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Bear Films - Update

July 30, 2023


It was a long night for Pup Modded and Ty Brooks, and after getting back to the hotel, room service was on the menu. But bellies with food weren't the only thing getting stuffed today, and these sexy bears made sure of it. With the clock running before the food arrived, Pup and Ty got down to it as they kissed and undressed. Pup was first on his belly as Pup laid back and enjoyed a warm mouth on his pierced cock. But Pup also likes to suck a dick while being stroked. He then moves behind Ty and licks his hole until it's loose, wet, and ready for stuffing. Ty gave his ass to Pup as Pup slowly pushed his dick deep inside his fuck hole. Ty's ass opened up quickly, and that was when the fun really started.

House Of Angell - Update

July 25, 2023

What I Was Made To Do

Part 2: At House of Angell Will Angell has a rule. Whatever you do to his boy Liam Angell he is going to do to you. So, when Zachery Rhys shows up and breeds Liam like a dirty whore Will feels obligated to return the favor. You dished it out now you gotta take it.

The BigCMen - Update

December 03, 2021

BigC, Jake & Julian

BigC & Jake Tag, DP & Beed Julian - Ya'all can NOT miss this Insanely HOT, DP filled 2 part video (almost 1 hour total!) "Rainy Day 3 Way: Big C & Jake Mitchell Tag, DP, & Breed Julian Torres". This was my first encounter with the piggy Julian Torres, and we invited Jake Mitchell over for a scorchin 3 way. Jake & I are both hung daddy's, and we know exactly what to do with Julian's talented hairy, eager hole. Julian loves taking fists, but with 2 epic cocks he was more than satisfied with what we had to dish out... Tag fucking, all sorts of DP, and of course he gets both our loads pounded deep inside him. Our buddy Zario Travezz did a killer job as cameraman getting some kick ass angles, and of course he couldn't help but join a bit too! This one is a classic! Jared & I filmed with Julian the next day poolside, so stay tuned!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

February 12, 2021

Shake That Ass Boy

If you enjoy watching a Daddy stretch a boy’s fuck hole wide open then flood him deep into his guts until he is flowing like a river then this is the film for you. Daddy Will Angell gets together with Scott Ryder again and they make that boy’s hole gape and belch up a gallon of Daddy juice. Filthy, wet, raw breeding the way we know you like it. That ass was used, abused and stretched open so wide you could see the cream oozing out.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

January 03, 2021

No Training Needed

Some boys need you to hold their hand and show them how to worship a Daddy cock with their mouths and assholes, but some boys are another story. Some just seem to have been born for dick! Seamus O’Reiley is one of those amazing boys who comes knowing exactly what to do. It’s always fun for Daddy Will to kick back, spread his legs, and let his boy show off his talents. Seamus gets right to work on Will’s cock and hole and coaxes two loads out of Daddy Will’s fat cock to grease his hungry ginger hole!

Extra Big Dicks - Update

October 16, 2020

My BF's Big Cock

One thing Jay Donahue will say about his new beau, Jacob Woods - the guy has got a cock that never stops. For the most part, this is exactly how Jay wants it, but every now and again, Jacob's lust pushes boundaries for Jay, such as when he wants to fuck him in the locker room after their workout, instead of waiting to get home. Jay is worried that someone will walk in on them, but for Jacob, that's half the fun, and as his big cock rubs up against Jay's side, Jay knows he can't resist. He tells Jacob to hurry up and have his way with him, but Jacob has no intention of rushing. He wants to take his time and fuck Jay nice and hard every way he can, until Jay shakes from cumming and Jacob unleashes his big load all over him.

Real Men Fuck - Update

August 27, 2020

Shut Up & Fuck Me

Harry is a hairy, horny otter who can't wait to fuck daddy Christian. Christian needs a cock up his ass and is happy to give the otter what he needs. Christian starts off with Harry's big fuzzy cock down his throat and when Harry is nice and hard, Christian bends over to take it in his hole. Harry picks up the pace to stretch Christian out and pounds away until he fucks the cum out of his daddy's big throbbing cock. When Harry sees Christian's mess, he offers up his own hole and Christian happily helps him out. Harry lies back and lets Christian finger him with four fingers before Harry lets loose and unleashes a torrent of jizz all over Christian's hairy, muscled-up chest.

Raging Stallion - Update

July 25, 2020

Loaded Muscle Fuck 6

Two beefy beardy bear cubs, two perfect round bubble butts, and two fat extra-large dicks that need to plug, pound and pummel a hairy hole till they spurt their salty jizz on and in each other. That about sums up the genius pairing of Adam Ramzi and Vander Pulaski in this sizzling hot bareback fuck. These hot guys know how to pleasure each other. They take their time while taking turns in this ultra-satisfying flip fuck. Adam's uncut monster meat is a good match for Vander's hot ass, and Vander's thick slick prick slides effortlessly into Adam's chute as they drive each other nuts with desire and unbridled passion.

Hairy and Raw - Update

July 04, 2020

Kosher & Aiden

Big and beefy Aiden Storm is a good top. He clearly knows how to handle a submissive bottom. Even if they're not a sub bottom, those curious about taking cock from the hung, burly young Daddy with a boyish face, end up as a complete and total whores by the time Aiden rewards them with his seed. As good as Aiden is, he's even better in a bathhouse. Something about the environment brings out his true base instincts. When he's in a bathhouse, Aiden is no longer Aiden but a sexual animal lusting for pig bottoms in need of a big fat cock. Kosher Pig, shorter, bearded, with curly blond hair, is such an animal. Except he's just as much a hunter as Aiden. The difference is that Kosher Pig can sniff out hung tops who can fuck him silly while pounding him bareback and giving him all the protein stored in their balls.

Bearback - Update

June 24, 2020

Devin & Atlas

After a little introduction from Atlas Grant and Devin Tyler, the two furry studs take turns pounding on each other's asses. These two are the classic big sexy hairy studly bear and young up and coming furry cub. If doesn't take too long at all before they are getting it on with hot cock sucking, prick-hardening ass eating and heart pounding bareback sex. They not only do it but both take it as well as they flip fuck like they've been doing it forever.

Bearback - Update

May 31, 2020

Pool Cubs

Ago Viera was hoping to spend the afternoon lounging in the pool, but when he finds Chandler Scott cleaning it, he realizes it's going to be a few hours before it's safe to go in. Not wanting to waste his afternoon, he asks Chandler what else they might do, as he drops his towel to show his hard dick sticking straight up. Chandler smiles and tells Ago there's plenty he can do with that, then leads Ago over to the patio sofa and pushes him up against the wall, sucking off the giant rock hard cock in front of him. He bends over and lets Ago have his turn with his hole, but what his beau really wants is to for Chandler to fuck the cum out of him, so he bends Ago over and gives him his own deep dicking from behind, before flipping him over and pounding him until he jizzes all over himself.

Bearback - Update

March 30, 2020

Fan Fuck

Lanz Adams introduces Brad Kalvo whom he is a fan of and he is trying not to jump his bones during the interveiw. They talk about how Brad got into the Bear community and shortly after they begin passionately kissing and rimming. The two furry sexy men move gracefully into a 69 where they both please each other at the same time. Brad's cock is hard and ready so Lanz bends his big furry ass over and Brad eases in. Brad fucks him balls deep making Lanz see stars as they both take turns cumming all over the place.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 21, 2020

Adam Tops Allen

The young and adorable Allen King is practically fought over when filming gay bareback sex scenes -- who gets to fuck the shit out of the hot little stud next? Allen certainly has his pick of any of the Lucas Men he wants to have bareback sex with. When he found out Adam Killian was going to stop by the Fire Island set the recent September 2019 shoot, he asked the gay porn legend if he’d do him the honor of breeding his ass. Adam Killian took one look at just how sexy Allen King is, and the answer was an instant yes!

Men Over 30 - Update

March 06, 2020

Fuck Me To Cum

Jake Morgan and Jay Donahue are in bed relaxing kissing and rubbing each other. Today Jake wants to bottom for his boyfriend Jay. Jay is excited about it since he's always the one being fucked. They go back to kissing which leads into a very steamy and sexy 69. Jake is eager to be fucked so he quickly bends his hairy ass over and Jay pushes his hard dick into him. He fucks that sweet ass balls deep until they switch it back up. Jake gets a turn at that ass for a bit until he tells Jay that he wants him to fuck the cum out of him. Jay jumps on the opportunity once again and pounds the cum out of Jake and he pulls his raw cock out to join in on the cum blasting.

Masqulin - Update

February 04, 2020

The Last Men 3

In an apocalyptic new world, the last and few men on earth have to fend for themselves for survival. While roaming the woods, Ryan Bones stumbles upon what resembles to be a trap. A half-naked and dirty Andrew Green, with a sign around his neck that reads: ‘Protect Me. I Will Be Ur Slave’. Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means.. first by having him suck on his thick cock and then by turning him over and fucking him until he cums. No longer the last man, Ryan endures with his slave Andrew by his side. The Last Men.

Hairy and Raw - Update

January 30, 2020

John & Teddy

At a local dungeon, in one of several playrooms, John Lock and Teddy Taggart are in the throes of making out. Decked out in leather, amidst the heavy duty link chains, the slender and scruffy Teddy drops to his knees to service John’s big cock. Except he doesn’t just suck John’s cock. Teddy gets his face fucked and his throat used as if it were his ass. Complete with spitting, choking and gagging, John and Teddy share an intense oral session. When the bearded, hairy daddy is good and ready, he gets Teddy on the fuck bench, buries his face in the bottom’s hungry ass, and with his cock already spit-lubed, John slides the entire length of his thick uncut tool balls deep inside the slender tattooed bottom whore.

Island Studs - Update

January 19, 2020

Hairy Surfer Harrison

Hairy Surfer Harrison is a very horny & sweet straight Strawberry Blond Surfer from from Newport Beach, California visiting Hawaii with and amazing, totally hairy body: a full BUSH of ginger dick hair surrounding his cock and hairy balls, a BIG FURRY BUBBLE BUTT and thick hairy soccer thighs, thick ginger chest and belly hair who enjoys flexing, posing while pressing his ball sack between his muscle thighs as he stands stroking his rock hard cock with one hand and his favorite red surfboard in the other, walks with a throbbing boner as he begins to wash windows fully naked,

Family DIck - Update

January 05, 2020

House Arrest

Lukas’ step dad is finally home from a long prison sentence, and the horny boy could not be more excited. After all, he has been fantasizing about his badass step dad creaming his hole for months now! While Logan is on house arrest, he catches up on father-son bonding time with his sexy son by fucking his face. Then, the kid spreads his legs for his old man to drill his virgin hole. The boy moans as his hung daddy fucks deep into his gut, bareback. Finally, the scruffy stud is welcomed home with open arms as he drowns Lukas with his cum! House arrest has never been so fun!

Breed Me Raw - Update

January 03, 2020

Tyler & Jett

Last week, Jett's husband left his hole used and loaded, after blindfolding him. He told the slut to wait for the next top to service. Before Jett knew it, there was another cock shoved down his throat, which he quite enjoyed. He did what he was told, and next thing he knew he was being held upside down and sucking a cock! He was thrown on the bed and put face down and the cock slide into his wet used hole. Finally, he got to see it was Tyler Reed getting sloppy seconds, and then depositing his hot jizz in his cum dump ass!

Noir Male - Update

December 31, 2019

Parting Gift

Big daddy Stud, Michael Roman is obsessed with his ex boyfriend Adrian Hart. Michael will find any excuse to go over to Adrian’s house because he knows once they get together, sparks will fly and they will be fucking in a matter of moments. These two guys just go for it. When Daddy wants his boy, there's nothing that can stop him and he takes Adrian like he means it. Adrien just goes with the flow because he wants daddy flowing all over him.

Masqulin - Update

December 18, 2019

Starlen Gold

Following a very successful recruitment process with Markus Kage, it’s time for the big man himself to attract some new talent for He hits the streets with the crew to do some ‘prospecting’, eventually zeroing in on a fit, bearded blonde named Starlen Gold. Coincidentally, Starlen identifies as something of an exhibitionist, and he has gotten off in about 4 days. It doesn’t take much convincing from Markus to get this eager newbie back to the condo, where the real recruitment begins.

Men Over 30 - Update

December 17, 2019

Daddy Jock

Jack Dyer and Jay are in the bedroom and Jack wants to know if Jay is wearing what he asked him to, his Jock Strap. Jay Donahue tells him yes and they start making out and Jack pulls off his jeans and takes in his boy's jock and nice hairy body. Jack starts sucking Jay's hard cock and licking his pre-cum. Jay wants to see his Daddy's jock strap, but Jack makes him wait and beg for it before pulling off his jeans. He then rolls Jay onto his back and rims his ass deep before pulling off Jay's jock strap and making him smell it while he feeds him his cock. After going back and forth with each other sucking and smelling each other, Jack turns his attention to Jay's hairy ass and he rims his hole. He then fucks Jay from behind while feeding his jock strap to him.

Boy For Sale - Update

October 14, 2019

Cole Slave Boy

Master Oaks loves seeing how Cole responds to his dominance. Seeing him locked up in his cage, waiting and eager to service him, is a thrill unlike any he's ever had. He knows the horny bottom has nothing to do but sit and wait to service him. When he takes him out of his bondage, he puts him immediately to work sucking his thick cock. Cole's skills cannot be denied, taking the powerful man deep into his throat without any struggle. Master Oaks is impressed with the boy's ferocious hunger, happy to lay back and relax as his meat is swallowed up whole. But nothing beats the feeling of sliding his bare cock between Cole's beautiful, milky cheeks. With the boy's hole wrapped tightly around his dick, he knows that he's truly his master.

Bear Films - Update

September 25, 2019

Into Battle

Sex is a powerful thing. And although sometimes it's about expressing our love for each other, sex can also be about the hunt... like animals out in the wild. And then there are times when sex is like going into battle. It's about domination and submission, about taking what we want--pillaging and plundering--with no excuses or apologies. For Graydon Emory Ford, Luis Vega, Chip Young, Kurt Jacobs, Marc Giacomo, Otto Samson, Jayson West, and Rex Blue, this compilation clearly demonstrates that, for these men, sucking cock, eating hole and bareback fucking is very much like going into battle, because they need to conquer, dominate, and mark their territory. Is there anything more primal?

Men Over 30 - Update

September 22, 2019

Leather Newbie

Sean Harding is hanging out alone in the leather club playroom when Jaxx Thanatos walks in and strikes up a conversation with him. He has never seen Sean before and asks him if he is new to the 'scene' and Sean replies by saying 'What scene...?' With that Jaxx knows that Sean is a newbie to the Leather scene and makes his move on this fresh piece of meat. They start out kissing each other and then Jaxx puts Sean up against the wooden cross where he starts rimming his ass. He then moves to Sean's cock and sucks him. Sean then sucks Jaxx in the chair for a while and then Jaxx puts him up against the cross and starts fucking him from behind. They then move to the horse where Jaxx fucks Sean from behind deep and hard.

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