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Next Door World - Update

July 28, 2015


Rugged, yet sleek. Contemplative, yet sometimes a party animal. Jaden is a delicious contradiction of a man, and he's showing you his favorite way to relax.Join him as he winds down an afternoon on the beach, returns home to draw the curtains, and removes his clothes. This is when Jaden enjoys his body in the most sensuous of possible ways. He's touching himself in secret places only he knows. He's letting his cock become erect, enjoying the hungry throbbing. Watch him stroke his dick on his bed while he tosses you yearnful glances. Jaden wants to share this moment with you. Please, become his partner in this exercising of energetic sexual release.

Chaos Men - Update

July 27, 2015

Ares & Glenn & Griffin Bareback TagTeam

Glenn was looking for some extra money for Spring Break, so agreed to do a full on sex scene. Finally I could put Glenn and Griffin together. One problem though was I really wanted the two veterans to have someone new to work with. Enter Ares who said he really liked to bottom, and was eager to be dominated. Griffin, while an amazing bottom, is equally good at topping. Actually the same could be said for Glenn. For this video, I wanted to capitalize on Ares's need to be dominated, and the goal was for Glenn and Griffin to use Ares as their play thing. Mission accomplished! The video is definitely more fuck-oriented. They get right down to using Ares who seems very happy to have a cock in his mouth and ass. Griffin breeds Ares's hole while Glenn gives him an amazing facial!

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

July 27, 2015

Colt & Quinn's Double Creampie

Colt pushes Quinn’s face deep between his muscular cheeks and spreads himself wide so he can eat him out as intensely as possible. Then Colt gives him the same treatment, squeezing, smacking, and dribbling down spit before licking up from his balls, taint, and honing in on his hole! Then the guys move on to sucking each other’s big dicks. First Quinn works his magic on Colt’s thick rod. Then Colt drops to his knees to get swallow Quinn. Both guys like their sex rough and with each other as partners, they take full advantage of everything they have to offer- including flip-fucking and finishing off in each other… then licking it back out!

Japan Boys - Update

July 27, 2015

Jun in July

As a "gay for pay" straight guy, Jun is in college and here for the money. We've had him with guys already but let's see for how he is at "self-satisfaction;" it's nice to see what really gets him off. Going right for them, Jun is definitely a "nipple man;" you know Jun, guys have nipples too? Down to his underwear, he tugs and then strips. As his cock comes out to play, Jun is a very good example of a guy just here to, "work his body."

Backroom Fuckers - Update

July 27, 2015

Young, Hung and Sharing the Cum

BackRoomFuckers has a bevy of beef to feast on. They may not all be 21, but they're at least 18, and that's not in centimeters. Hanging out and enjoying some music, the boys soon figure out there's more ways to "get rhythm." Watching and working one another over, we have boys on their knees who just want to please and some who do a "solo" by self-sucking; time to jerk along with the action, even the DJ gets some "beats." With a couple of guys using the glory holes, all it takes is a cock and mouth to "enter." With nice, tight shots, you'll feel yourself "choke" with pride as these hotties "boogie in the back." Keep edging because the next update is explosive.

BadPuppy - Update

July 27, 2015

Don & Jason

Don Edgar & Jason Mannato are quite obviously into each other. More importantly, whether with his tongue or with his thick & long, uncut cock, Jason is very intently into Don's arse. Enjoy!

Corbin Fisher's ACM - Update

July 27, 2015

Reece Rides Chandler

Leaving aside Reece's amazing muscular body and Chandler's insanely long cock, both guys share extremely passionate natures. Putting them together resulted in some hot chemistry as well as some of the hottest fucking I'd filmed in a while! Reece rides Chandler's cock better than almost anyone I can remember. He stays on it, too, not wanting to get off. “Yeah, bounce up and down,” Chandler says. Several times, I thought Chandler was going to bust a nut inside Reece. Ultimately, Chandler saved it until he sucked Reece's cum down, then fed Reece his load in return!

Maskurbate - Update

July 27, 2015

JP Unmasked

It's been a long time since I had seen JP. He wrote me on Facebook asking if he could make another scene, so I told him to come to my place and show me what his body looks like now, without any promise. It didn't take long for me to offer him another scene, but this time, unmasked. 26 y.o. JP really worked hard at the gym and it showed. Though he gained mass, he kept his flat stomach. Which I like a lot. Having this stud in my living room was awesome! I shot this scene so you could feel like you were in the room with us. Hope you'll enjoy seeing JP again!

Next Door World - Update

July 27, 2015

Big Rig Breakdown

Jaxton Wheeler is used to life on the highway. He knows exactly the protocol to follow when his big rig breaks down while driving cargo across the state. Today, however, his cell phone happens to be out of battery when he finds himself in need of a tow. Fortunately, Morgan Shades lives a short hike from the road. Jaxton knocks on Morgan's door, hoping for a little hospitality.Morgan answers the door with a towel around his waist, bearing his well cut physique. Jaxton, although very turned on by handsome Morgan, maintains his composure well enough for Morgan to allow him inside to use the phone. As Jaxton talks to the tow dispatcher, Morgan checks out his amazing body. When Jaxton learns he'll have to wait at least a couple hours for help, Morgan suggests they find something sexy to do in order to pass the time. Jaxton can't believe his luck.

Next Door World - Update

July 26, 2015

Cheating Business

Jaxton Wheeler is a high-powered exec with one thing on his mind: Rey Luis's dick. Jaxton is staying at a resort on business, away from the wife and away from the kids. Last time he was in the area, he met Rey at a casino, just off the interstate. The two had some drinks together and ended up fucking in Jaxton's hotel room. Since then, Jaxton's cock has been aching for more Rey. Now is his opportunity. He calls Rey to see when they can get together. Rey comes over as soon as he can and the two have a glass of champagne. But the bubbles go down quick, and Rey pulls down Jaxton's pants so he can wrap his soft, wet lips around that thick meat. Rey's mouth is even more incredible than Jaxton had remembered. After a little while, they move to the bed where Jaxton enjoys tasting Rey's hard dick for a while. It's not long before Jaxton is sliding his erect cock into Rey's tender ass. Ah yes, this is the sweet hole Jaxton's been craving. And that hard pounding is what Rey had been missing. Check into the room with Jaxton and allow some pleasure to mix with business as these smoking hot guys reconnect.

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