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Locker Room Boys - Update

November 10, 2023

Dominik & Ariel

A nice and quick message turns into an all out gay sex romp staring with Dominik Black rubbing down Ariel Black just to find out his muscles are very hard and tense. After he works him a bit he notices that's not the only thing that's hard and it quickly becomes a hot and sexy cock-fest.

DamianXDragon - Update

October 25, 2023

Bobo Chow - Fully Serviced

BoBo Chow wanted a full service massage from me when he found out I was working in Seattle. I get him on my table and fully relax all his muscles before I edge his cock until his body is vibrating and is begging to cum. I give his cock a break and rim his tight hole and then pummel it with my uncut cock. I can't control myself and shoot a huge creamy load all over his big round ass sloppy hole and watch it slowly drip over his hole and down his legs.

Cocky Boys - Update

October 11, 2023

Lane & Roman Flip-Fuck

Roman Todd gets some needed stress relief thanks to a massage from CockyBoys Exclusive Lane Colten and a happy ending for BOTH guys in this flip-fuck encounter. Thanks to tension induced stiff muscles, Roman accepts a backrub, but it doesn't last long when he sees Lane's "stiff" muscle and starts sucking him, taking as much of his cock as possible. Lane asserts his big dick energy to get into a 69 with Roman, face-fuck him and sit on his face, and get tongue fucked and that motivates him to eat out Roman's ass and cock tease him. It's a short step to drilling Roman who takes the relentless pounding like the verse champ he is. It's no wonder then that he impresses Lane to the extent that he wants to be fucked too.

Men - Update

September 29, 2023

Stiff In The Cock

Troye Dean and his boyfriend have booked a couple's massage, and masseur Damian Night plans to go very deep. He distracts Troye's BF with hot rocks, then starts giving Troye's back and ass a good rub-down and goes deep in his hole with his fingers. Damian massages the twink's feet, getting them nice and oily before fucking them, and climbs on the table to dick Troye down. While the masseur gets to work on his BF, Troye crawls over to give him a sneaky BJ, then it's his turn to fuck Damian doggystyle. Troye really goes deep until his boyfriend gets knocked to the floor, discovering the cheating and storming out! Damian sucks Troye, then rides him, and the guys flip again as Damian pounds Troye in missionary till he cums, then shoots his load on the bottom.

Jason Sparks Live - Update

September 23, 2023

Archer Croft: Massage Bate

All Archer Croft wanted was a good, quality massage. Maintaining his beefy, tattooed body took a lot of hard work, discipline, and dedication, after all. So, he sought out Bailey Wylde a handsome dedicated masseur that happens to find just a touch more passion in his work when a sexy man like Archer ends up on his table. Archer quivers and melts at his touch. Bailey may as well have been handling a bunch of putty with an erection. With well measured strokes, Bailey massages barely-contained moans and heavy breathing out of his client. His fingers roam over the man's sensitive nipples and down to his inner thighs. He molds and works out all the knots in Archer's sore muscles until, finally, the tattooed man gets much needed release.

Club Amateur USA - Update

August 12, 2023

Braydyn 790

Given the uncertainty within the industry and within the House of Badpuppy, the method to my madness in 2023 has been to introduce awesome new models soon after they submit their model app and shoot familiar favorites throughout the year as soon after they get back into contact with me (if I didn't hear back from them the last one or two times that I sent them a SMS). That way, there's no pressure going into October to bring all of your 20-year favorites back. Braydyn's one of those from whom I did not hear back in late 2022. So, I was happy to hear from him a few weeks ago and brought him in as soon as his schedule would allow. He first slid onto the CAUSA massage table in July 2016, and today's video is his eighth.

English Lads - Update

August 11, 2023

Straight Muscular Hunk

The incredibly tall and muscular hunk, Dustin Healy, returns this week and after much persuasion has agreed to his first-ever manhandling! Dustin has one massive, uncut, thick cock that shoots up in seconds and stays rock solid! Dustin races to get his clothes off and I begin by rubbing oil on his muscular chest and ripped abs. Dustin rips his boxers off and flip over so I can massage his bubble butt, muscular back, and hairy legs! Back on his front, I gently nudge his uncut cock to a throbbing erection and with plenty of oil wank his chunky big piece of meat until he shoots for England! Squirting cum into his armpit and beyond! I then follow Dustin to the shower where he washes off his big tasty mess!

Jason Sparks Live - Update

July 27, 2023

Baily Massages Jordan

What's better than ending a long day with a massage? A massage by Baily Wylde, especially as he pays extra attention to your hardening cock, ending in a pool of hot cum all over your stomach! Luckily for us, Jordan Starr has no problem displaying his sexy body for the camera as he gives in to Baily's sensual touch.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 22, 2023

Gracen 788

HALLELOO!!! Gracen finally rang through! This tells you when my energy is on sync with the CAUSA guys. Pretty soon, I hear from them and from a different number. Such became true a couple of weeks ago with Gracen. As I'd mentioned to Mr. Riley, I'd sent a couple of text messages to Gracen from two different numbers, and I didn't hear back from him. Immediately, I began to become concerned that I was heading into Club Amateur USA's 20th anniversary/birthday without the guy who, literally, changed the trajectory of the site. By the end of the following week, I had a text from Gracen from his new number and that ladies and gentlemen, is how positive energy manifests itself. BTW, in Gracen's text from his new number, he did happen to mention that it'd been more than two months since he'd been touched by another... Jus' sayin'...

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 09, 2023

Elian 787

Adorable as always, CAUSA's Elian returns with a new summer do and thicker where is counts. And did I mention that Elian leaked precum like a sieve and was on full brick? Elian is 25, 5'10" 145lbs with Brown Hair, Brown Eyes and definitely gay and sexploring.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 08, 2023

Will Nouvak & Gerard

I would do anything for my stepbrother. Last year, I told him I would give his hard-working body a nice massage. He liked that idea, especially knowing the type of massage I gave. So when he visited, I got Gerard Sanz into a nice jockstrap and put him on my table. I grabbed the lotion and worked my way down from his shoulders to his lower back. That's when I went for his ass, opened his cheeks, and started teasing his hole with my new ribbed dildo. It was my first time using it, and watching his hole suck it up was beautiful. I slid the tip in to test the waters. He started moaning, so I kept going. I wanted to see what his mouth would do to my cock, so I put him on his knees to suck and stroke me until I bust.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 02, 2023

Quinlynn 786

Well, who woulda thunk it?! After his first shoot, I considered Quinlynn a one and done, but surprisingly, he resumed texting me about six weeks after filming. I didn't hold back and told him that I wasn't going to have a repeat of first shoot, and in the very least, there would be rimming. Inherently, I didn't believe Quinlynn had the ability to move past his hangups. Well, thankfully, Quinlynn persisted, and proved me wrong!

Touch That Boy - Update

July 02, 2023

Leonel & Daryl Costa

My teammate, Leonel Russel, recently started giving out massages to the senior class as a way of showing thanks for an amazing season. My turn had come up, and I was excited because it was my first massage. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was nervous, but Leonel knew how to handle a guy like me. We were both in our briefs when he added lotion to the mix, which sent my hormones into overdrive. Never did I think his hands would feel so good, but they did, and Leonel knew it, and so did my cock. Leonel touched my nipples and then moved his hands toward my dick. I was enjoying it all too much to think about what was happening. He pulled it out and started stroking it before using his mouth. We then sucked each other until we both shot our loads.

Touch That Boy - Update

June 25, 2023

Bautista Nores & Glenn

Usually, it is my stepbrother, Glenn Hut, giving massages, but today, I decided he needed a taste of his own medicine, which he didn't mind. Glenn came to my studio and took a face-down position on the table. To be honest, I've only been doing this kind of work for a few weeks, but Glenn has taught me so much. I rubbed his back with some lotion, then down towards his legs before moving to his lower back and shoulders. Glenn's moans told me he was enjoying it, but things started heating up once my hands found his beautiful ass. I removed his undies. His smooth ass felt like silk running past my fingertips, but his hole tasted even better as I ate his ass and stroked his cock until he came in my hand.

Club Amateur USA - Update

June 21, 2023

Mata 758

I, seriously, considered holding this video back until October because it's the perfect CAUSA example, but waiting more than four months to introduce Mata to y'all didn't seem like the best choice. Four years ago, Mata contacted me on AFF, and we scheduled a shoot. Unfortunately, the day of the shoot, Mata got the proverbial cold feet and backed out of his scheduled shoot. While his AFF profile remained online, I didn't really see him logging into it after that until recently. So, I ventured over to his profile, and to my surprise, a few days later, I received an email from him. Mata was again interested in shooting a video.

Touch That Boy - Update

June 20, 2023

Cesar & Felix Bonnet

It was my first time getting a massage from Cesar Rose, my stepbrother, for fear was that he would find out how much he turned me. He's gay, and I was only recently wondering about my sexuality, which only made me want his hands on me more. I was already touching myself before he arrived. Then his hands started moving around my shoulders and legs. Breathing in deeply was relaxing my entire body, but I could feel his cock on my back, and it was turning me on. That's when Cesar pinched my nipple as he massaged my back, and I couldn't help but grab my dick. This must have been his plan all along. Soon, my dick was in his hand and then in his mouth. I finally got to suck his cock before shooting my load.

Club Amateur USA - Update

June 13, 2023

Leeroy 784

I had an awesome 4/20 because that was the day that Leeroy texted me to let me know that he was going to be in town, and after I inquired as to how long, he responded, "Moving back!" SWEET! And it's rather awesome that I was the first person here in the Valley of the Sun that Leeroy let know of his impending return. And let's, also, say that we had some lost time to makeup. With one hand beating Leeroy's meat and the other hand pounding his prostate, I brought him to one helluva sexplosive orgasm while Leeroy repeatedly exclaimed, "Don't stop!"

Spunk Worthy - Update

June 03, 2023

Massaging Blaze

Many of you have emailed or tweeted asking if Blaze was going to be coming back. I'm glad to say that the answer turned out to be YES! And he was hornier than ever when he showed up for the shoot. Blaze is no stranger to happy-ending massages. He'd gotten a few while on overseas deployments. All from women, of course. He'd never even gotten a "regular" massage from a guy which, when I asked him if he had, made him laugh. "Nope, first time. Popping both cherries!" he joked. It was pretty obvious that there was some sexual tension going on, even before we started setting up for the shoot. I figured this might be a good chance to see how far Blaze was willing to let things go. By the time he lay on the massage table and my hands made their way between his beefy legs, Blaze's cock was already poking out.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 16, 2023

Klaus 782

Klaus returns and slides back onto the CAUSA massage table, and this time around (similar to Leeroy's prior sexperiences), Klaus was a born-again virgin because he and his girlfriend haven't been engaging in any penetration on him. So, Klaus' second go on the table was much more intense than his first.

Cocky Boys - Update

May 16, 2023

Aiden & Nick

Aiden Ward is back to find out the buzz on gorgeous Nick Floyd is true: he's super flexible and can handle a big dick. For his part, Nick discovers Aiden knows how to give big dick and the fact that they have near instant chemistry, resulting in a connection that's passionate from the moment they kiss to their wild multi orgasmic finish. Aiden gets a hint of Nick's "dick handling" talent as he easily takes two fingers in his hole and then sensuously and sucks Aiden's cock. While Nick deep throats him, Aiden eats out his hole and soon it's a smooth transition to Nick riding him and taking Aiden deep upward thrusts. From here, Aiden fucks him in virtually every position, and Nick indeed shows he can take a cock Aiden also shows he's giving top by sucking and stroking Nick while drilling him.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 12, 2023

Juelz 781

With new guy Juelz, we have another first on ClubAmateurUSA. I knew based on Juelz's caramel-colored eyes and brown hair that is almost ginger in his beard that Juelz had some sort of mixture happening. But I was still a bit surprised when he responded to me that he's an African and Native American mix. What a cool combo. Going into this shoot, I was aware that Juelz self-identified as bisexual, but I was not aware of his previous sexperiences with anal play and direct prostate stimulation. Well, come to find out at the end of the shoot, Juelz is primarily a top in his daily sex life, and so, he wasn't expecting what transpired once he slid onto the CAUSA massage table. Based on his reactions, both voluntary and involuntary.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

May 06, 2023

Real Deep Massage

J was coming over for a deep tissue massage and a stretch after his game, and got exactly that. Something tells me he was hoping for the extra treatment, and Jacob did not disappoint. The full body massage didn't last long before J had Jacob's thick meat in his hands and mouth. It was at that moment he realized exactly how stretched and deep this massage was going to be.

DamianXDragon - Update

April 26, 2023

Powers of Man

Deepstroke 2 - Here's the second in a series of bates and bate coaching. I've learned the 12 strokes in the Deepstroke series. Joel of Powers Of Man lies back as I demonstrate the techniques while edging his cock. These strokes prolong your solo bates and when you're bating another bro. I definitely can't wait to practice these strokes when I bate solo, lend a bate hand to my bros or to my clients when they are on my table.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 25, 2023

Soren 780

Soren 780 with a complete scene at the age of 43 built sex at 6'02" and 195lbs. Soren has a sexy shaved head with dreamy brown eyes and he's more than ready for some straight & sexploring. Back by popular demand, Mocha Lotta Hotta Soren returns to the table in his fifth year as CAUSA's resident DILF! As always, Soren's perfect prodigious penis is engorged and tingling as soon as filming and my caresses begin. And, also, as always, sucking out his soul is the best path to Soren's intense orgasm

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 04, 2023

Enrique 778

Usually, I peruse Twitter to look around for Valley locals, and recently, Enrique appeared in my feed under my private list: AZ Guys. He'd been retweeted by another local in my list. So, I went to take a look, and DAYUM! Handsome, hot, hung, and hairy - Enrique checked all the boxed to be a CAUSA guy! So, I liked several of his pix and went about my evening. Lo and behold, this past week, I was notified of a new model app awaiting my review, and when I saw that it was Enrique, I had him scheduled, getting nekkid, and sliding onto the table within 48 hours!

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