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Randy Blue - Update

September 13, 2023

Alex & Lobo

Alex Ink returns to RandyBlue with real-life beau Lobo Careirra in his Randy Blue debut and they bring their intense romantic passion and show why they are regarded as a true power couple. They start their day communicating their affection and desire non-verbally, first making out and then Lobo lovingly sucking Alex and sets his passion afire. In response Alex happily kisses and licks Lobo all over before zeroing in on his cock and hole which he with his tongue, fingers and cock. Alex then gives Lobo a good ass pounding but, like a boss takes him into a mutual suck-fest. Alex face-fucks Lobo and sits on his face and while he fucks his throat again, Lobo shoots his load which Alex gobbles up and shares. Lobo is satisfied, but he makes sure his man is too and is right there for him.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 01, 2023

Peep Show Part 3

In part 3, ten guys fuck on camera like no one is watching, while audience members view through various peepholes. Lord Vigor and other content creators join. More guys, more mayhem!

Fuckermate - Update

February 28, 2023

Special Treat

After his first appearance with his bf, our big-dicked Colombian newcomer Marcostone was not yet satisfied. Always crazy for juicy asses, he needed another horny hole willing to be filled by his thick rod. Here is a perfect match for him! Our sexy muscled Argentinian Thiago Da Silva loves to deal with the biggest cocks around and with Marcos he could not ask for more. The Colombian gives him a special treatment, stuffing his ass hard and destroying his hole bareback and then rewards him at the end with an epic load of hot cum!

Men - Update

February 11, 2023


The great outdoors makes Maverick Sun horny, so he asks his boyfriend, Jordan Lake, for a sneaky chairlift BJ... but not sneaky enough, as they get caught by resort security just as Maverick cums on Jordan's goggles. That night in the chalet, they decide to pick up where they left off, but Maverick doesn't want to wait and rips open Jordan's long johns to fuck him in spoon position while his parents have their backs turned building the fire. After Jordan sucks Maverick under the blanket, finally the coast is clear for these twinks to fuck doggystyle. Jordan rides Maverick, then cums as the top bangs him missionary, and Maverick buries his cock deep in Jordan's hole to give him a creampie!

Fuckermate - Update

January 30, 2023

Couple On Fire

This week we bring you one of the hottest debut we filmed so far. Our new top mate Marcostone comes from Medellin, Colombia, where he lives with his boyfriend Antonio Pena. You may remember Antonio from his debut scene we released few weeks ago: this time we paired them together and it has been impossible not to be impressed by the beauty, the hotness and the chemistry between these two guys. As well as Antonio, Marcostone got a huge Latin cock that he knows how to use masterfully. Taking that monster raw meat deep inside the ass and being hammered like a real bottom deserves is pure bliss for his boy, that soon reaches the ecstasy and blows a massive load all over his body, just before bending over to leave his lover fill his hole with juicy cum!

Private Playground XXX - Update

January 27, 2023

Boys of Summer

The very first pornographic movie shot entirely with drones! With an all-star cast and shot on a private campground called DragonFly, watch men in action from a completely different perspective. The 2ND and FINAL part is out now!

Cocky Boys - Update

January 16, 2023

Carter, Greyson & Oliver

Real-life boyfriends Carter Collins & Oliver Marks make Greyson Myles their bottom boy and they're ALL so giddily excited for this three-way that one of them wants a round 2---even before they get started! Three-ways aren't new to Carter & Oliver and a hot enhancement to their sex life, so Greyson fits in nicely--and he's completely happy to be a part of it. It's not long after some group making out that Greyson is sucking Oliver's thick dick while getting rimmed, probed and fucked by Carter. As they proceed, you'll see Oliver and Carter aren't about having a predictable three-way experience for themselves or Greyson as they share him, fill both ends with cock and dominate him. All three guys have fun even as things get more intense towards the end when Carter and Oliver double-penetrate Greyson as he rides their cocks.

Fuckermate - Update

October 22, 2022

Triple Raw

Real-life boyfriends Gitano Silva and Jota De Palma like to have a good fuck everyday but they are not selfish at all and love to share their hot and horny moments with someone among their friends. The only requirement they ask for is to have a huge cock to be served, both with their mouths and asses. Latin hung top Franklin Acevedo, with his thick monster cock, is the perfect match for the couple and the two mates welcome him home, more hungry for cock than ever. After taking turn on their knees to taste and suck some inch of hard meat, Gitano and Jota swap to be in the middle, both eager to have two dicks at a time plugging their holes and Franklin makes the most of the hard bareback fuck that leaves him dried up until the last drop!

Venus Lux - Update

September 03, 2022

Intimate Sex

Venus and her lover engage in a very sensuous and intimate afternoon love making. They slowly caress and kiss each other before Venus gets his cock in her mouth and she sucks him until he is rock hard. He takes her from behind driving is throbbing member deep into her before she climbs on top to get every inch inside her. Venus finishes him off with her mouth and receives his cum all over her face and tongue.

Blake Mason - Update

August 24, 2022

Justice & Flint

Real Boyfriends Bareback: It's always interesting when we get to see two real lovers doing what they do best. Justice Knight and Flint Spear came to us from Wales and are ready to put on a great show, and they certainly do! They're no strangers to fun sex, they like outdoor orgies with cocks everywhere, so they're in their element showing off for us. Their cocks are hooded and hard, slurped and glistening, then Justice slides his raw dick between Flint's cheeks and pounds him all over the couch! Hold back your load to fully enjoy the mess they make together!

Maverick Men - Update

August 08, 2022

How To service Men

Hunter and I met Olly, this tall sexy blonde blue eyed hung bubble but. Then we moved onto a full fledged FUCK video, and Im so glad we did, he's so fucking sexy, he's tall and lean and has a hard tight body and that ass, the perfect amount of blonde beach fuzz on his tight little peach and muscular legs, and woof that thick cock, is thick and curved up like rhino horn lol , perfect for topping since it would press right onto a guys prostate while.

TopFanVids - Update

July 16, 2022

Porn Disco Poolside Finale 1

The whole gang is back together by the pool in a big pile-on. As the horny guests watch, Trenton Ducati leads an all-star team including Grant Ducati, Devin Franco, Beau Butler, Isaac X, Drew Sebastian, and Roman Todd. The energy is off the chart when a bunch of hot porn stars are told they can just have some fun however they want and put on a show for the live audience. That’s Porn Disco for ya… Don’t miss the next one!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

June 25, 2022


Sometimes a man comes along that is a perfect fantasy. From his handsome chiseled features, the thick ginger pelt of hair on him, to the way his armpits smell. For Liam Angell this fantasy is Cain Marko. The boy has dreamt of the day he could experience this God of a man in person. You’re about to witness the fulfillment of that fantasy. The raw desire and emotion are obvious on Liam’s face. When asked to describe the experience he could only utter the word Euphoria!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 13, 2022

Sir Peter, Sean & Allen

Allen King always knew that his boyfriend, Sir Peter, had strong and insatiable needs. it wasn't that Sir Peter didn't care for Allen, but his libido had a mind of his own, and he liked fucking while Allen took the position of a gay cuckold and watched on loyally and excitedly. While Allen King and Sir Peter are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, they come across the fair-skinned Brit Sean Weiss. Sean has an incredible toned body and an ass built for anal punishment. It does not take long at all for Sir Peter to seduce him. Once Sean is in his grip, Sir Peter first opens up his ass with big, fat sex toys before sodomizing him with his even bigger uncut Portuguese cock. All the while, Allen is watching the action turned on, just as a good gay cuckold should do.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

June 10, 2022

Happy Ending

Every now and then all good boys deserve a special treat. Liam Angell is definitely the goodest of the good boys. His idea of the perfect treat is to be rubbed down inside and out by some big Daddies. Stroking the boy's flesh to get him nice and relaxed, Daddies Rick Kelson and Will Angell know all the right buttons to press. In no time they have Liam moaning with pleasure and that makes his hole give in and open to accept them both, allowing the men to have their way with him and give him the ultimate treat every boy wants: Ropes of Daddy DNA shot deep inside.

Cocky Boys - Update

June 09, 2022

Steamy Afternoon Delight

Boyfriends Aiden Ward and Xtian Mingle have an afternoon delight...thanks to some spontaneous sexual creativity. Aiden is outside stroking his cock, unaware that Xtian is watching him and is so aroused that he takes a pic of his ass and sends it to Aiden with an invite to fuck. Aiden drops everything and comes inside to see Xtian bent over and offering up his hole. Aiden wastes no time eating out Xtian and sucking his cock from behind and soon gives Xtian what he wants. He slips in his cock and thrusts deep into Xtian, pounding his hole and making him VERY happy. When Aiden takes a small break, Xtian spins around to suck Aiden's big dick and take some face fucking, excited even more by watching himself in the mirror. On his second go-round Aiden turns Xtian on his side to fuck him and bring him to breathless ecstasy.

The BigCMen - Update

June 04, 2022

Quality Time Daddy/Son

Ya'all do NOT want to miss this Insanely SEXY 3 part video (over 1 hours worth of footage in total) "Daddy/Son Quality Time: 24 Year Old Dom Returns To Spend A Few Days With Big C- Cory Bottoms". I had first filmed with Dom back in February, and sure enough he hit me up when he was back in town... Jared is at the new ranch full time now, so I split my time 50/50 and work when I'm at the city house. I told Dom he could stay with me for a few days, and damn did we have a good time. After a whole bunch of oral and ass eating, I showed Dom how good Dad ass is!

House Of Angell - Update

June 01, 2022

Lucky Underwear

Sure a lot of people have a pair of lucky underwear, but that's not what I mean in this case. Imagine being that lucky piece of tighty white fabric that gets to cup Jack Dixon's hairy balls and huge fat fuck stick! To caress that fine round fuzzy ass as he moves and works out. To become damp and moist from the sweat of his taint! It would be heaven to cling onto that man's gorgeous frame. What a lucky fucking pair of underwear.

Bromo - Update

May 09, 2022

Ass Up Cover Up

Theo Brady goes along to hold his boyfriend's hand at his tattoo appointment, but Theo would rather rub his foot against hot inker Sunny D's junk! Theo pretends to go get his bf something for the pain, but sneaks back to suck Sunny's cock under the table, then spreads his ass to get fucked! The guys don't stop when they get caught and Theo doesn't care about getting dumped when he can get his hole drilled by the sexy top, then get covered up with a hot load on his chest.

Falcon Studios - Update

March 30, 2022

It's Complicated

Lovers Ian Greene and Jordan Starr are beginning to explore their options outside of traditional monogamy by bringing the hung Shae Reynolds into their bedroom. Young hunk Shae hops in the couple's bed and with the help of Ian, kneels down to simultaneously service Jordan's hard cock. Shae then turns his attention to the other men's holes. He rims Ian's glorious ass before using his long, girthy cock to bareback the bearded daddy. After stretching Ian out, he goes in to fill up Jodan's muscular ass. Pumping himself in and out of Jordan causes Shae's XL cock to erupt jizz all over Jordan's naked body. With their top officially satisfied and drained, the couple begins stroking themselves off until each of them are covered in their hot loads.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 24, 2022

Fireside Fuck

Something that I really got a kick out of at the beginning of this special Valentine's Day episode is just how nervous both Dylan and Roman were! These guys are so great at what they do and we've seen them in such incredibly hot action already, yet it was clear for each of them things got very real when we put them in to a dark room with candlelight, next to the fireplace, in such an intimate setting. Raging, hardcore, flesh-pounding, intense sex is one thing; romantic, intimate, passionate, "boyfriend sex" is something else entirely, and takes some special skill to pull off. Dylan and Roman have that skill, though. Despite those early nerves, each fully embraced the setting and moment and what follows is a wonderfully romantic, powerfully passionate, intensely intimate pairing that'll have your screen steaming up.

GDude-JP - Update

March 07, 2022

Couple Life III

Here, have some wine, candlelight, roses and chocolate! What comes next? Akira and Jack get so romantic their desire for each other is starting to swell up down below and that's when romance turns to passion and into hot gay sex. They start out licking chocolate off each other's bodies working their way to so deep cock sucking. The when they are ready to go all; the way it's time for some deep hard raw anal sex.

Japan Boyz - Update

March 05, 2022

Waking Up Sex

What is sweeter and more connected than a hot session with someone you care about first thing in the morning after a good night's sleep? Horny Fuji is glad to have sexy bud Kouya warm and ready on the bed when his hard dick wants to get its way. The two boyfriends kiss and cuddle, then Kouya and Fuji take turns sucking and swallowing each others' stiff morning wood. Fuji licks Kouya's ass, gets it slick and open with a slippery finger, then slides in his big stiff tool. He plows in from behind, lets Kouya heat up with a grinding dick ride. They lie next to each other jerking their dicks and top off the morning with a couple of hot splattering loads.

Peter Fever - Update

March 04, 2022

Devil Made Me Do It 4

The Wedding - After all the hot seXXX and tomfoolery, it's time to get to the main event, the wedding of Nolan to his beloved Dan After Dark. The minister cuts to the chase, pronouncing them husband and husband. Their first kiss after the vows is so passionate and erotic the minister has to break in to suggest "That's enough! Get a room you sluts." But thinking again, he changes his wise advice to "Screw the room, just let 'em fuck, whaddya think?" Because Dan and Nolan are so heated up that any advice to the contrary would fall on deaf ears. With Alfonso and Jessie the Devilboy cheering from the aisles, the happy couple has their traditional wedding night hookup right at the altar. Nolan drops his drawers and Dan kneels to give him a juicy blowjob.

Gentleman's Closet - Update

February 22, 2022


Real Life boyfriend love to get kinky when wearing sheer black socks. The feel of the sheers makes both of them very hard. Some men are manly men, some are just regulr guys but then there's those how while not particularlly showing a feminine side do enjoy the feeling of their clothing as well as under garments. You can even say they prefer the soft feeling of silk and satin as opposed to rogher men's underwear. Other's just do it to make them feel sexy.

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