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Bear Films - Update

December 08, 2017

Tyler Reed & Jon Shield

Fat, raw cock and fleshy pink holes are on the menu when Big daddy Tyler Reed plays shy and hard to get with Jon Shield. The tattooed, bearded otter is more than happy to give beefy Tyler a test run before getting in front of the camera but we knew better. No one knows how to work the camera like scruffy Tyler. The giant takes complete ownership of Jon, letting him believe he's the one in charge, just one of many ways Tyler gets what he wants. But Jon knows a thing or two about getting what HE wants and soon both are rewarded with a lighter step as they unload.

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 06, 2017

Dave Tops Beau

After tossing the football around with Beau at the park, Dave can’t even wait to get him back to his bedroom and takes him right on the pool table. That’s pretty understandable, given how great Beau’s ass was looking in those shorts, though! After worshiping Beau’s big cock, Dave climbs up onto the pool table and shoves his thick member into Beau’s pretty mouth. Dave fucks him hard and fast, until finally bending him over the table and really going to town, until Beau blasts his load all over the floor. That’s all it takes to make Dave cum and he paints Beau’s fuzzy ass, before shoving his load all the way inside him!

Bi Latin Men - Update

November 09, 2017

Poppa & Xander

Cute latin boy slobbers on his buddies cock and sucks down a juicy load of jizz after a nice long deep-dicking.

G.E.S. by Dicksuckinglips10 - Update

November 07, 2017

My Brother's Friend when I moved

...They put on a porn, which didn't bother me, whatever makes them feel comfortable. So I keep sucking them until I hear Ethan says "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna Cu..... and he blows a huge load in my mouth and I continue to suck him as I want his whole load down my throat. After he is done he lays on the bed while I finish with Cole. "Come on faggot, I know you loved sucking off my brother now get ready because I gonna blow a huge fucking load in your mouth, you ready for it?" -Cole "mmmmhmmmmm"-Me "good cause fuck her it comes, oh fuck, faggot, oh fuck, oh"- cole. Cole also blew his load down my throat and I suck all the cum I could get out of his cock...

G.E.S. by Dicksuckinglips10 - Update

November 01, 2017

My Brother's Friend when I moved

...Even though they brought girls over and Ethan left to spend the nights with the girls, Cole slept in my bed with me. Cole put on porn and was jerking off and said "I'm gonna cum, come and take this load down your throat fag" so I put my mouth on the head of his dick while he was jerking his cock and he blew his load in my mouth. "sorry for calling you fag and all that it's just I get in the mood and I feel like saying that"-Cole. "I don't really care as long as you keep giving me cum you can call me what you like"...

Gay Erotic Stories by Sirrichard69 - Update

October 17, 2017

Cop Sucker

...I touched his leg with one hand and paused. He made no effort to resist so, I continued up his thigh until I was caressing his balls. His cock continued to grow and throbbed at my touch. He spread his legs giving me the definite sign that he needed more attention and gave me better access to his privates. I positioned myself between his legs, guided his hard throbbing cock to my salivating mouth, and went down on him. He gave out a deep and surprising sigh of pleasure...

Gay Erotic Stories by Papercup69 - Update

October 13, 2017

Edging Party

...I stepped in. My 5'10" stood over him. It was kind of a turn on imagining an older shorter man having me in his grip. I was going to enjoy this. "Ok then. So you've never been edged before?" "No," I said, a little shy at my lack of experience. "You'll love it," he said. He was excited too. "If you could please strip to your underwear for me." He stood there, waiting for me to start removing my clothes. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, revealing my little bit of belly fat. Then dropped my gym shorts, showing my traditional tighty whities. "I love your undies," he said, eyes glued to my crotch. He held out a piece of fabric, "If you could please put on this blindfold for me, I will lead you into the edging room."...

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 19, 2017

Van's First Gay Blowjob

Van's never had a gloryhole experience before, and he's never gotten his cock sucked by another guy...until now. Van is eager to blow a load. He unzips and pushes his cock through the hole, and within seconds, he's hard. As I deep-throat his cock, he flexes it, making me gag and slobber all over his meat. I get Van to the edge of cumming, until he's shaking and whispering "oh yeah, like that." With a load outburst, Van blows a giant blob of cum on my cheek and keeps pumping out jizz until the side of my face is covered.

Guys in Sweatpants - Update

September 19, 2017

Mateo & Jamie Flip Fuck

From the ride from the airport until jumping in bed together, these two were all about each other. So we literally just turned on the camera, and let them devour each other's bodies, asses, and cocks. Mateo has a nice bubble butt that Jaime ate like his last meal before pinning him down, mounting him, and sliding his cock in to fuck him crazy. As you can tell from the moaning and biting the sheets while getting pounded, Mateo loves bottoming...but he's also a great top. So Jaime gave him a go at his tight ass too! You guys will have to let us know which you prefer to watch happen. Both boys ended up with a load on their face, so be sure to make it to the end!

Active Duty - Update

September 13, 2017

Ryan, and twins Michael & Jacob

The time has come and Ryan is ready to be fucked by the Stax brothers. Michael and Jacob take turns pushing their thick cocks into Ryan's tight little ass. They fuck Ryan until he can't take it no longer and has to cum. The brothers have no problem with that since their balls are ready to explode from all the fucking they just did. Ryan gets on his knees and the brothers blast load after load all over his face and chest. Ryan can hold his load back no longer and the cum dripping off of him is making him nut all over himself as he finally releases his warm cum.

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