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Military Classified - Update

Wednesday December 06, 2023

Dutch Chapman: Anal

Today I'm excited to bring you a very special scene with one of my all time favorites CHAPMAN, and a new face that is making quite a hit DUTCH! The sparks fly as these two connect sexually and deliver a fuck scene that is one of this year's best! I caught it all on tape of course! Chapman is a local boy who has recently made a come back and i decided to put him together with a new face that was actually a referral from a fan! When they met there was a lot of tension and nerves at first but once they started talking and getting to know each other they quickly let loose and joking back and forth! Once the cameras started rolling the fun began and I got these two boys naked and playing with themselves and things were light and easy but once i made them start stroking the other's cock.

Straight Off Base - Update

Saturday December 02, 2023

Butt Fuck Bros

Jack and Chaz, two stud Marine battle buddies, swing by the Major's place for a few brews and to watch some hot porn. The Major orders them to strip down and rub one out for his ever-ready vid camera. They begin by comparing the size of their weapons-of-ass-destruction and then lend each other a helping hand for a short while before the Major asks if they've ever fucked anyone in the ass with the massive cocks they are sporting. Jack says he's been curious to see if he could take a big cock in his tight little ass and Chaz is all too happy to oblige and fuck a guy for the first time ever. Chaz slides on a condom to start things off but soon decides to go bareback because it's too constricting for the thickness of his cock. Jack is a true Marine trooper and gets his cherry popped by Chaz's massive cock.

Straight Off Base - Update

November 08, 2023

Dakota's Helping Hand

Corporal Dakota, a very handsome and nicely ripped Marine stud from rural Washington state, visits the Major's place in downtown San Diego for some much-needed relief after a few weeks of being in the field for training aboard Camp Pendleton. Cpl. Dakota wrestled in high school and lost his virginity at age 14 to his minister's daughter. Cpl. Dakota removes his t-shirt and jeans, lubes up and begins to stroke his massive cock while fingering his tight butt hole. Naturally, the Major can't resist offering his skilled helping hand and ultimately brings Dakota's thick cock to an explosive and very enjoyable climax!

Military Classified - Update

October 22, 2023

Jarred 2 Blowjob

31yo Latino Marine Reservist JARRED is back and this very mild mannered straight guy is new to the whole gay for pay things. I had him back a month or so ago and he did a real good job, not to mention the almost 9 inches between his legs. Watch as Rob easily takes care of this almost impatient man. Today Jarred was dressed in his Charlie's from back in the day so once he was in uniform, he really began to come to life to me. I directed him to take his clothes off and begin playing with that almost 9 inch Latino cock of his and I was only to happy to get re acquainted. The blowjob went without a hitch and I could see that this guy hasn't been sucked on in a while because every motion I made with my mouth or hand, he was completely sensitive to it, often time directing me on what to do to him.

Straight Off Base - Update

October 18, 2023

Devildog Circlejerk

Brian, Drake and Ray drop by Major Wood's place after hitting up the sunny San Diego beaches with Brian's latest girlfriend-of-the-week. After showering, these 3 horny straight Marines swap stories of recent female conquests, play with a cock pump, join in a hot circle jerk and climax with huge, explosive cum shots while Brian's girlfriend watches.

Straight Off Base - Update

September 30, 2023

Special Ops: Quinn

USMC Corporal Quinn visits the Major's penthouse in his Dress Blues following a special event at the Port of San Diego. The Mighty Corporal Quinn stands at 6'3", weighs in at 205 lbs. and is covered in a wide variety of tattoos. This massive stud Marine is constantly horny and he asks the Major's permission to bust his nut before heading back to his barracks aboard Camp Pendleton. Cpl Quinn lays back on the bed and strokes his hard cock until he unloads his thick cum onto his "Pretty Boy" tatted stomach.

Military Classified - Update

September 28, 2023

Ex Marine & Civilian

Cain & Dutch: Hey everyone! Today I'm bringing two newer faces together and I'm excited to see them connect sexually and deliver a scene that I am very proud of! CAIN and DUTCH are both the less likely to bottom but one does and believe it or not its CAIN! Watch as Rob entices these two boys to go gay for pay like no other! Str8 guys these days have really progressed and are much more comfortable in their own sexual skin, it really makes my job easier. I remember when str8 guys would have issues with sucking dick or stroking another guy and most importantly. NEVER let a dude stick a dick of up his ass but today that has changed and someone like CAIN could step up and take one for the team. Cain and Dutch were a bit nervous to be around each other at first and I was definitely watching them to see how I can open them up.

Straight Off Base - Update

September 21, 2023

Dom's Helping Hand

Dom, a stocky 20 year old former high school footballer and now a gung-ho Marine just back from deployment, visits Major Wood's penthouse to bust his load. When Dom mentions that his hand is getting tired the Major steps in and takes over with his experienced helping hand!

Straight Off Base - Update

September 06, 2023

Solo: Chase

Lance Corporal Chase, a Marine stud from Illinois who wrestled in high school, visits the Major's place to relieve some built-up stress after a grueling 4 week field training exercise in the hot Southern California desert. A very horny LCPL Chase stretches out on the Major's bed in his sexy USMC silkies, pulls out his hard cock, shoves his finger up his furry butt hole, and masterfully strokes it until he busts one of the largest cum loads the Major has ever witnessed!

Straight Off Base - Update

August 25, 2023

Robin Solo

USMC Corporal Robin, reports to the Major’s quarters to rub one out and pocket some extra cash for a weekend in Las Vegas with his Marine battle-buddies. Corporal Robin hails from the state of Colorado, is 20 years old, stands at 6’ and weighs in at a beefy 230 lbs. Robin participated in jiu jitsu and boxing during his high school years and recently banged a girl on the hood of his car while parked alongside a busy highway. At the Major’s direction, Corporal Robin removes his clothes and stretches out on the chair to slowly stroke his thick uncut 8 inch cock until he shoots his Marine jizz onto his hairy stomach

Raw Road Nation - Update

August 22, 2023

Army Officers Orders

Military officers need big cocks up the ass too and the easiest way is to get a random enlisted uniformed squaddie under his command from the tank unit to drill him deep and hard before cumming in his ass exactly when ordered too. A great looking young officer Jamie Turner who sleeps on a camouflaged bed has set his eyes on the mega-hung new recruit in his sick and twisted ass fucking brigade and wants his nut in his guts ASAP.

Active Duty - Update

August 21, 2023

Lieutenant Loads

Andrew Miller is always fun to be around, so when he helps Cam Steele open up about his sexual interests, things get super heated between these two. And something important to know? These two are HUGE shooters. They cum a lot. And you will too.

Dad's And Twinks - Update

August 18, 2023

Trent & Cory

It's time to break in the new recruits and Trent Tarzan is just the older Daddy to do it. he calls in the young Corey Law and immediately tears into him with his mouth. He calls out the twink for not wearing his uniform correctly or carrying himself in a way befitting of the army. The boy takes the verbal assault but he knows that there's still more to come. This is a man's army and sometimes men have to show their dominance with their cocks instead of their words. If Corey wants to keep his place in the army then he has to pay his dues and he's going to do it with his hands and lips. Trent sits on the edge of his desk and unzips his pants. Corey knows exactly what's expected of him and he gets down onto his knees and takes his Daddy's cock right into his warm, virgin mouth.

Military Classified - Update

August 05, 2023

Cain Chapman Ex Marine/Ex Navy

A few things came into play getting these two together and it just so happens that Chapman was available for this shoot while my other regular TJ, was not available for work this time but as it turns out, It was a match made in heaven and bringing these two together sparked a chemistry that was visibly seen. When the cameras began to roll, Cain and Chapman were just shootin' the shit and sometimes when i'm out of the room, certain conversations get taped without the models realizing it and I later learned that the Gay or Straight question came up and Chapman has come a long way since his first debut on this website when he was just 19 years old. Well the banter led to some mutual stroking of each other's cock. I love to make them uncomfortable without warning.

Straight Off Base - Update

July 30, 2023

Shane Webcam Solo

Shane, just out of the Marine Corps, drops by Major Wood's penthouse and hops on the webcam for some hot fun with the Major providing some off-camera direction! Muscular Shane seductively plays to his very appreciative webcam audience and rubs out a nice thick cum load on his hairy stomach.

Active Duty - Update

July 28, 2023

The Bi Recruits

Peter Matthews is a new recruit, so thankfully he has Davin Strong here to help him calm his nerves. But also? When they finally get to the sex, holy shit. It's something you have to see.

Military Classified - Update

July 24, 2023

Johanson 2 Anal

After we signed all the legal paperwork, we made our way to the bedroom where I had everything set up and ready to go. JOHANSON is a smart 28 year old who did admin work for the Marines and moved up in the ranks as a reservist. When the cameras were rolling we got into some conversation getting to know him and that rather handsome face of his. Once the small talk was over, Rob did as he always does and kneels down in from of Johanson and began the arduous task of going down on this already hard boy when the clothes came off. Rob wasted no time gulping up that cock and within minutes, Johanson was glued to Rob's face as he took his cock balls deep with no problem. As the sucking broke for a while, Rob took the opportunity to get semi-naked and flash his ass at Johanson who began playing and slapping Rob's ass.

Fisting Inferno - Update

July 24, 2023

G.I. Hole

Uniformed Army hunks Logan Bell and Brian Bonds were having a normal day monitoring the brig until they were tasked with watching after Max Adonis, an AWOL recruit that just got caught sucking cock next to their military base. With Max securely in their custody, Private Bell begins giving the long-haired stud a full cavity search and discovers that his hole is already wet and worn. Staff Sergeant Bonds begins his own inspection by rimming, fingering and barebacking Max's hole. Now, with Max stretched out and lying naked on the Staff Sergeant's desk, Logan and Brian take turns working in their entire hands to fist Max until the sailor exposes his budding rose. The combination of big dicks and manly military hands filling him up soon has the runaway recruit loudly moaning while busting a nut onto his own thigh.

Straight Off Base - Update

July 21, 2023

Jax Webcam Jacuzzi Solo & Shower

Corporal Jax, is a tightly ripped and tattooed 20 year old stud cowboy Marine from Wyoming who stands at a 'fun-sized' 5'4" and weighs in at 135 lbs. Corporal Jax wrestled throughout his high school years and was a very high-ranked bareback bronc rider in area rodeo competitions. He dutifully reports to the Major's quarters once again to entertain several of his online webcam fans and enjoy a good time in the jacuzzi. Jax introduces us to his pocket-pussy 'friend' named Chasey and puts on an outstanding webcam show to pick up some extra cash for the coming weekend. Jax pounds away on Chasey with his hard 7 inch cock until he busts a massively thick cum load onto his very lucky toy and hand.

Military Classified - Update

July 15, 2023

Whitman 3 Military Mechanic

When Whitman arrived to the studios today he was pumped up and ready for action. He's the type of str8 guy who doesn't think too much about what he does sexually as long as he feels compensated for what he does in these types of scenarios. Today was no different, he wasn't against fucking a dude in the ass but he wasn't going to do it unless it made sense monetarily. Well I had him check out the merchandise before he actually began fucking and he examined my ass and was actually starring at it so I said "why don't you lick it?" and that's precisely what he did and take warmed me up for what was coming next and Whitman was ready to deliver. I began side saddle of course and also tried the backwards cowboy position which really made a dent in Whitman's resistance.

Straight Off Base - Update

July 10, 2023

Special Ops Kasey

Petty Officer 2nd Class Kasey swings over to the Major's penthouse in Dress Whites on his way to an event in downtown San Diego. PO2 Kasey is a bit horny and the Major suggests that he should bust his nut before heading out for the evening. This sexy and studly Sailor slowly slips out of his uniform and skillfully strokes his hard cock until he blows his thick load onto the glass dining room table.

Active Duty - Update

July 07, 2023

Blain Pounds Private Chase

Blain O'Connor and Chase Tyler are super comfortable with each other; you can tell from the moment the cameras start rolling. That makes their flip fucking action so nice to watch. This is one scorching hot scene!

Straight Off Base - Update

June 17, 2023

Brice's Helping Hand

Brice, a 19 year old former champion high school wrestler and now a stud Marine, drops by Major Wood's penthouse to stroke his big cock and willingly submits to the Major's firm and magical helping hand! Brice shoots his thick load across the bed while arching his back in orgasmic pleasure!

Island Studs - Update

June 12, 2023

Big Dick Dorian

Big Dick Dorian, a super friendly, talkative, perfectly hairy, horny All American Special Operations Military Vet, is back in Island Studs, sporting his fat, amazingly rock hard belly slapper surrounded by a full bush of man dick hair, yummy furry white butt with the perfect amount of man hair between is pecs and belly hair leading to his big boner, who shows us his Tutting Dance moves, playfully combs his thick crotch hair with a red comb, takes 2 powerful pisses, both outdoors: one in a bucket and another with his red HOT throbber at FULL erection, works naked on his knees painting the deck with his big heavy hairy cock & balls dangling between his furry legs as he works in the sun, playfully grabs his furry ass cheeks and spreads them wide open, twice, revealing his super hairy, pink man hole.

Straight Off Base - Update

June 09, 2023

Lance Corporal Kent

Marine Lance Corporal Kent, swings by the Major's penthouse on a sunny San Diego Saturday afternoon to watch some hot porn and bust his nut before heading downstairs to the beach. LCPL Kent is a hot ginger who stands at 5'6", weighs in at 145 lbs and is a former high school wrestler stud from the East Coast. He lost his virginity at 16 with one of his high school girlfriends at the time and has now developed a penchant for having hot kinky sex in public places. He strips out of his shorts, applies some lube and awakens his fire-crotched Krakken to bust a super thick cum load onto his firm stomach.

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