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Naked Sword - Update

May 28, 2015

Double Kross

Get at the double and double down on the lube because the intense, hardcore action in Double Kross will have doing double takes. Delivering double-superstar-trouble, mischievous Sebastian Kross will have you seeing double with two scenes of cum-bustible, cock-throbbing action. Double Kross director Nick Foxx gets double the pleasure out of every scene filled with heated man-on-man action that will leave your balls drained.

Dudes Raw - Update

May 28, 2015

Christian Fucks Vincent Bareback

Vincent Knight is a horny pup and he likes his sex rough and raw. Christian Matthews gives Vincent just what he needs as he feeds him his big, rims his hot ass and fucks him hard, rough, and raw.

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

May 28, 2015

Chandler Nails Trey

Trey's bottoming scenes are legendary. Rising star Chandler had the equipment (and the skills) to create some new legends. So this scene was destined to be epic! The guys kiss passionately, and Trey works hard to get all of Chandler's cock down his throat. Chandler helps out by pushing Trey's head down on it!

Men On Edge - Update

May 28, 2015

Rob Yaeger Relentlessly Edged

Lean stud Rob Yaeger eagerly joins Sebastian and Christian Wilde for our live show-- what a better way to spend Friday night? Sebastian starts by tying Rob down to a St. Andrew's cross while Christian tenderly plays with Rob's cock. Once immobile on the cross, the night's fun truly begins. Christian and Sebastian take turns working Rob's raging boner, jerking it, sucking it, running two hitches over it and stroking it with a fleshjack. Rob writhes on the cross with each successive edge, the sensations intensified by the blindfold over his eyes.

Gay Castings - Update

May 28, 2015


Gabriel Knight is a cum loving slut who was born to be a gay porn star. Check out his audition on where the creepy casting guy fucks his tight hole.

Next Door Male - Update

May 28, 2015

Tommy Huntington

Tommy Huntington is a slender, blonde California stud with washboard abs and a fearless personality. Hailing from the Sierra Nevadas, Tommy spends his free time outdoors photographing the beauties of nature, but the role is reversed here, as he finds himself in front of the camera for the first time, revealed and exposed. Reclining on a love seat, he spreads his legs and works his cock up, running his fingers across his abs and up to his chest, as his cock grows between his fingers.

Active Duty - Update

May 27, 2015


Devin is the last of Mike's newest batch of recruits to get a chance to show off, but last certainly doesn't mean least. At 6'1' and 180 lbs., Devin's packing all sorts of beefcake into that red tee he's sporting while Mike grills him for personal details. He flashes this adorable little half-smile as he tells us he's 20, he's from Kansas, and that he likes to go to the gym and play video games in his spare time. He's raring to go so Mike leaves him be to get settled on the big bed and loosen up.Devin starts rubbing his pecs, then his crotch, and engages in some friendly chitchat with Mike before stripping down to his undies. 'You wanna show me that cock or what?' Mike teases, and Devin flashes a grin that shows he's happy to oblige.

Sean Cody - Update

May 27, 2015


Sassy and smiley, Brendan explains how he's put off all sexual activity for 2 whole days! Agony, considering he JO's 2x daily, sometimes going for all-day marathon sessions at home alone or with a buddy. But all holds are barred now that he's in front of the camera! Be sure to check out those pelvic thrusts as he humps his clenched fist. Sexxxy.

Chaos Men - Update

May 27, 2015

Bradley & Wren Serviced

Wren is so chill with everything, and even though he identifies as straight, the guy has got to be at least bi. He and Bradley hit it off, and there was instant chemistry. They spend a lot of time kissing and playing with each other's cocks. Standing while kissing and not having to bend over was a first for both! You will see Bradley's bossy-vibe kick in, and happily, it fit nicely with Wren's passive nature. Bradley loved making Wren suck his fat uncut meat! Wren does have that 'just use me' vibe about him.

Men - Update

May 27, 2015

Office Dreams (Pt. 1)

Dani Robles is having a hard time staying focused at work, but who can blame him when he sits across from sexy coworker, Flex. Dani can’t stop day dreaming about what it would be like to have his lips wrapped around Flex’s big throbbing cock. Dani has his hole ravaged as he is slammed hard, doggy style.

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