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Fun Size Boys - Update

November 25, 2023

Damien Ch 6

Poolside Pup: The Doctor's big hands start to reach over his boy, touching his smooth stomach, then moving little bit further south towards Damien's bulging speedo. The boy's small hands return the favor without much hesitation. Damien has such a playful nature to him, infectious enough it has the Doctor wanting to match the boy's frisky energy. Dr. Wolf stands up from his chair and straddles the one Damien was sitting on. He plants a kiss, which deepens as Dr. Wolf's big arms wrap around Damien's small frame, pulling the two of them closer together as their lips press firmly together. After they break from the kiss, Dr. Wolf has Damien lean back in the lounge chair; It's hard not to notice the swimsuit is struggling to contain a very excited boy boner.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 21, 2023

Harold, Derek Anal Jock Strap

There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful man with a huge bulge in his underwear. It’s all about the last thin veil of secrecy before the ultimate prize is revealed a huge and throbbing dick ready for sex. Harold Lopez and Derek Kage get into their kink together, enjoying some foreplay together in tight black jockstraps. They suck each other’s cocks over the dick pouches and admire one another’s asses as they appear framed by the straps. Harold loves the view of Derek Kage’s ass in the jockstrap so much that he fucks him deep and hard with his huge uncut cock!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 16, 2023

Harold Tops Mark

Mark Blue has a bright and lively smile that highlights just how good-looking he is. So much so is this the case that the jacked and studly Harold Lopez has taken special notice of him. Mark is a tall and well-built guy, but in bedroom he likes to show off how submissive he can be when servicing dick and pleasuring a man's needs. And Mark Blue does not hold back at all when he gets one look at Harold Lopez, who is one of the sexiest Lucas Men around. Never forget that Harold has an alpha-top cock in need of true attention! Not only does Mark Blue swallow the huge uncut cock of Harold Lopez and take it deep up his ass, but he also gets stretched out by some dildo play!

Freshmen - Update

September 15, 2023

Back to Greece Part 33

Welcome back to Mykonos. It is time to wake up again and start the next adventure. In today’s documentary, Kevin and Jerome try to gather together the boys and start a photo shoot in town. Today is a little different though. Our photographer Benno decides to take the boys to the lovely streets of the capital and showcase it in a new unique way by undressing the boys in different public places. This "gang of exhibitionists" are caught in action multiple times, but the outcome is definitely worth the risk.

Cocky Boys - Update

September 11, 2023

Tristen Tops Achilles

Newcomer Achilles is back for some hot outdoor sex with CockyBoys Exclusive Tristan Hunter, someone who fits the bill nicely for Achilles' likes and desires. For starters Tristan comes out on the porch to kiss Achilles sweetly and suck him passionately and self described "people pleaser" responds by going down on Tristan with equal fervor. Achilles is revved up even more when Tristan fingers and tongue fucks his hole so much so that he virtually demands that Tristan replace his tongue with cock. Tristan's big dick turns out to be an eye-opening experience for Achilles not just for its size but how Tristan pounds his hole. And, just as Achilles likes, Tristan dominates him and gets him to ride his cock which Achilles does enthusiastically.

Cutler's Den - Update

September 07, 2023


Hot summer sex with King Byrce 8 inches of perfect thick dick attached to the perfect man you want this. Nano Love wants it too that perfect ass is hungry for dick and that makes for the perfect day out doors. TRUE STORY: Nano makes King cum SO HARD the neighbor 3 houses over sent a text "did someone just cum on your roof deck?"

The BigCMen - Update

September 02, 2023

Hot Afternoon Sex

Andrew stayed with me for the week, and the sex never stopped. I took this day off work to play and lay by the pool, not a bad life right? Andrew is such a good Daddy's boy, sucking and taking my dick all afternoon until I blow a huge load deep in his sweet hole.

Hot House - Update

September 01, 2023

Make It Last

On sunny days like this, all Max Konnor wants to do is unwind poolside with an ice-cold beverage and his rock-hard cock. Isaiah Taye is more than happy to join Max for a day of relaxation and ejaculation as he leaves the water, drops to his knees and works his way down Max's 10 inches. Next, Max's tongue goes deep between Isaiah's cheeks before the bareback duo moves to a nearby hanging bed where Max begins fucking and filling Isaiah's smooth hole. Wearing nothing but his sunglasses, Max tweaks his own nipple as his big dick stretches out Isaiah and as Isaiah jerks off his own cock. A few more pumps into Isaiah has muscle hunk Max pulling out to unload himself with Isaiah then busting onto his own six-pack.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

August 23, 2023

Alex, Leo & Adam

Tawdry Twister: A game like Twister seems like it was made with Leo Bacchus in mind. He's all about bending himself into different kinds of positions for the men he invites into his bedroom. Here he's with Adam Killian and Alex Ink in the Lucas Entertainment villa in Puerto Vallarta; the three of them are playing Twister on the patio. Leo sure does show off his ass plenty during the action, and Alex Ink loves what he sees. They take the game to the next level, and he and Adam Killian take turns fucking Leo up the ass!

Cutler's Den - Update

August 10, 2023


Get your vitamin D. Fuck it just get the D. Tryp Bates has all the moves and delivers is with a side of MUSCLE. Marcel Eugene brings back his big long cock with the mushroom head and plunges Tryp's mouth into submission. Tryp would gladly suck it all day but Marcel really wants that fuck and load that muscle ass good. Roof top in the city with sun and sex, there is nothing better.

Falcon Studios - Update

August 08, 2023

Falcon's Endless Summer 2

Studly millionaire MrDeepVoice knew he had to have Irish twink Dean Young the second he laid eyes on him at the Falcon Surf Shop car wash. Driving Dean back to his Southern California home, MrDeepVoice can't even wait to walk through the door before grabbing a handful of Dean's cheeks and having the international traveler drop down to give him a poolside blowjob. Next, MrDeepVoice's excited tongue gets to have a go at Dean's perfectly smooth peach before his big uncut dick fills up the twink's tight ass. Dean goes for a ride on the hung top until MrDeepVoice moves him to a nearby chaise lounge all while his girthy bareback cock remains deep inside of Dean. Still fucking in his backyard, MrDeepVoice pulls out to coat the bottom's tongue in his nut and then slides right back into Dean's hole.

Falcon Studios - Update

August 01, 2023

Falcon's Endless Summer

College students Trevor Brooks and Oliver Marks along with a whole crew of shirtless, sudsy studs have come together to host a car wash and raise money to save the Falcon Surf Shop. Just because they're hard at work, though, doesn't mean they can't discreetly break off to bust a quick nut. While everyone's preoccupied with their wet hoses, Trevor and Oliver sneak behind a nearby building for some friendly introductions before Oliver drops on his knees, pulls down Trevor's board shorts and sucks him off. With the young twink now bent over a pile of wooden pallets, Trevor rims his ass and begins pumping him full of his bareback cock. The San Diego sun continues to beat down on them all while Oliver beats himself off to the sensation of Trevor's big dick sliding in and out of his hot hole.

Raging Stallion - Update

July 24, 2023

Tongue In Cheek 5

Beau Butler, Lawson James and Morgxn Thicke are supposed to be emptying out their boss' storage unit, but Beau would rather spend his afternoon rubbing down the hairy muscles of bearded daddy Lawson. Morgxn quickly joins in on the public three-way as he and Lawson break out their big dicks for Beau to suck off. With their cocks pulsing and ready to smash some hole, the two prepare Beau by rimming his hairy, tan-lined ass. Once he's ready for an outdoor pounding, the two spit-roast him with Morgxn being the first to bareback the beefcake bottom. After Lawson gets a go at Beau's hole, Morgxn dips his dick into Lawson's muscular cakes before going back to fucking Beau and covering his ass in creamy jizz. The other two quickly follow, with Lawson spilling his seed on the ground and Beau feeding his load to Lawson.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 13, 2023

Bruno Plows Alam

While the sheets are cooling down from the seven-man gang bang of Alex Cabrera in another part of the villa, Bruno Galvez has some needs of his own that require attention in the bedroom. Alam Wernik did a good job of working Bruno up by enticing him with his delicious ass and tight little hole between his ass cheeks. When Bruno Galvez is hot and horny, Bruno needs to fuck as soon as possible. So, he gives Alam Wernik the pounding of a lifetime!

Hung Young Brit - Update

July 12, 2023

19YO Hung Brazilian

These two are Fucking Stunning! He joins his top on his bed and starts passionately making out with him, tongue and all. There is some serious HEAT between them there well into each other that cute lad is fucked hard by the one with the FAT 8” COCK! Could anyone ask for a better wake-up call?

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 11, 2023

Raw Threesome

Lobo Carreira and Derek Kage each have a rock-hard and throbbing uncut cock between their legs, and they're ready to use them on a mouth and ass that can take some intense action and has plenty of stamina. Alex Cabrera is just the guy for this. This young hunk has a beautiful body and a big, plump ass ready to get banged out as soon as possible. He also has a full pair of dick-sucking lips ready to service dick orally. Lobo Carreira and Derek Kage use Alex Cabrera from both ends, fucking him down his throat and up his ass for some hot and intense gay spit roasting action!

Men - Update

June 11, 2023

Good Rubber Pt. 1

As soon as Sam Ledger sees the TV ad for the Good Rubber car dealership, starring hot salesman Dom King, he pulls out his life savings and goes to find himself a ride. Dom knows there's a sucker born every minute, and he plans to make Sam the newest one way or another. As Sam bends over to check out the trunk space, Dom yanks down his pants and fucks him from behind, then they head outside where Sam sucks the top. Dom picks up the twink for a reverse stand and carry, then fucks him doggystyle bent over a hood. Dom hammers Sam missionary in the back of an SUV till the bottom cums, then gives him a facial before they go hammer out the deal in his office!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 15, 2023

Tomas & Jordan Suck & Fuck

Jordan Starr lays on his stomach and arches his back as he gets started with the enviable privilege of servicing Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, with his mouth. Jordan wraps his lips around Tomas' big, fat uncut cock and sucks deep and hard before Tomas spins him around and eats his ass. No encounter is complete unless the King of All Muscle Daddies fucks you in your hole, and Tomas Brand goes balls-deep inside Jordan Starr. But Jordan does not want it to end there, and so Tomas gets on all fours and takes dick himself. And it's no small dick, because Jordan Starr is mega-hung!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 29, 2023

Dom Fucks Alex

With a name like Dom King, you know exactly what you’re going to get when you’re in the bedroom with him and that’s one hell of an ass fucking. Dom looks like he could be cast in a He-Man or Conan adaptation with his natural good looks and huge, jacked body. And one bottom who is all about Dom King and his alpha appeal is Alex Cabrera. Alex has been begging for an ass pumping from a guy like Dom King for some time now, and the time has come to quit begging and start moaning when he opens up his hole for some incredible anal penetration!

Bel Ami Online - Update

March 05, 2023

Alex & Harris

We have labeled this scene as 'out at last' as it is from one of our earlier trips to Africa. We had originally held it back due to some issues with color balance between the 2 cameras, but since that time, advances in computer power have allowed us to be able to correct things and be able to share this hidden treasure with you now in its original full HD. Next to Dolph Lambert, Harris is probably one of our most popular blond models ever and he is paired with a very youthful and hot Alex Orioli.

Falcon Studios - Update

March 03, 2023

Cheat Day 2

Chris White, Brock Brodie and Kane Fox are so ready to get things going you can tell by the way they act. The sun was out and blazing but it didn't slow these three studs down at all. Starting with some ass eating double cock sucking and deep hard anal sex. They switched around with some hot spit roasting action and finally deep hard anal pile driving. There's something really hot about gay interracial sex.

Wu Boyz - Update

March 02, 2023

Daddy Daydream

Rhonee, Khoa & Tyler - Have you ever been in an Asian train? These are my daddies. We spent a lovely afternoon in Venice, talking, laughing, eating freshly peeled bananas. We then had hot sex before heading out for a yummy hotpot. I love my daddies.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 07, 2023

Alle & Santos Submit To Dan

Santos and Alle Marin are two handsome brunette men with full heads of dark curls. They make an attractive couple, but since they both prefer to bottom, sometimes their sex life can hit a wall and feel a little too boring. But with Santos in particular, he has sexual desires beyond just getting fucked. He likes submission-he wanted to submit to both his boyfriend and other men, and that includes feeling like a cuckold. In this gay cuckold fantasy, Santos sits on and watches while Alle Marin services the uncut cock of Dan Saxon before Dan moves on to slam the ass of Alle! All the while, Santos takes his pleasure from watching but not joining in!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 14, 2023

Shy Pumps Allen's Ass

Shy Montana is a new stud among the Lucas Men, and he came to the Lucas Entertainment set in Puerto Vallarta ready to tear up some ass. When a new hunk walks on center stage, Allen King (one of the premier Lucas Men) wanted to pop his front-of-the-camera cherry. At the beginning of the encounter, we see Allen King and Shy Montana getting very handsy with one another on the villa balcony. The size difference between Shy and Allen is incredible, and Shy puts it to use when he's fucking Allen King up his tiny and tight little ass. Despite his name, Shy Montana is not shy at all about picking up the little bottom and pumping his prostate, as though Allen is as light as a feather!

Cocky Boys - Update

January 08, 2023

Cody & Sean

A summer treat to warm up your winter: the perfect match of Cody Seiya & Sean Xavier! Sean was eager to film with Cody and vice-versa, and it turned out they had more in common than their mutual attraction. So, after Cody gave Sean a brief guided tour of Camp CockyBoys, they made in happen on the patio. Cody knew Sean was a "thoughtful & caring person" with his scene partners and finds it out for himself. Playful affection leads to Sean sensuously sucking Cody and tonguing his hole and Cody doing his best to give Sean's big dick the same attention. Sean gives Cody's throat as much as he can handle and does the same when Cody offers up his hole and he slowly enters him and stretches him out. Sean finds Cody adapts well to his cock and takes control fucking him.

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