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Straight Fraternity - Update

May 30, 2015


Big black straight hunk Jason says he feels like he was tricked into doing what he did with Christopher, but it definitely looks like he enjoyed it in the moment. He sucks cock, eats ass and helps Christopher bust a nut before cumming a big load himself.

Men - Update

May 30, 2015

Cross Check (Pt. 2)

Paul Canon walks into his room to find a note from former teammate, Tom, explaining that he was kicked out of school for being such a slut. Bennett Anthony then comes in to see if Paul has heard the news. Bennett asks Paul if he ever fucked his hunky old roommate which Paul is just too shy to admit. In any case, Bennett was just looking for an opportunity to get Paul alone so he could fuck his tight ass and taste his fresh load.

Bound Gods - Update

May 30, 2015

The Interrogation

His latest plot foiled, painslut terrorist Jessie Colter has finally been captured by Agent Connor Maguire. Authorized to take any means necessary to extract information from Jessie, Agent Maguire slips on his leather gloves and gets to work. Jessie has his bulging pecs and torso covered in clothespins and cropped. Still unwilling to rat out his comrades, Jessie is made to gag on Connor's dick while taking a vicious paddling.

Next Door Male - Update

May 30, 2015

Noah Storm

Noah Storm is a chiseled Vegas stud here to cook up some mischief. An ex-high school jock, Noah's rock hard abs shine in the early morning light, as he finishes his breakfast and realizes he's in need of something with a little more kick. Clearing his dishes, he leans against the kitchen counter, cock in hand, stroking himself and getting all worked up. He moves over the sink, perching a leg up on the counter, and begins to finger his plump, meaty ass, spreading his cheeks wide as he continues to stroke, then as he's getting ready to explode, he climbs up on the counter and stretches out, flogging his rod feverishly as it spits its morning load all over his tanned and toned stomach. Gonna be a beautiful day.

Men On Edge - Update

May 30, 2015

Straight Surfer's 1st Prostate Milking

Laid back California boy Zach Clemens wants to try something new, so we bring him in for an edging session up in the dining room. A rope harness tied over his chest, arms secured to a saw horse, Zach is under our control as we bring him close -- so close -- to orgasm again and again. He trembles in bondage and begs to cum while we jack his raging boner with a vibrating cock sleeve. Next, we strap him down to a dinner table and worship his feet and pits. All the while, Zach's orgasm remains beyond his reach and under our command. We teach Zach where his prostate is and the pleasure that comes from having it milked. Finally the straight hunk is allowed to blow his load before having his cock head tormented and his vulnerable body tickled..

Naked Kombat - Update

May 30, 2015

DJ vs Chris Tyler

Sexy ripped NK powerhouse DJ has a reputation for hitting his opponent hard and fucking him even harder. With a hot body and some mad wrestling skills, cocky stud Chris Tyler is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with here on Naked Kombat. These two fighters will push each other to the limit on the mat and then push each other over the edge with a brutal suck and fuck session in the end. Total domination leads to total humiliation and a cum covered facial to finish.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 29, 2015

Classic CAUSA 125 Avery

Since Avery’s last appearance on ClubAmateurUSA, I decided to track him down to see if he was interested in making another video. It took very little convincing on my part. After three shoots with Avery, I’m pretty sure that he has a love-hate relationship with rimming — he hates that he loves it. Given that fact, he sure as hell didn’t know what to make of my little vroom-vroom vibrator causing his naughty parts to be super-engorged & tingling and keeping him on the verge of ejaculating for more than 45 minutes. As a result, throughout the shoot I could do my thing to Avery’s big, beautiful member for about 30 to 90 seconds and then it was forced hands off — else Avery would cum too soon. Dayum, I’m good.

Island Studs - Update

May 29, 2015

Furry Surfer Gibson

Furry Surfer Gibson is back, the popular super hairy 29 year old Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer shows off his new ripped 8-pack of Abs and awesome body as he strips down and poses with his long board, juggles Hawaiian Passion Fruit, instructs us in a full HOT NUDE YOGA session and jerks off pool side in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs.

Stocky Dudes - Update

May 29, 2015

Thirsty Threeway - Raw

On a recent business trip Brandon was introduced to adorable (and amazing power bottom) Evan Ellis. At the time getting Evan in front of the Stocky Dudes camera was not meant to be, however a month or so later Evan was coming to town and hit Brandon up to see if he could get his holes filled by his favorite Stocky Dudes Colt Woods and Bronx Gilbert. As luck would have it both were available on a moment's notice and so the date was made for a thirsty three-way with these 3 hot dudes... We can't wait to have Evan back.

Bentley Race - Update

May 29, 2015

Scott & Chris

This is one of my favourite scenes so far this year. I never know how the guys are going to get along when I pair them up. Most of the guys have not met before we get together for a shoot. But today's shoot between Chris Wyld and newcomer Scott Tyler worked out perfectly! In fact these guys couldn't keep their hands off each other as soon as they arrived. They were a little bummed that they had to sit through the photo session before the sex scene could start. We took a load of photos on the roof. And then we headed back to my studio where we could shoot some more raunchy shots. Chris loves being bent over and getting his bum licked, but not as much as getting a cock sliding up his hole. Scott was happy to do both, driving my mate absolutely crazy! Scott Tyler is my new favourite top after watching him drilling Chris from different angles. And this guy has some real stamina. I'm moving this video up to my favourites folder. I like their scene so much I have already planned more scenes for the guys.

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