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Jul 19, 2024

Johnny & Jamie

by Bring Me A Boy

A grown man like Johnny Viper enjoys his shower, especially when he has time to stroke his cock. But he didn't know he had an audience in his stepson Jamie Kelvin. Someone needs a lesson about creeping around on daddy. Johnny enjoys taking his time while showering but doesn't know his stepson, Jamie, is watching him. After being caught, Jamie runs to his room and under the covers. That wasn't going to stop Johnny from spanking his ass, but it also didn't stop Jamie from getting what he wanted. After a few slaps of his beautiful ass, Jamie's lips were moving up and down daddy's big cock, a position he loved. Johnny enjoys doing the same, but would rather have his cock deep in his boy's hole. Hard lessons like this have made Jamie a great bottom, and he proves it as he takes a good pounding from Johnny, followed by a mouth covered in daddy milk.

By Bring Me A Boy

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Jul 19, 2024

Caesar Bellacotti Tickle Tortured

by Tickled Hard

Caesar follows Franco's instructions to remove his clothes and stand next to the tickling table. Franco wraps four duct tape bonds around the former gymnast and cheerleader, then picks him up and dumps him on the cushioned platform. Caesar is so ticklish that even pouring lube into his armpits makes him laugh. Franco adds some ropes and wrist cuffs before tickling Caesar hardcore in his armpits and on his stomach. He tickles his ribs and pits some more, then takes off Caesar's size 9 shoes and tickles his feet through his athletic ankle socks. It officially becomes tickle torture when the socks come off and Franco tickles Caesar's bare feet with a soap saver and various brushes. At last, Franco release's Caesar's hands so he can jack off while he fucks Caesar's mouth with his giant cock.

By Tickled Hard

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Jul 19, 2024

Noah, Andreas & Ferdinand

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

Young Noah and daddy Ferdinand enjoy a hot oral exchange, which includes a good ass licking, while Andreas captures the action on camera. The dick sucking finally comes to an end when Noah pumps his load into his daddy's mouth, while Ferdinand cums all over his big belly.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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Jul 19, 2024

Liam & AJ

by Southern Strokes

Every once in a while a young twink likes to test out their pick-up game, especially when they are horny. AJ Baxter was ready to take his shot on Liam Rose, hoping to score. Swish! AJ was cruising the street during the day when he noticed his classmate, Liam, out for a smoke. He was horny enough to take his shot. Liam took the bait and followed AJ home. That's when the fun started as Liam gave his buddy the cock he wanted. AJ was first with a dick in his mouth as his sexy classmate sat back, enjoying the moment. Liam eventually took his turn up the court, sucking AJ's big piece of boy meat. That was the warm-up for the fuck that AJ has been waiting for. Liam didn't disappoint, fucking AJ to a beautiful load.

By Southern Strokes

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Jul 19, 2024

The Dare: ARMY vs. NAVY vs. MARINES

by Straight Fraternity

Gay Chicken: It's a military battle with Luke (Army), Dane (Marines) and Aiden (Navy) doing things they've never done before to go for the Gay Gold. Since we've got three guys for this Gay Chicken, we play it like Truth or Dare, and the top two win a fuck with my friend Autumn. But first, the guys have to undress each other and do a gay lap-dance. Next, Dane and Luke have to go cock-to-cock while getting into the same pair of sweatpants. Aiden strokes Luke's big cock, joined by Dane and Luke bumping dicks again as they oil each other up without using their hands. Luke has to lick Aiden's toes and worship his big feet not something he does everyday! Dane gets up close and personal with Aiden as Aiden gives him a tongue massage.

By Straight Fraternity

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Jul 19, 2024

Skyler & Draven

by BadPuppy

Edward Scott on Badpuppy with Skyler Snow and Draven Torres: Skyler has been a member favorite for quite a while, and we wanted more. So did Skyler, but he wanted more done to him, and Draven received the honors! Starting with a massage, Draven moves onto rimming Skyler's tight manhole. Afterward, Draven adjusts his position and slide his rock-hard cock inside Skyler's primed ass. Skyler moans as Draven quickly and repeatedly pounds into Skyler. Next, Draven sucks Skyler's long, hard cock getting it ready for Draven to sit down on. Draven rides Skyler's big dick, and then in another flip-flop, Draven plows Skyler's hot ass like there is no tomorrow. After one more flip-flop, Draven spews jizz all over his own chest, and Skyler pulls out and shoots all over Draven's chest, as well. What a hot flip-flop-fuck session!

By BadPuppy

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Jul 19, 2024

Aaron, Dan, Jacob, Lewis & Matt

by Lust For Boys

Cock-Loving Boys Have A Party: The boys are getting their freak on in this real life orgy session, and we're focusing on the fun fit chav Dan Jenkins and his mate Aaron Aurora are enjoying on the sofa as they suck each others uncut dicks and then take their action to some cock riding. Dan loves having a boy riding his solid cock, but there are soon more boys arriving for the party and needing some attention!

By Lust For Boys

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Jul 19, 2024

Breeding Muscle Bottom Matt Lian

by Cade Maddox

This is Round 2 with Brazillian muscle stud Matt Lian. I could hardly wait until the filming equipment was up and running before I started tonguing his incredible ass. Matt's body is super cut these days, but his ass feels even better than it looks. And, he wanted another piece just as much as I die. You can see it in the way he takes my throat fucking and rides my cock! I seeded him deep, and he cleans my dick as he cums over his 8-pack. I fucking love that shit. I tried some overhead shots and some more split screens so you can see all the angles. Check out his socials X/Twitter: @MattLiann and OF: @MattLian.

By Cade Maddox

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Jul 18, 2024

Austin & James

by Blake Mason

Horny Blond Boys Have Fun: We do love our horny and smooth twink boys, and when we get a couple of them together for a hot fuck like this you can be guaranteed a great show. James Lewis and Austin Greenwood start out with some passionate kissing but with dicks needing wet mouths to service them the two are soon sucking on those inches and swapping their dongs. A little rimming has little James ready for that dick and you can bet Austin delivers, pumping his pucker in various positions until the two can't hold back those cum loads much longer! We love a good double jack off finish, with dicks being rubbed and cum being splashed!

By Blake Mason

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Jul 18, 2024

Daddy Drake Delivers Huge Cock

by Hot Older Male

Hung daddy Drake North brings his beautiful daddy dick to Daddy Dan (AKA Magnum Stone) and Dan wants all of that beef steak in every possible hole. Drake gives Daddy Dan a fucking for the ages until he breeds his hot hole and leaves Dan dripping and wanting more.

By Hot Older Male

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Jul 18, 2024

Future & Lyno

by Bi Latin Men

Future and Lyno are some sexy hot young studs. They need some extra cash and were told the fastest place and way to get it. Straight goes bi and you'll love every second of it. From deep throat cocksucking to ass stretching anal sex. Ass eating and more. This is the place is ripe for you.

By Bi Latin Men

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Jul 18, 2024

Auto Trade

by Falcon Studios

Once greased-up mechanic Beau Butler hears that Ty Roderick's wife hasn't been putting out, he's more than happy to offer up his holes for Ty's big dick to use. Horny and carrying around a week's worth of loads, Ty accepts his buddy's invitation and soon has his throbbing cock deep inside Beau's open mouth and hairy hole. Surrounded by old tires in the back lot behind their garage, Ty keeps barebacking Beau's inviting hole until he's completely satisfied and feeding his friend some of his sweet nut.

By Falcon Studios

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