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Jun 10, 2024

Cumming A Gift Boy In The Mouth

by Bi College Fucks

There's just no substitute for how supremely hot the action is when you put three horny young people who love bi sex into a room with one another and let them have at it. They're all endlessly enthusiastic about everything that follows, and that's obvious in this one from start to finish. Everything about everything they're doing is turning them each on, and there isn't a moment where they don't all want to be as deeply involved in the action as possible. When they see a hard dick that needs attention, they dive down onto it. Their intense gazes show that they're just as turned on by what they're doing, feeling, and seeing as we are watching it all. Chris, sometimes the shy and quiet type who takes a little while to come out of his shell, has an intense and focused expression on his face throughout the action.

By Bi College Fucks

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Jun 10, 2024


by Naked Sword

Tony Genius loves fucking in front of the camera, but in this particular scene, he’s ‘In Control’, calling the shots, and getting the chance to show off his appreciation for Drake Von’s fat cock. After finally being able to break away from swallowing down his partner’s famously big dick, Tony gets into position to take Drake’s girthy hog for a bareback ride in front of a wide-open window overlooking Las Vegas. Tony continues getting filled up by the twink’s mighty meat until Drake pulls out, has his dick go ass-to-mouth, and then unloads directly onto Tony’s tongue.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 10, 2024

Reality Porn - Dark

by Kristen Bjorn

In the depths of a secret sex club men show up and willingly follow the instructions of the mysterious master, today, Jona Ortiz, Jay Summers and John Rodriguez enter the lair and follow the seductive instructions. After stripping down, touching themselves and blindfolding themselves the leather gloved hand comes out and begins its own exploration. Still blindfolded our three men are brought together and instructed to “kiss each other.” As Jona, Jay and John explore each other’s bodies they also begin kissing the person next to them, not knowing who that could possibly be. As their bodies, hands and tongues become more entwined with each other the sexual tension is building. Master instructs John to “get down and do your job” and John drops to his knees and begins sucking on the mystery cocks.

By Kristen Bjorn

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Jun 10, 2024

Barron & Aliya After Hours

by Hot College Fucks

I have a feeling this is far from the last time we're going to see Aliya and Barron in action with one another! These two are simply insatiable, and each is always in the mood to fuck. So when you get the two of them together, there's just no holding back! To say they're compatible would be an understatement Aliya and Barron are ready to fuck at a moment's notice, can be as wild and as raunchy as they can be passionate and intimate, are each able to read their partners and feed of their partners' sexual energy, and each seem to get off from their partners' pleasure as much as their own. Oh, and did we mention both love to show off for an audience! That's where we come in!

By Hot College Fucks

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Jun 09, 2024

Jake & Terry

by Blake Mason

Jock Bottom Takes A Big One! New guy Terry Strokes doesn't need to prove himself, but he's doing that just the same in this awesome debut alongside muscle jock bottom Jake Matthews! Terry is a big guy, and powerful too. The American hunk is definitely the one in charge for this partnership but that doesn't stop Jake from making full use of that hard bareback cock and riding him like the man might get away! There's no chance of Terry leaving until he's used that arse completely, finishing up with a spooning on the couch that leaves Jake splashed with both their gooey loads. I think we're gonna be seeing Terry back for more, and we can't wait to see his sensual, powerful moves with more lucky bottoms!

By Blake Mason

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Jun 09, 2024

Julian & Corvin

by Euroboyxxx

Out Of Sight To Share Raw Cock! Gorgeous friends Corvin Fox and Julian Tomlinson find some privacy in the storeroom and within moments their hard young cocks are out as they suck and lick each other. With both boners now stiff and oozing Julian gets his pucker licked and takes Corvin's raw meaty dick up his butt for some deep fucking! After taking it against the wall and riding that boner on the dirty floor both boys wank out their wads and splash Corvin's body with juice!

By Euroboyxxx

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Jun 09, 2024

Kyle & Spikey

by Bi Latin Men

Kyle and Spikey are two of the sexiest hunks ever to grace the webpages of Bi Latin Men. They hold nothing back and get right into it and you'll love every steamy second of it. Once they got some cock sucking out of the way, the rimming was next and so hot. Followed by a deep hard uncut cock penetrating that tight pucker hole open wide!

By Bi Latin Men

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Jun 09, 2024

Big Dick Hugo is Back!

by Island Studs

8" Italian New Yorker, Surfs Naked, Lei Cock Ring, Pees & Jerks on Beach In Hawaii! Tall Big Dick Hugo is back on after 9 years! The Happy, Friendly, Joking Surfer with a thick Italian New Yorker accent, super thick 8" cock, takes us on a naked surfin' safari in Hawaii on a public beach: parades around the beach fully nude, rides waves COMPLETELY naked in the big surf with bystanders in the water beside him, jerks his fat 8" Italian American Salami seaside, holds is orange surfboard with one hand and strokes his cock in the other with his feet in the sand, returns to the Beach House for a long fun jerk off and posing session.

By Island Studs

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Jun 09, 2024

Gio, Johnny & Matthew

by Randy Blue

A supposed quickie between Matthew Miles and Gio Carbone takes too long to get going especially for Johnny Rapid who's impatiently waiting to go out to dinner. The cocksucking between the newbies is going ok but poor Matthew falters because he's never topped before, so Johnny steps in to show him how it's done and winds up the unexpected star of the scene. Johnny doesn't waste any time taking charge either. He has both guys suck him, gets Matthew to rim Gio, then step aside for the most part and watch as Johnny fucks him. Driven by hunger, Johnny pounds Gio and eventually fucks a load out of him and in truer boss mode, blasts a huge load all over his chest. Matthew still needs mentoring but that will have to wait: Johnny wants dinner!

By Randy Blue

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Jun 09, 2024


by Cutler's Den

BIG SEXY that's what this vid is. Miguel Rey and Trophy Muscle are both big men, there is a big fat dick and an big hungry ass ready to roll on the sunbed. Delicious ass fucking under a sunny blue sky with only one thing to think about where to put that nut.

By Cutler's Den

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Jun 09, 2024

Red Corridor

by Men At Play

The weather is warming up in Madrid, and business executive Matt Polaco has caught spring fever! Horned up and suited, Matt visits the cruising club ATTACK and wanders the corridors of the darkrooms. While cruising, Matt finds Sebastian XLT, who is wearing a leather harness and jerking off his big, uncut cock. Matt approaches and plays with Sebastian’s nipples before getting on his knees and sucking the hard cock. Sebastian returns the favor as Matt pulls out his waiting cock through his pant fly until he sits on Matt’s face. Up against the brick wall, Matt shoves his raw cock inside the naughty stranger. Sebastian shoots his load while Matt is still deep inside him, and Matt finishes off by cumming all over his back.

By Men At Play

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Jun 09, 2024

Alex & Evan

by Cocky Boys

Alex Kof and CockyBoys Exclusive Evan Knoxx don't have to say a word for you to know how much they're each other they show you. It's in how they kiss and suck each other's big dicks, savoring every moment, and igniting passion in bed. There they have lots of oral foreplay until Evan just can't hold off any more and starts riding Alex. Even on his back Alex takes charge, thrusting his cock deep into Evan. Alex soon flips Evan on his back and pounds him in positions so he can go as deep as possible and he does the same when he fucks him from behind. Alex gets Evan on his back once more and fucks so well he makes him shoot like a rocket over himself. Alex shoots too, glazes Evan's bod even more, and kisses him passionately. Evan has to say something even if it is obvious: "That was great!"

By Cocky Boys

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