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French Twinks - Update

Thursday November 08, 2018

Vice Kitchen Ep. 3

After the Chef came in their restaurant, Corentin and Jules who in particular have been forced to participate in an orgy in the middle of the dining room, seem to have found back their lost passion. The ambiance between the two boys is good and the business is doing better. To celebrate this new beginning our couple in love will engage in a wild fucking session. Jules is totally unleashed and Corentin will get literally pounded.

French Twinks - Update

October 18, 2018

Vice Kitchen Ep. 2

In this second part of "Vice Kitchen" the tension goes up a notch between the two bosses Corentin and Jules. The crisis ensues and the customers groan. As long as the two boys go to war it will be impossible for the Chef to help them. To restore communication between Jules and Corentin, Chris Loan will force them to show naked and suck in front of customers! If most people are outraged and leave by this show Paul Delay is the only client to sit.

French Twinks - Update

October 01, 2018

Vice Kitchen Ep. 1

In the first episode of this crazy parody, the Chef asks to talk one-on-one with Gabriel the adorable waiter. After a hectic day Chris has only one desire: to empty his balls to relax. This will be the opportunity for Gabriel to receive a first well deserved tip. These two hold nothing back as they go for it in the only way they know how. The episode gets steamy as the chef does what he has to do to save the restaurant.

French Twinks - Update

September 22, 2018

Looser Gives Ass

A arm wrestling between David and Goliath in which the young Jules Laroche faces our athlete Chris Loan. The issue of the challenge is important since the loser promises to give his ass to the winner! Although the fight is totally unbalanced it's Jules who wins and even if he suspects Chris of having deliberately lost it suits him well to be top. Chris misses choking sucking Jules's big dick in deep throat. After having eaten and fingering the ass of his partner Jules begins to fuck and if Chris grimaces at the beginning the pain quickly gives way to pleasure.

French Lads - Update

September 22, 2018

XL Uncut Cock

Criss likes the look of that big uncut cock hanging out of Waikix' shorts, it's so thick and long he can't wait to get his mouth on it. He's a total slut for that big XL uncut cock, sucking on it and wanking it, offering his fuckhole for that length to slam into. He can cry out all he wants, he's gonna get it until Waikix has had enough of that ass and mouth and starts hosing the guy down with his massive cum load.

French Twinks - Update

September 14, 2018

Memories & Reunion

Baptiste Garcia and Enzo Lemercier discover the French Twinks collector's photo book and this is an opportunity to immerse themselves in their filming memories. As the pages flip both boys are more excited and they arelong to get hard in their boxers. Enzo and Baptiste will suck each other then Enzo will start a long ass play to open Baptiste's ass at its maximum before to fuck him wildly. These are some of the hottest French guys you will ever see and they love fucking raw.

French Twinks - Update

September 06, 2018

Newbies for Baptiste

Erwan Lamour and Corentin Tessier the two newbies have a crush on each other, but the very naughty Baptiste Garcia cannot resolve himself to let the twinks having fun alone. Baptiste hides behind a screen and masturbates watching Corentin and Erwan are kissing. When his two friends are naked Baptiste jumps in bed with a "Surprise! ". Baptiste who's more dominant than the shy Erwan and Corentin submits them to his desires and will fuck them wildly in turn.

French Lads - Update

August 30, 2018

Random Hooking Up

Two young guys meet and don't need much persuading to get down to some fun. The younger of the two soon has his cock out for his rough looking new buddy to suck. The new friends take it all the way as the tanned twink slides in and fucks his horny buddy, finishing with the cameraman getting in on the fun and sharing his own big juicy cock with their new bottom pal before the cum starts splashing.

French Twinks - Update

August 28, 2018

Private Tutoring

Erwan Lamour missed his exams and Enzo Lemercier proposes to give him a little private lesson to prepare for his school catch-up. The twink isreally good at studying and Enzo quickly loses patience. He then throws the lesson sheets at Erwan's face and grabs him to kiss him. The two twinks are then caught in a whirlwind of passion and desire that nothing can stop. Enzo is going to have a good time opening Erwan's tight hole using his tongue, spitting and fingering before fucking him wildly.

French Twinks - Update

August 04, 2018

Hotter Than Soccer

On a hot summer afternoon Jules Laroche invited Gabriel Lambert and Erwan Lamour to watch a match for the 2018 World Cup. If Jules is a real fan, Gabriel and Erwan areinterested in soccer at all and have a better idea in mind. A beautiful trio of twinks who will masturbate, suck and fingering in turn before fucking wildly. Gabriel is going to be sandwiched between Jules and Erwan for an amazing fuck in "little train" while Erwan is going to be pounded in turn by the two big cocks of his friends before to get two facial cumshots.

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