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Island Studs - Update

June 12, 2023

Big Dick Dorian

Big Dick Dorian, a super friendly, talkative, perfectly hairy, horny All American Special Operations Military Vet, is back in Island Studs, sporting his fat, amazingly rock hard belly slapper surrounded by a full bush of man dick hair, yummy furry white butt with the perfect amount of man hair between is pecs and belly hair leading to his big boner, who shows us his Tutting Dance moves, playfully combs his thick crotch hair with a red comb, takes 2 powerful pisses, both outdoors: one in a bucket and another with his red HOT throbber at FULL erection, works naked on his knees painting the deck with his big heavy hairy cock & balls dangling between his furry legs as he works in the sun, playfully grabs his furry ass cheeks and spreads them wide open, twice, revealing his super hairy, pink man hole.

Fuckermate - Update

March 20, 2023

Raw Welcome To Remember

This week XXL Impaler Franklin Acevedo gives welcome to a new gorgeous mate coming from Colombia: Peter Sinnerpit is a joy for the eyes, with his muscular toned body, his smooth black skin and above all his perfect bubble ass. Franklin couldn't ask for more and gives him a raw fuck that will last for long time in the head of our sweet newbie and much longer in his destroyed hole!

Cade Maddox - Update

March 08, 2023

Rough Fucked & Filled

I gave him a hot rough fuck just how he wanted! Follow him on Twitter @Phantom8D.

Alternadudes - Update

February 22, 2023

Sex Party 2

The guys are back and ready to finish up their dirty birthday party with all the cock, ass and jizz they can handle. With Christop, Anthony Wood, Guy Criss, August Alexander and Maxx Stoner all vying for a way into Antonio Hacienda's busted hole, they get what they need and fill the birthday twink to the brim by filling every hole he has and slathering his cute, tight, hairy body with buckets of cum!

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

January 08, 2023

Face Melter

With Erebo chilling in his easy chair, Yoshi's on his knees on the floor, wondering how best to please the hot bearded stud. He rocks forward to give Erebo a sweet kiss, but we know this is not where this story ends. Yoshi nuzzles his buddy's swelling crotch, pulls the big uncut dick out of his shorts and begins sucking. Erebo obliges and yanks off his clothes. His down-curved cock fits so perfectly in Yoshi's hungry throat he takes it down too fast and deep, gagging up thick strings of spit when Erebo face fucks him. Yoshi's face is soon shiny, soaked with saliva dripping down his chin. When the horny top instructs him to strip off his clothes, Yoshi gladly obeys. With his back against the wall, Yoshi opens wide and lets Erebo skull fuck him, using his head like his private flesh light, no more than a human fuck toy.

Island Studs - Update

December 25, 2022

Uncut Xmas Twink Lucky

Proud Bisexual Lucky is a Horny 20 year old, Uncut Twink, who boasts, with a smile, about his many sexual experiences with over 50+ sex partners & multiple return performances, shows off his rock hard belly slapper and white bubble butt as he performs 'jumping jacks" fully hard and naked, walks around the balcony beside an Oregon Forrest on a cold windy winter day, flexes and poses his awesome smooth boy body, works out with weights with a boner, takes a powerful piss into a bucket while flexing his big boy biceps, spreads his smooth ass cheeks WIDE OPEN exposing his pink gapping hole, pulls and tugs on his ample fantastic foreskin repeatedly, in the Holiday XXXmas Spirit, dons his gay apparel - a Santa Hat and places a "jingle bells" cock ring around his boner, kneels on a bench doggie style stroking.

Raw Road Nation - Update

December 24, 2022

Bummed On The Beach

Two fit as fuck real men get it off downstairs in more ways than one!! Gorgeous tattooed fruity pink-haired bottom is literally "gagging" 4 it!! Real skinhead has been on shift in just shorts and a high vis with no top! Bet it’s hot sweaty work, cause the shorts came off too leaving him sat bare arsed on the cold barrel. He didn’t give a shit cause all he could think about was exposing his manly member to his boy and ramming it all the way down his throat!

Island Studs - Update

November 12, 2022

Big Dick Daddy Eli

Big Dick Daddy Eli is back, father of 3 kids, exposing is Virgin Hole to a Dildo Deep Anal Penetration Festival as he bends over and spreads his white ass cheeks wide open with both hands for our cameras and inserts a pink dildo up his perky cherry man hole for the first time, in extreme close up and multiple different positions and angles as he strokes his fat 8" cock, caresses his super thick massive mushroom dick head, surrounded by a big jungle of untrimmed man bush, while tugging and pulling on this hairy heavy low hanging balls, takes 2 powerful pisses outdoors, mows the lawn and juggles Hawaiian Passion Fruit wearing only boots with his cock and balls swinging in the breeze, radiates the Aloha Spirit of the Islands wearing a Lei around his neck and a Hawaiian Grass Skirt that can not contain is powerful erection.

Bentley Race - Update

November 03, 2022

Oscar Winters

Now that it's warming up and the days are getting longer in Australia, we are back shooting in the studio. Kicking off the season I met with our newest mate Oscar Winters. I spotted the cute 26 year old was making a home video with one of my other mates. I was really keen to get him to model for me too. Oscar is actually the first trans boy I have shot with. I was really excited to see how this was going to work out. And it actually ended up being one of the most fun shoots of the year. Oscar is really sweet and funny. And he comes with one of the qualities that makes a good Bentley Race boy... he loves to show off! The photos from Oscar's first shoot look great! We made a pretty hot video too. I'm really happy with Oscar joining our group of mates. I can't wait to get him back shooting some scenes with our mates.

Island Studs - Update

October 26, 2022

Surfer Cali Keri Is Back

Horny Ginger Cali Keri, is a super cute, cum eating, talkative, happy strawberry blond Surfer Dude from San Clemente, California, with a smooth tight & lean body, an amazing fat bubble butt with a thick bush of untrimmed red hair surrounding his perfect boy cock, white ass, very hairy balls and legs who enjoys jerking his ridge hooked cock while holding his favorite blue boogie board, takes a powerful piss in the garden, puts on garden gloves with a full boner, gets down and dirty "doggie style" weeding the garden with his hot pink boy hole open in the sun, walks naked, repeatedly grabs his ass cheeks, spreading them wide open exposing his yummy hole, sits down in the Tropical Garden for a very long stroke session, squirming and quaking in the chair as he edges and teases his red hot throbbing cock.

Military Classified - Update

August 20, 2022

Valentine 4 Anal & Feet

Valentine is a local boy so he arrived at my studios happy and in good spirits but when we got to the bedroom and the lights and cameras began rolling, Valentine because his reserved self concentrating on the porn and allowing himself to be seduced by a guy like Rob.. of course the cash didn't hurt! Rob began with Valentine's feet and took off his socks and shoes and then buried his face in Valentine's feet then sucking and licking his toes and soles which drove Valentine crazy as he played with his hard did before Rob even started sucking. Soon Rob made his way to Valentine's crotch and started sucking on his cock and the shit was on! Soon Valentine was on his knees on the bed and Rob was laying on his back waiting for Valentine's 9 inch uncut cock and Valentine was only happy to shove it right up Rob's smooth brown ass!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 03, 2022

Kosta & Manuel Flip Fuck

Kosta Viking tries to be decent in his relationships with other men. But the guy is hot as fuck, has tons of incredibly good-looking men throwing themselves his way, and let’s face it—he has a bit of a wandering eye. On top of that, Kosta Viking has some daddy issues he likes to work out through sex. Enter Manuel Skye, who doesn’t care if he’s seducing Kosta Viking into an adulterous situation—he wants to see the gorgeous hunk naked, and that is exactly what he gets. Manuel Skye has a rock-hard ramrod in his pants, and when he’s hard it’s intimidating to look at his cock, let along take it up the ass. So when Kosta Viking needs a break from getting fucked, he turns around and starts fucking Manuel Skye!

Island Studs - Update

July 16, 2022

Raine & Kiefe Are Back

Filthy Farm Boys going Gay for the first time on camera! Bearded Super Masculine 10.5" Monster Cock Jungle Man Raine is Back, sucking cock and getting his Anaconda Cock sucked for the first time on camera by his real roommate Super Cute Ginger Twink Kiefer in this amazing new Island Studs video! Watch these two horny lads Strip down, work balls out naked together with machetes in the garden, piss at the same time, lather each other up in a hot full body contact shower scene before stroking boners, sitting down and kneeling down to deep throat and gag on each others two beautiful cocks from so many different positions outdoors in this Exclusive New Video Sux Fest from Island Studs.

All Australian Boys - Update

June 11, 2022

Surfer Dylan

So many of you demanded we “Get Dylan to the Glory Hole” after we released his solo shoot. Some time ago. That’s exactly what we did in this shoot. Experience, this super-hot Straight, All Australian, Jock moaning and growing in ecstasy as he gets his cock. expertly and relentlessly sucked. Till he spurts everywhere - while watching Girl/Girl porn.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 07, 2022

Surfer Seth

Seth is a real All Australian Boy - Surfer and Lifeguard from Newcastle. Growing up on the beach surfing with his mates since he was a gromit. It was a natural progression to work there, as a Lifeguard. We met Seth on the beach and asked if he wanted to model and he was soon on a plane to the Gold Coast to do a shoot with us. Seth not only is gifted with All Aussie good looks but a lay back unassuming good attitude. Don’t miss this hot Lifeguard/Surfer with an every-ready hard cock, which gets expertly sucked till it spurts. See Seth Exclusively on AAB.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 15, 2022

Surfer Brett

This week we have an exceptional new All Australian Boy for you! I feel this is one of the best models shoot for a long time. Brett is a surfer dude from Melbourne Victoria. He spends all his off time down on the Surf Coast around Torquay hanging with his surfer mates and living the surf culture life. He is a naturally unique all Aussie guy who just loves the outdoors. He initially started while watching two girl porn vid. Then stood up while pulling his big cock and then thrusts it through the Gloryhole where our young sucker – Joel, is waiting to expertly suck him. Brett really loved it – just watch him do his stuff till he spurt over Joel. Brett is truly represented of the spirit of AAB. You will find Brett super-hot. Don’t miss him. Jacob founder AAB.

All Australian Boys - Update

March 22, 2022

Sean Skier

So many of you, especially our members, who voted, wanting us to do another shoot with Sean and this week that exactly what we have done. As soon as Sean sees lesbian video he gets an instant erection. Soon after he got hard you could sense he wanted to get it sucked. So we got him to put it through the gloryhole. As soon as our expert sucker/worshiper went to work on him he almost blew. The sucker waited a while then started sucking him again. Sean began thrusting his cock in and out the suckers mouth . Backwards and forward. The sucker, who was already lubed up inside, then turned around and backed up onto Sean's throbbing/thrusting big cock. Sean continued to thrust to the sucker delight and before he knew it he was fucking him.

All Australian Boys - Update

February 17, 2022

Surfer Kyle

Every now and then we come across guys that naturally have a very high sex drive. Surfer Kyle is one of these guys. As soon as he began watching lesbian porn, he got a hard on immediately. The photographer was shocked how fast this happened, making a comment. Seeing he was ready to go - we got him to go to the gloryhole and get his now fully developed cock, expertly sucked. Thrusting his hard cock in and out of the suckers mouth. After a while the sucker, a bottom, just couldn't help himself - bending over and backing up to the gloryhole and onto Kyle's thrusting cock. Soon he was been fulling fucked - Hard and Fast, by Kyle.. This is one hot shoot, don't miss Surfer Kyle,

All Australian Boys - Update

December 09, 2021

Skateboarder Andy

Skater Boy Andy 18 has been skating for a long time with his mates in the park. Sometime with some injuries when pushing it. He is a naturally good-looking young twinkie guy complete with a boy like, subtle body, sculptured from many hours skating. He has never modelled before but became more confident when our expert sucker went to work sucking on his growing cock at the gloryhole as he watch lesbian porn. He finishing off pulling himself off , pushing it through the hole to spurt over the sucker.

Boy For Sale - Update

November 23, 2021

Boy Aidan Ch. 4

The Appraisal - Aidan walked out, trembling and fearful. He was the property of Master Ballard, and so it was the first time that he was away from him since he was purchased. Understandably, the boys find comfort in their owners. They look to them for protection, nourishment, and guidance. They're intentionally lost without them. It was a pleasure for Master Charger to run his hands over Aidan's body, feeling the fine hairs on his flesh stand up like little soldiers, saluting the powerful man as he looked them over. Aidan stayed as stiff as a board, holding his head up high and his back straight. Before the other masters came in to witness his work, Master Charger whispered in the slave's ear, "it's okay... I got you."

Twink Top - Update

November 16, 2021

Marcus Rivers Ch. 1

Topping My Coach - Coach Charger eyed Marcus as he sat and chatted with him. Marcus has been recommended for a number of recognitions and scholarship opportunities based on his athletic prowess, but Charger had to see what more there was beneath the player. Marcus didn't know how to impress the older man. His stunning, silver hair and tan, muscular physique was well known for making the other boys obsess. In many ways, Marcus was just the average, friendly student and athlete. But for Coach Charger, he saw potential in him… a lot of potential. The coach began to inquire about his interests and pursuits, finding Marcus being more or less unsure of himself. He tried to boost up his confidence, even commenting about how well his body was taking to the extra practices and exercises.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

November 03, 2021

Spooge Splashing Str8 Thugs

Blinx, Duke, Lex Lane, Jake Reid, Keef Johnson, Devin Reynolds, Paradox, Jonas Taylor, Drift, Daniel Delong, Dean Inja, Apollo Delion, Chad Turner, Dakotah Perrie, Mickey Waters, Rion Rivers, Asher Hayden, Dom Anderson, Danali Youkon & Billy Base. If there's one thing our straight thugs love more than anything else it's pumping hot cum from their throbbing cocks. Watch as some of our best guys grab their meat and spurt their spooge for their fans, with Fleshlight fucking, buddy sucking, ball tugging and self facials too as these guys get their goo out of their awesome cocks in clip after clip. It's packed with so much straight cock cream you won't be able to hold back!

Island Studs - Update

October 29, 2021

Frisbee Nude 5

Bisexual Redhead Riley Rodriguez is back, showing off his rock hard Uncut Puerto Rican - Italian cock surrounded by a full bush of ginger pubes with nervous newcomer, tall, Long Dong, Horny Eros, exposing their sexy naked bodies for the very first time on camera together in totally hardcore stroking Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs' Naked Frisbee Team in "Frisbee Nude #5": posing, flexing, pissing, juggling and hugging each other in their sexy jockstraps and then fully nude with boners out in public beside a Mountain River, jumping & sweating as they playfully joke around with each other tossing the orange disk, balls out, take a break to comb out their thick man bushes then sit side by side in the sand stroking their cocks together then wrap their arms about their naked bodies.

Straight Off Base - Update

October 09, 2021

Corporal Jared

Corporal Jared drops by the Major's quarters to rub one out for the camera and pick up some extra cash for his next truck payment. Jared is a nicely toned 21 year old Marine stud from the great state of Texas who stands at 6'1" and weighs in at 185 lbs. Corporal Jared competed in bull riding at local Texas rodeos throughout his high school years and is packing 6.5 inches of hard USMC Grade-A Prime Marine tubesteak. Jared slowly removes his clothes and proceeds to stroke his hard cowboy cock while fingering his furry butthole. He blasts his thick load down the front of a full length mirror--all over his own reflection.

Bentley Race - Update

October 04, 2021

Reece Anderson Roof

Now this shoot really makes me miss summer. Normally our sexy mate Reece Anderson is busy doing couple shoots. But on this weekend over summer I got him over for a nude shoot out on the roof. Being a perfect warm day with blue skies I couldn't wait to get some shots of Reece stripping naked. You can tell in these shots that he loves to show off in front of the camera. I love these cheeky nude photos outside. We jumped back to the studio for a few more shots before swapping to the video camera and capturing our horny mate getting off. I can't wait to get him over for more shoots with our mates.

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