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Men At Play - Update

November 17, 2023

Worship Harder

Drew Dixon is ready to worship and obey, again. After their last encounter, Drew continues showing his reverence and adoration for his Master Rocky Vallarta's shoes, feet and cock. With full control over Drew, Rocky rips the tuxed-up sub's trousers to reveal the power bottoms ass to play with and do whatever he wants to. Dirty whore sub, Drew Dixon, is intensely raw fucked and then cums while getting finger fucked.

Tickled Hard - Update

October 24, 2023

Rocky's Foot Tickle

Franco convinces 21-year-old straight muscle hunk Rocky to try something new. He's going to sit there, completely unrestrained, and see how much foot tickling he can endure from another guy. When Franco slips off Rocky's size 12 sneaker and gently strokes his socked foot, it's obvious this is going to be a crazy tickle experience! Rocky laughs hysterically and smacks himself in the face as Franco tickles his sensitive sole with his fingers. Franco pulls off his sock, and Rocky spreads his beautiful toes before Franco rubs his beard on the exposed sole. Tensing all his amazing muscles, Rocky giggles and swears as Franco sucks his big toe. It's a kind of tickling ecstasy that amazes Rocky! After taking off his athletic shorts and exposing his huge balls, Rocky innocently sits back down and offers his feet up to Franco.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 21, 2023

Harold, Derek Anal Jock Strap

There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful man with a huge bulge in his underwear. It’s all about the last thin veil of secrecy before the ultimate prize is revealed a huge and throbbing dick ready for sex. Harold Lopez and Derek Kage get into their kink together, enjoying some foreplay together in tight black jockstraps. They suck each other’s cocks over the dick pouches and admire one another’s asses as they appear framed by the straps. Harold loves the view of Derek Kage’s ass in the jockstrap so much that he fucks him deep and hard with his huge uncut cock!

Tickled Hard - Update

September 19, 2023

Christopher's Sexy Tickle

Franco invites Kae over to have some fun with 25-year-old Christopher and give him more experience tickling other guys. They cuff Christopher loosely so he can squirm, then blindfold and start tickling him from both sides. Christopher twists around hard, but you can tell he's loving this special kind of attention. They tickle Christopher's smooth armpits and inner thighs while he laughs and tries biting at them. Just for that, the blindfold stays on longer! They continue tickling his thighs and pits before pulling off his socks and tickling his wide, size 11 feet. First they use their fingers on his soles, then Franco munches them with his wet mouth and tickly beard. Franco attaches another rope and hoists Christopher's feet to the sky, and they tie his knees together with bondage tape.

English Lads - Update

August 16, 2023

Straight & Hairy Aiden Returns

Aiden Kennedy has been away from my camera for some years so it's a pleasure to see him back after he first modeled with us 6 years ago at just 18 years old on FitYoungMen. Aiden has a hairy body with some tans like after enjoying some summer sun! With new, shorter, hair, his handsome features stand out. Aiden strips out of his smart clothes as he shows off his body and gives us a 360 tour of his muscles. He soon is playing with his uncut cock and teases himself to a big erection! He pumps his cock nicely until he squirts a load of cum onto the floor and I follow him into the shower and film him wash off his cummy mess!

Hung Young Brit - Update

August 07, 2023

Big Nob Boys

Smooth talker Jamie pulls 2 Curly haired angelically Big Nob boys Both got 6 pack abs and football players. (Ok they might not actually be football players - BUT They look like they're straight from a football pitch you see on tv - god given looks - just pure heaven). Jamie, the smooth talker convinces these two fitties they had to come film with us (well done JBscetch - we luv u 4 that). YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS! Look at how fit these two are!

Men At Play - Update

August 01, 2023

Suit Spunked 2

When you're a businessman that travels often, you frequently stay at the same 5-star hotel. Maybe it's the amenities or access to a business center but in Zac Johnson's case, it's because of the hotel staff. The servicemen, especially, are polite, attentive, discreet, and anticipate guests' needs. As has become usual, Zac receives a visit to his room from hotel service assistant Drew Dixon. When Drew enters the room, Zac is sitting at the edge of the bed jerking his cock through his pant fly. Already knowing what his VIP guest wants, Drew kneels in front of him, takes off Zac's shoes, and plays with his socks and feet. Passionate hard fucking, rimming, and sucking culminate in Zac's suit getting completely spunked over! Not to worry, the hotel provides dry cleaning and shoe polishing service, too.

Young Bastards - Update

July 27, 2023

Sucking Fresh Str8 Cum

Sucking a fat load of cum from a juicy cock of a horny straight guy is exactly what this talented sucker is into. His object of desire, a young, athletic guy from the block, willingly lets himself be touched and his bulge massaged. In a few moments his cock is hard and he enjoys the tongue licking his glans. With a lot of spit, the sucking and jerking session slips all the better and the hungry sucker finally gets to swallow a delicious, fresh load of boy cum.

The BigCMen - Update

June 29, 2023

Afternoon Fun

I've been hanging with Apollo on the regular, he's so good to me and is always down to play on or off cam. This was one of my final days in the house before renting it, and I had some workers outside doing some last minute repairs to the property. Apollo came over to take good care of Daddy.

Twink Top - Update

June 22, 2023

Ethan Tate Ch 1

Mutual Admiration: Coach Patrick is infatuated with baby faced new recruit Ethan Tate. All it takes is a few squats and lunges in a private lesson to make Ethan feel the same way! Coach dropped his shorts, revealing a perfect set of beefy glutes framed by a sweaty white jockstrap. The boy wasted no time getting his hands back on the man's ass, skin-to-skin now, fingertips to flesh. Coach Patrick asked if he could see what Ethan looked like without the shorts, and the boy happily obliged. Coach Patrick immediately noticed that even though he had an impressive ass, the boy in front of him had a disproportionately large cock to complement it. Ethan's white jock was like a cage, barely capable of containing the beast inside it. The man let his hands roam all over the boy's smooth, hairless frame.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 15, 2023

Tomas & Jordan Suck & Fuck

Jordan Starr lays on his stomach and arches his back as he gets started with the enviable privilege of servicing Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, with his mouth. Jordan wraps his lips around Tomas' big, fat uncut cock and sucks deep and hard before Tomas spins him around and eats his ass. No encounter is complete unless the King of All Muscle Daddies fucks you in your hole, and Tomas Brand goes balls-deep inside Jordan Starr. But Jordan does not want it to end there, and so Tomas gets on all fours and takes dick himself. And it's no small dick, because Jordan Starr is mega-hung!

Jalif Studios - Update

May 12, 2023

Fabien & Clem

Steam rises. The hot room is filled with the sounds of the other men enjoying themselves, the squishy thud of feet on the floor, and the murmur of voices. Fabien Roley had just finished wiping the sweat from his face when he noticed Clem Boy enter the sauna, and he didn't hesitate to follow him in. A chance encounter in a cheap adult sauna on the outskirts of Paris leads to two like minded, kinky dudes hooking up for what promises to be mind blowing sex. Wild boy Fabian, a man into sports gear, sneakers and severe submission, subdues submissive Clem Boy in a matter of moments. Pervy Clem Boy sluttishly worships Fabien's footwear with his snake like tongue, desperate to please his sleazy master. After a session of slurping and spitting, sexy Clem Boy gets his sweet lips firmly wrapped around Fabien's big, curved dick.

Men At Play - Update

April 29, 2023

Dad's Colleague

The young Allen King arrives home and decides to finish his homework in the living room until his dad arrives. Shortly after, the doorbell rings and he opens the door. Allen finds a work colleague of his dad's, Donato Reyes, who has come to deliver some paperwork. Allen invites Donato into the house while they wait for his dad to arrive. The mischievous Allen doesn't waste time and starts flirting with his dad's colleague. He puts a hand on Donato's thigh, who gets nervous instantly. Donato likes the young, slender horny stud but tries to resist the temptation! Donato doesn't usually chase or play with young studs like Allen (or family of workmates for that matter) but daddy isn't giving up the chance to fuck his co-worker's son.

Treasure Island Media - Update

April 26, 2023

Scene 3 from Men Of The Wild

Brazil Underground 3 – Luiggi & Pimpao (looking hot in a wrestling singlet) tag team whore Johns making sure his ass and mouth are constantly full of big hot uncut meat. There is foot play and some great double penetration before Johns is begging for the cum inside Luiggi & Pimpao’s balls.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 07, 2023

Kosta Tops Alfonso

As Kosta Viking rummages through the kitchen, Alfonso Osnaya joins him and discovers a misplaced dildo in the pantry. Since they found it, why not have some fun with the sex toy? Kosta and Alfonso take turns sucking on it. As Kosta Viking and Alfonso Osnaya get more and more turned on, they start getting handsy with one another. Alfonso worships and licks Kosta Viking's armpits before the bottom starts giving him a blowjob. Kosta Viking spreads open Alfonso Osnaya's ass and starts fucking him bareback when he cannot hold back any longer.

Disruptive Films - Update

April 02, 2023

The Next Step

Julian Cano and Rodney Holcomb have been together for a year, so when Julian presents Rodney with a small ring-sized box, Rodney thinks they're taking the next step in their relationship, he is in for a big surprise, with some of the hottest bareback action two big dicked studs can muster.

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 02, 2023

Dawson & Austin

Put On a Show: Bi College Fucks is all about putting the hottest and most sexually flexible people together and seeing what sparks occur when they collide….and this episode is an absolutely scorching example of that premise! First, Dawson and Austin invite in Delila and ask her if she would like to see them put on a show. She flirtatiously agrees and soon begins helping Dawson as he directs Austin into giving him his ideal rimjob. Even though his shorts aren’t even off yet, Austin has clearly entered a submissive headspace that you maybe wouldn’t expect from such an intensely ripped jock, and the results are simply breathtaking! He begins riding Dawson so sensually that Connor, who has been filming everything so far, can’t simply watch the action any longer and joins in the fun.

Boy Fun - Update

March 28, 2023

In The Moment

Twinky bottom Niko Miller has met his match in super fit and smooth Col Raider for this new BoyFun encounter, and we're all here to enjoy every bareback thrust and every splash of splooge. The like-minded boys pass in the street and with one innocent glance toward each other they both instantly know they're down to fuck around and have a good time. Within just a few moments the two boys are making out and young Niko is greedily slurping on his new friend's hard uncut cock almost out in the open. The risk of being caught makes it all so exciting, but these boys are sensible enough to head upstairs for some privacy. Col is eager to get his own lips on the big pink flesh pole is new buddy has for him and after servicing the incredible cock and enjoying a little kinky foot fun Col is getting a taste of Niko's hole, preparing it for his stiff inches to slide inside.

Jalif Studios - Update

March 24, 2023

Tahar & Marshall

Master Tahar flips a coin and the sex gods choose Marshall to be the deviant master's object of domination. Other anonymous bottoms watch from the corners of stairwells as Tahar commands the blindfolded Marshall to the floor. The pliant slave drops to his belly and licks Tahar's filthy, dirty sneakers. Marshall moans softly and does a fairly efficient job at licking every inch of Tahar's shoes and feet clean, but now Master wants his knob drooled on and sucked. And whenever Marshall's blindfold-beanie hat starts to creep up over his eyes, Tahar feels obligated to smack his slave's face with an open hand before yanking the cap back down. Marshall silently wishes that the cap would creep up over his eyes more often!

DamianXDragon - Update

March 22, 2023

Casey Cooper Worshipped

Just as it sounds, Casey Carlisle Cooper worships Damian and Kemono Dragon's muscles and feet. Just as he can't handle it anymore he busts his load.

Cocky Boys - Update

March 11, 2023

Finn & Roman

Finn August is one VERY happy, proud slut bottom and foot fetishist because he gets to be totally dominated by hot Roman Todd! Finn is in heaven as natural Dom Roman manhandles him and orders him to suck his cock, and after his mouth and throat are stuffed, Finn obeys Roman by showing off his soon-to-be-owned hole. Turned on by Finn's subservience, Roman relishes eating out and working over his ass and fucking it like it's all his including planting his foot in Finn's face. Finn is also an eager Dom-pleaser, fucking himself on Roman's cock and letting Roman use him before sitting on his cock and riding him. Finn is on top but he's still under Roman's control While taking charge, Roman makes Finn's sub-dreams a reality.

Bel Ami Online - Update

March 05, 2023

Alex & Harris

We have labeled this scene as 'out at last' as it is from one of our earlier trips to Africa. We had originally held it back due to some issues with color balance between the 2 cameras, but since that time, advances in computer power have allowed us to be able to correct things and be able to share this hidden treasure with you now in its original full HD. Next to Dolph Lambert, Harris is probably one of our most popular blond models ever and he is paired with a very youthful and hot Alex Orioli.

Jalif Studios - Update

February 26, 2023

Tahar & Dog Ryan

Here in this dank, abandoned basement sex chamber Dog Ryan is happy to fill the role of obedient fuck-slave to his favorite Master Tahar. Dog Ryan can't get his cock-hungry mouth around Tahar's dick fast enough for his Master's liking. As a result, Tahar has no choice but to spit a large wad of saliva onto Dog Ryan's panting tongue. Repeatedly. After a long, slobbering blow job, Tahar decides that his pet deserves special attention. He's well aware that Dog loves it when his Master buries his face into the pup's butt crack. Tahar devastates his bottom's hole with a thorough rimming. Once the Master is satisfied that it's moist enough, he greases his big cock up and stuffs it inside. Dog Ryan howls with pleasure.

Corbin Fisher - Update

February 20, 2023

Sharing Roman

Oh, is Roman ever in for a treat here! We're all in for one heck of a treat, in fact! Dylan and Rocky are about to have their way with Roman, tag-teaming him and going to town on his hole, and Roman is going to love every single bit of it! The smiles really do say it all at the outset of the action here. These guys all get along, all love to have fun, and were all looking forward to the blazing hot sex they each knew they were set to have in this threesome. We've all lucked out in that each of these guys has a great personality and is wonderfully outgoing, and none of them shy away from the fact that they love sex. Combine all those factors, and all of you watching it are sure to be smiling at the outset, then gasping at just how hot and intense everything gets just a few short minutes later!

Axel Abysse - Update

February 08, 2023


Absolute destruction: double punches, foot fucking, spit and piss flooding the bed, Axel is about to get one of his most intense sessions ever! You'll also get hard as a rock when they start with foot fun. From sniffing, kissing and licking to sucking those hot and sexy toes so deep. To make it even more interesting there's plenty of deep anal foot fucking. Seeing those toes disappear right up that pucker will have you creaming you all over yourself. There's even some face foot fucking too!

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