C Fucks Hooded Sub

This sub bud of mine had submitted to me several times before, and he was eager to be on video...He's hooded and can't see anything, and of course he loves being used and abused. I fuck him hard, slapping him and calling him names - I decide to feed him my load at the end and he excitedly agrees to come back for more whenever I desire. I'm really trying to fuck more amateurs in future vids, the porn star colabs seem to always fall flat for me in terms of actual pleasure.

Bondage Bros - Update

March 03, 2023

Ball Weight & Flogged

WOW this was a wild scene. Devin now has Grant bound to the wall and has weighted his balls and anchored them to the floor... Even an intense session of flogging and Grant doesn't lose that smile on his face.

Corbin Fisher - Update

February 06, 2023

The Golden Bitch

If Noah woke up on the morning of this one intent on getting the living daylights drilled out of him by a buff, hung, uncut Rocky then... mission accomplished! If Noah was desperate to get used, slapped around a bit, and totally used... mission accomplished as well! Rocky fucks Noah so good, so deep, and so hard here that he turns Noah in to a wailing, whining, sub who can't imagine wanting anymore more than to keep getting fucked by Rocky. That all sounds like hyperbole above, but when you see this episode you'll see it really isn't - it's precisely the dynamic that comes about here. Almost instinctively, Rocky knew he had a guy who could absolutely go to town on - and Noah knew that's precisely what he needed Rocky to do to him.

Frock The World - Update

January 31, 2023

Leather Lovebirds

Damian Dragon is geared up in a timeless black ensemble. His tattoos are encased in firm, tight leather straps. The studded belts cross every erotic zone of his masculine body. Jason, outfitted in a jock and boots, is ready to serve Damian's demands for the day. Making out slowly leads into Jason sucking Damian's rock hard cock. Pleasure turns to pain when the flogger comes out and starts slapping against Jason's beautiful ass. The more Damian flogs Jason, the louder he gets. Each snap of the leather strands send Jason deeper into submission. Damian begins to paddle Jason to make him scream louder. His rosy ass cheeks get some tender kisses and then Damian spits all over Jason's smooth hole. Damian's fingerless leather gloves work their way in and around Jason until he's absolutely begging to be fucked.

Nasty Daddy - Update

December 11, 2022

Yes Sir 1

Teddy Tores and Zach Ackland show us how it's done and you'll love every prick draining second of it. You always say Yes Sir and then we getting fucked raw. There's nothing better than a hot deep raw fucking and we're always looking for it and enjoy getting it. Nice, deep, hard and raw! Oh yeah, and with an nice big, YES SIR! There nothing like a real Nasty Daddy.

Fetish Men - Update

November 01, 2022

Ass Pounder

Right off the bat, we're treated to a behind the scenes prologue of our two models being instructed in the protocols and precautions taken in shooting a bondage kink scene and showing their understanding and agreement. Then the hot action begins. Bald and horny Greg Riley's cuffed and chained in a leather vest and jock when Dom muscleman top Travis Connor, bearded, bald, hairy and in a baseball cap, strides in to inspect his new plaything. Yanking the sub's tender nips and smacking his chest, thighs and butt, Travis asserts his ownership. "Look at those bitch tits! Are you MY fuckin' bitch today!?" he growls, and helpless Riley moans out "Yes, SIR!" Open hand spanking turns to flogging ass with a cat 'o nine tails, and Greg's diggin' every sharp thwack!

Frock The World - Update

October 12, 2022


Sir Malice is laced and booted to perfection. His dominant demeanor is undeniable. His property is properly geared up in a leather face mark, a harness and not much more. The first crack of skin is heard when Sir Malice warms up his sub's ass cheeks with a spanking. That gives way to floggers and then the single threaded of a red whip. Limits are pushed and stretched when Sir Malice's sub is walked into a metal cage for more pleasurable punishment from Sir Malice. Prepare, for IMPACT. 15 + minutes of kink and fetish fun.

DamianXDragon - Update

October 09, 2022

Leather Lovebirds

Newcomer Jason Luna learns what a safe word is in Leather Lovebirds. It was originally filmed for Frock The World. This film truly shows my Dom but passionate side that my boys long for. Jason and I gear up and I start warming him up with some deep passionate kissing before I collar him and make him mine. Before long Jason is sucking my uncut cock. Once he's gotten me good and hard I bend him over and start flogging and paddling his ass. He takes it like a champ .Once he's proven himself to be good enough to be my boy, I return his devotion by satisfying his needs and driving my cock deep into his hole.

Raging Stallion - Update

September 14, 2022

Truck Loads 2

Tony D'Angelo knows that he only has to give one look to Travis Connor in this dimly lit truck stop restroom, and he'll have the burly trucker on his knees and inhaling his cock. Sure enough, Travis goes to gag on the trucker's hard dick before bending over the sink for Tony to rim his hole and spread open his muscular cheeks. Tony uses his full strength to bareback Travis until he's breeding the stranger and watching him push out his fresh load onto the restroom floor. Not done himself, Travis goes to his next venture and discovers youngster Edward Terrant jerking off in a nearby stall all by himself. Wasting no time, Edward begins wrapping his lips and hole around Travis' long cock.

Spritzz - Update

July 20, 2022

Big Cock Boy

When he enters Grisha's room, he already has a plan to get the blond boy laid. He's young and as horny as ever, his bulging balls tingling all the time and making him feel like he wants to cum at any time. He also knows that rarely does a boy say "no" to his big, bulging cock once that delicious surprise is unwrapped. Alec knows what he wants - and he also knows how to get it! Blond Grisha, on the other hand, is rather shy, but curiously he gets involved in the game. His lips suck greedily on the hard cock that is presented to him, and when Alec finally penetrates him and fucks him hard, it won't be long before the guys' balls explode.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 16, 2022

Apprentice Rivers Ch 2

Disciplinary Action: Sometimes an apprentice needs to be punished. My name is Master Kamp, and I'm responsible for disciplining our recruits. I'm presently mentoring Master Knox in the art of discipline, and a useful opportunity recently presented itself for him to show me what he's learned...We have a somewhat troubled young apprentice called Rivers for whom punishment has sadly become necessary. Master Knox was to take the lead and he began by starting to remove Rivers' formal clothing. The boy remained passive but there were subtle signs that he was nervous. We use a series of Perspex pegs as part of our discipline regime which the boy is expected to tackle one by one. Rivers was instructed to prepare the pegs in turn and lower himself down onto them. We moved swiftly through the first few. They were too easy for him.

Straight Fraternity - Update

July 13, 2022

Respect & Obey

When Carson makes a snide comment about Blake, he gets what's coming to him. Blake ties him up, spanks him, makes him suck his cock and balls and flogs him with a heavy rope. When Blake pushes things too far, Carson tries to beat him back, but since he's too small to subdue him, he does what Blake hates most and shoots his load on him. Carson makes an offhand comment about Blake's weight that really sets Blake off. He asks me for a rope and ties Carson up, using Carson's boxers as a blackout hood. Blake puts a big "A" on Carson's chest in duct tape and makes him suck his dick. He flips him over and spanks him before ripping the tape off and spanking him some more. Then Blake makes Carson blow him while he flogs him. Since Blake hurt Carson, I allow Carson to turn on Blake.

Fisting Inferno - Update

May 23, 2022

Highway 3

Bound tightly in shrink wrap and feet away from a chained-up Lucas Leon, Grant Ducati is ready to surrender to every command that Devin Franco dishes out. Starting out, the trashy dom takes a riding crop to Grant and Lucas' chests until both have bright red, raw pecs. Devin turns his attention to the pair's asses as he bends them over and teases their cheeks with some toys and his tongue. After begging for Devin's cock to enter them, Devin finally gives his pigs what they want as he slides in his thick dick to bareback both their holes. The two subs are then given a taste of their insides as they team up to deepthroat their master's dick before a grunting Devin finishes inside of Lucas' open mouth.

Bondage Bros - Update

May 12, 2022

Boarder Bound

Isaac X and Zac Snow are back together, this time Zac is pushing his own limits as Isaac keeps him bound and vulnerable and attaches clothespins to his smooth chest. If you like clothespins whipping and gay sex, this is the place and site for you.

Fisting Inferno - Update

May 03, 2022

Highway 2

Taped up, naked, and at the mercy of Alpha Wolfe, college jock Jim Fit bends over as his new master rubs him down and commands him to beg for the gift of his dick. A mysterious figure watches from the deep corners of the room as Alpha slaps Jim with a riding crop and begins barebacking his athletic ass. The ruthless master pounds Jim nonstop and only pauses to pull out and admire what he's done to the bottom's stretched and wrecked asshole. With the shadowed man now beginning to touch himself, Alpha throws Jim's legs in the air, commands the young man to finally cum, and even shoots out his own load that spills across Jim's muscular torso.

Fetish Men - Update

April 25, 2022

Jacobi Cuffed & Tormented

Cuffed to a St. Andrew's Cross, hot stubble-faced fuckboy Jacobi Hazel twists his feet and tugs at the cuffs around his wrists nervously as Master Dominic enters the dungeon. His mouth held open with a steel bit, he's a bound captive for the Master to have his fun. He lets out a scared groan as Dominic holds him by the chin. "No noise outta you!" Dominic barks as he ponders how to use the slave boy. He yanks Jacobi's nipples and bites one. "You fuckin' LIKE that, don't you?" he remarks when he sees the slave's cock swelling up from the attention. He slaps the harnessed dick and low hanging nuts. "Yes sir, YES sir," Jacobi mumbles incoherently through his mouth bit. Dominic takes the swollen cock into his mouth, alternately stiffening the cock and tormenting with smacks and nut squeezes.

Bondage Bros - Update

April 16, 2022

Devin's Dungeon

Welcome to my Dungeon. These are going to be my personal videos, nothing too polished or planned here. This is the real play sessions I have with my Dom. In this first video, he got me bound and shackled before playing with an EMS unit in my asshole. The feeling was incredible and hard to really describe. This is a riding crop lover's fantasy and watching that cock gets hit with the tip will make your tip leak.

Men - Update

April 08, 2022

Magna Cum Load 4

After Ryan Bailey is caught fucking in the library, he's dragged to the office of Dean Devy for his punishment. Devy says there's one way Ryan can avoid expulsion and lays a wooden paddle on his desk, but to his surprise the twink picks it up and slaps it against his rump, excited to get started! The light paddling Devy starts with isn't getting the message across, so Ryan strips and lies over the desk for a firm punishment, then gets an over-the-knee spanking to boot. Ryan eagerly sucks the dean's cock, then Devy bends him over to pound that ass. The dean fucks the twink on his desk, then Ryan takes a hot facial as he jacks himself off till he cums.

Fetish Men - Update

February 26, 2022

Johnny B, Paddled & Plowed

Lean pale slave-boy Johnny B cowers blindfolded and gagged on the carpet, afraid of the punishment he'll face when tough dom Aspen comes back. Then the hot muscular top steps in, paddle in hand, and smacks it across Johnny's tight little ass. Aspen gets into his work, yanking on his big cock and humping Johnny before he opens his mouth to nip at the tender skin on his sub's back. So turned on that he can't hold back, Aspen plows his thick tool into Johnny's open and defenseless hole. He pulls out just long enough to run an appreciative hand into his bound slave boy's slick ass crack. Spit and precum slides down out of Johnny's hole as he's split in half by Aspen's rock-hard pole. The rosy welts on his back are further stung by the little bites of Aspen's teeth.

Nasty Daddy - Update

February 21, 2022

Sir, Yes Sir

Horse-hung Drew restrains Greg , showing him who is in charge. Once Drew is satisfied that Greg knows his place, the fun begins. Flogging, dom-sub control, and a solid bareback fuck leaves Greg wanting more. Drew takes over and makes Greg his bitch as he ties whips uses and abuses Greg's tight and willing ass. When you see a daddy like Drew, you either take it or run away. Greg takes it every time and then some.

Young Bastards - Update

February 08, 2022

Daddy Gives Sore Ass

Smooth boy Antu is at the mercy of muscled young daddy Faisul, his mouth gagged and his hands bound while the man pinches his tender nipples and spits in his face. The twink can do nothing while his dominant master bites and tweaks, slaps and licks. The boy knows what's demanded of him the moment that big daddy cock is grinding in his innocent face. He gags on the huge uncut meat, the helmet dribbling precum over his tongue. He can't deny it tastes so good, but although he'd greedily suck the load out of it to please his master daddy Faisul needs that ass more than the boy's mouth. With the twink's cheeks red and sore he licks and slurps, finally sliding in his big raw fuck meat and pounding his pucker with demanding thrusts.

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