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Jalif Studios - Update

June 10, 2023

Fabien & Tony

Prison's one of those places where we all imagine a lot of sex must happen. This week's film from Jalif explores that exact fantasy, complete with the old-school black and white striped uniforms mixed with new-school kinkiness! Fabien Roley and Tony Cisser sit on a bench in a prison cell, giggling, talking filthy to each other. It's not long before Fabien is hard as concrete and kneeling up with his giant, curved dick springing out of his pants. Tony, who happens to be handcuffed, immediately gets to work, sucking Fabien enthusiastically as his cell mate thrusts his dick ever deeper into the compliant bottom boy's hungry throat. Tony gives unbelievable head; exactly the right blend of saliva and suction. Fabien moans and groans, instantly transported into a state of deep sexual bliss.

Fisting Inferno - Update

December 24, 2022

Highway 2

Blow Out: Walking alone in the pitch-black night, an innocent Cazden Hunter agrees to take a ride from a couple of strangers who pull up in an ominous white van. Almost immediately, the young man finds himself pulled inside of the vehicle and chained up wearing nothing but a black jockstrap. Cazden moans as scruffy strangers Buck Richards and Andrew Delta flog his bare body and begin to finger his hole while sucking him off until he's shooting ropes onto the floor of their van. The men aren't done with him just yet though. After unloading his bound body into a vacant cargo container, the grimy men stuff him at both ends with toys and their raw cocks before placing a dildo face mask over his mouth. With the bright red plastic cock lubed up, Buck backs his hole into the mask and rides it into the night.

Fisting Inferno - Update

July 17, 2022

Ace In The Hole 3

Cellmates Ace Stallion and Declan Blake may be best friends behind bars, but that doesn't mean Declan is allowed to skip out on all the money he owes Ace. Unable to come up with the cash, Declan decides to settle his debts by deepthroating his pal and bending over for Ace to bareback his prison hole. Needing more hardcore anal action to clear his cellmate's extensive debts, Ace uses his hands to stretch out Declan's ass until both of his closed fists are disappearing inside of his sloppy hole. Declan, now on his back with his beefy legs thrown in the air, winces in pleasure and begins shooting loads as an eager Ace quickly enters and exits his destroyed ass.

Fisting Inferno - Update

June 25, 2022

Ace In The Hole 2

When Blaze Austin spots new prisoner Ace Stallion on his block, all he sees is a new pair of fists that can stretch out his ass. After having the locked-up newcomer suck down his thick dick, Blaze is on his knees and in position for Ace to rim his fur-lined hole. It doesn't take much prep work until Blaze's experienced ass is ready for Ace's hands and anally swallowing everything up to the new inmate's slender wrist. As Ace rapidly works himself in and out of Blaze, the wrecked bottom's XL cock remains completely hard. Blaze strokes himself off and after a few tugs, is shooting all over his own bed all while a satisfied Ace is still busy stuffing his insatiable ass.

Treasure Island Media - Update

June 12, 2022

Naked Yogui & Gastonccito

You all asked to see Naked Yogui fuck and you will not be disappointed. Gastonccito is in fuck jail and getting used, plowed and his hole destroyed is the only reason to let him out. Naked Yogui's monster cock opens the boy up and leaves him dripping in cum. Watch these two get down and dirty in a jailhouse.

Raging Stallion - Update

May 29, 2022

Ride Or Die 9

Rock Bottom - After Warden Cole Connor's illicit racket is exposed, he's dragged out to the middle of the dusty, open Las Vegas desert. Surrounded by Dillon Diaz and Drew Sebastian -- two men who have resolved to serve up some old-fashioned justice -- Cole receives payback before having the tables completely turned on him with the very same intensity he's unleashed on so many others. Cole can barely breathe as the two guys fill his mouth with their meaty cocks, plugging the warden's face with some rough, well-deserved payback. And, since payback is a dish best served cold, the warden is stripped and splayed out over the hood of a car in the freezing night air. With his tight asshole exposed to onlookers -- including his stepson and The Governor -- Cole gets railed bareback by Drew and Dillon.

Raging Stallion - Update

May 24, 2022

Ride Or Die 8

Wide Open - Hell-bent on staying in Pierce Paris's good graces particularly following the incident between Beau Butler and Pierce's rap star pal Warden Cole Connor sends recently fucked inmate Alpha Wolfe to the business mogul's palatial home. Ready to release the week's stress, Pierce pushes Alpha onto his hands and knees, commanding him to spread his satisfying hole.  Wielding his power, the mega-rich businessman sniffs and fingers Alpha's fuzzy fuck-slit before pushing his eager tongue in for a taste. But, if he's to truly prepare Alpha for his oversized cock, he'll need to stretch the jailbird's hole to the extreme. Pierce pounds the prisoner with two large man-ramming dildos before feeding Alpha his gargantuan cock and low-hanging nut sack.

Raging Stallion - Update

May 18, 2022

Ride Or Die 7

Slippery When Wet - Convinced that new inmate Alpha Wolfe is the snitch perpetuating chatter about the warden's sex scheme, faithful guard Drew Sebastian corners Alpha in the prison showers. Under the lukewarm water, Drew stuffs his thick cock down Alpha's throat, gagging the bearded inmate.  A particularly rough mouth-fuck doesn't appear to be enough oral action for Officer Sebastian, who turns around and spreads his beefy ass in Alpha's ruggedly handsome face. Alpha wants to stay on Drew's good side, so he tongue-fucks The Officer's musky backdoor before being braced up against the cold, tiled wall. Grabbing a bar of soap from the floor, Drew savagely cleans Alpha's over-used asshole before plunging his raw dick deep inside.

Raging Stallion - Update

May 10, 2022

Ride Or Die 6

The Gang's All Here - To punish Beau Butler for his misconduct at rap star Andre Donovan's estate, the warden instructs his henchmen to take it out on the one thing that Beau loves most, his boyfriend. The guards arrange for intimidating inmates Bennett Anthony, Chris Damned, Reign and Alpha Wolfe to gang-bang Drew Valentino until he's completely broken down. Bennett pushes Drew over a cafeteria table as Chris and Alpha hold the hairy prisoner in place. Ripping Drew's prison-issued boxers at the back, Bennett rams his ginger cock straight up Drew's bushy butthole before letting Chris have a turn.  When Bennett notices that that the stoic Reign is tentative and hanging back, he pressures the tattooed hunk to get his enormous cock warmed in Drew's guts.

Trans Angels - Update

April 10, 2022

Locked Up and Horned Up 2

Inmate Aspen Brooks joins red-hot vixen Jade Venus in the prison shower room, where the beautiful t-girls strip off their orange jumpsuits to reveal sexy lingerie underneath. Admiring the slim brunette’s ravishing figure, Aspen reaches out to enticingly stroke her fellow prisoner’s perfect fake tits, then squeezes her tight ass. Aroused, the tall trans queen seductively licks Jade’s pierced nipples as the water drips down their gorgeous bodies, making these horny sirens wet with desire. Back in their cell, busty Jade shows her appreciation of dark-haired Aspen’s erection by worshipping it with her mouth. It’s Aspen’s turn to pleasure the fiery t-girl’s tight butthole! She expertly uses her tongue to lick and kiss every crevice on Jade.

Raging Stallion - Update

April 03, 2022

Ride Or Die 3

Protect & Service : When inmate Drew Valentino becomes entangled in a cafeteria brawl with another prisoner, he's temporarily thrown back into the cell he shares with lover Beau Butler. Drew knows he'll likely be sent to solitary and wants to make the most of the time with Beau. While vowing to protect his boyfriend from malicious convicts and the warden's scheme, Drew eases Beau's anxiety by feeding him his huge, pulsing cock. Drew moves Beau to their shared prison cot, where he buries his nose deep in Beau's ripe and hairy pits. On his back, Beau gets his face fucked before eating Drew's furry asshole. Desperate to reciprocate, Drew blows Beau's rock-hard dick and then fingers and rims his fuzzy ass.

Raging Stallion - Update

March 30, 2022

Ride Or Die: 2

Breeding Ground - The moment Warden Cole Connor of Riders Correctional Facility gets word of Chris Damned's outburst with the DA, he arranges a private meeting with the aggressive inmate and his top guards.  In a cold interrogation room, he demonstrates on Officer Dillon Diaz the correct way to please the wealthy men who pay to fuck his inmates.  While Chris watches, Cole brings Dillon's face into his full bush before shoving his hairy dick down Dillon's deep throat.  Continuing his demonstration, Cole pushes Dillon over a table, spreading his asshole wide open.  Dillon is then served a relentless finger fuck and aggressive rimming.  Not yet satisfied that Chris has learned the proper etiquette, Cole shoves his big hard cock inside Dillon's spit-wet hole before positioning him on his hands and knees for an intense bareback fuck. 

Young Perps - Update

February 28, 2022

Next Time I'll Cum To You

Security officer Jack Hunter brings young perp Trent Marx to the backroom for questioning after being accused of doing some strange things in the bathroom. Jack performs a strip search that pretty soon turns into a cavity search, and Trent now knows exactly who to go to next time he's feeling naughty! There's back and forth cock sucking and then it comes up to ass fucking deep and hard in various positions.

Young Perps - Update

October 06, 2021

Indicent Exposure

Strapping security guard Jace is not going to put up with the slutty outfit perp Gavin Winters is wearing on store premises. The only way the dirty boy is getting out of this one is if slobbers on Jace's massive pole and takes him balls deep in his tight boy hole! It takes no time before they are all over each other. Jace to get some of that younger cock and Gavin to get out of this mess and maybe enjoy a mess of his own.

Men Over 30 - Update

October 02, 2021

Prison Privileges

Prison Privileges Are Hard To Cum By! - Inmate Armando De Armas tries to pass the time in his cell by reading, but prison guard Riley Mitchel wants to get his dick sucked. Armando might not be able to read his book because of the guard, but he surely found a better way to pass the time. They pass it with dick sucking, ass licking and finally deep hard anal penetration. If you love hot gay sex, you just might wanna do a crime to get here.

Drill My Hole - Update

August 12, 2021

Precinct 69 Part 1

?When Kyle Connors's sweatpants get ripped off in a freak subway door accident, undercover officer Theo Brady of Precint 69 immediately calls in Agent Felix Fox for backup. Felix puts Kyle under arrest and takes him to the interview room, telling the redhead to confess his public indecency was planned. As Theo watches from behind the one-way mirror, Kyle gets naked and waits for Felix on the desk on all fours. Felix fucks that ass, and Kyle rides the sexy agent. Felix penetrates the perp's mouth, then sucks his cock. Kyle lies back on the desk as the top pounds his hole, then they swap facials before Kyle makes his daring escape!

Bromo - Update

June 08, 2021

Hard On Parole

After getting up to no good while he's out on parole, convict Chris Damned could be looking at hard time, but he doesn't pay any attention to his parole officer, Adrian Hart, until Adrian shows him a hard cock. The orange jumpsuit-wearing bad boy just wants to have fun, starting with sucking Adrian's cock, then he turns the tables and fucks Adrian's face. Chris fucks the bottom on the table, then Adrian sucks Chris's dick and rides him before Chris bends him over and pounds him till he shoots his load all over the one-way mirror! Chris leaves some evidence on Adrian's pert ass.

Daddy Sex Files - Update

May 05, 2021

Scott, Myles, Stephen & Chris

Father Scott Reynolds has arrived to meet the new arrival, his thirst for prisoner cum always too much to resist. It's okay, he'll say a few prayers and absolve himself later, first he needs to suck on the two prisoner Myles Landon and Stephen Harte's cocks, then watch that hot new ass taking a pounding. Officer Chris Harder is eager to forget his responsibilities while he watches from the other side of the bars, his own raging erection soon in his stroking hands while he watches Father Reynolds taking those showering cum loads in his face.

Str8Hell - Update

March 24, 2021

Tonda & Gerasim Raw

Hunky Gerasim Spartak is in charge of security and he has sexy Tonda Zbranek in custody. Apparently Tonda has been seen, on video, stealing money. He denies it, of course, claiming that his is innocent. Gerasim doesn't believe him and threatens to call the police. Tonda relents and says that he will return the money. But that is not enough for Gerasim who has other things on his mind. He says that he must search Tonda and tells him to remove his tee shirt. Then he takes off his jeans too. Of course the underwear has to come off too. Tonda covers his cock and balls with his hands, but is told to raise the hands so that he is fully exposed. He sits down and then Gerasim says he will now call the police. Tonda objects, as he has done everything asked.

Young Perps - Update

March 02, 2021

What Can We Do?

Young perps Anthony Wood and Joseph Banks get caught fooling around with each other, so when security guard Zario Travezz threatens to involve the cops, Anthony and Joseph know exactly what they must do to keep this guard quiet. Strapping Zario Travezz is more than man enough to handle naughty Anthony Wood and Joseph Banks when they get caught fooling around on store property. Once Zario corners the dirty boys, they get down on their knees and slobber on his cock to make sure he keeps quiet.

Young Perps - Update

December 11, 2020

Previously Captured

This isn’t the first time young Ryland Kingsman has been in trouble with the authorities. So, when he admits to Loss Prevention Officer, Jesse Zeppelin, that he’s shared some intimate moments with other Officers, the horny security guard wants to see exactly what the boy’s learned about pleasing the long, fat cock of the law. One has to wonder, if young Ryland Kingsman did this on purpose to get frisked, roughed up and fucked by the Lost Prevention Officer.

Young Perps - Update

June 26, 2020

Case No. 2004085-95

April 3, 2020. 8:31 PM. Petty Theft. Suspect is a 19 year old white male, 6'1''. The Loss Prevention Officer on duty receives reports that a customer is exhibiting suspicious behavior on the sales floor. Employees believe he is hiding items in his bag, so the Officer detains him to conduct a search. The boy pretends that he doesn't know where the goods came from upon retrieval, but the Officer does not buy his naive act. The suspect grows increasingly anxious, so the Officer offers him some level of physical affection to calm him down. The rest of this case is classified.

Young Perps - Update

April 19, 2020

Case No. 2001080-60

January 27th. 4:43 PM. Attempted murder. Perp is an 18-year-old white male, 5'9". Customers report a violent incident on the sales floor, and the Officer on duty rushes to break up a fight. He handcuffs the aggressor and detains him for interrogation. The Officer pats him down to make sure he is not concealing any weapons. Upon leaving the office to file paperwork, the perp attempts to break out. He's informed of his attempted murder charges and becomes frantic. He explains that he will do anything to avoid jail time and strikes a deal with the Officer on duty. The rest of this case is classified.

Young Perps - Update

March 15, 2020

Case No. 2001078-46

Cute Jamie Ray gets caught harassing an old woman in the store, and Officer Devin Trez is not amused by his immature antics. The strong Loss Prevention Officer disciplines the bratty boy's tight twinky hole with his big thick cock, penetrating the tatted kid from behind as he moans and groans orgasmically. Jamie got quite a surprise from Officer Trez in more ways than one. It will be a while before Jamie will sit down without remembering where he got that deep stretched open feeling from Officer Trez's big fat hard black cock.

Young Perps - Update

February 08, 2020

Case No. 1912076-32

December 8TH, 2019. 5:28 PM. Trespassing. Suspect is a 19 year old black male, 6' 0".The suspect walks into the Loss Prevention Office, claiming that he is looking for a restroom. After a brief interrogation, the Officer concludes that the suspect is sneaking around Employee-Only areas to steal store property. The suspect denies that he has any intention to conduct illegal activity, but the Officer proceeds to conduct a strip search. More thorough interrigation tactics are deployed until the suspect finally agrees to make a compromise with the officer. He is then allowed to leave the store premises without further prosecution. The rest of the case is classified.

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