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Helix Studios - Update

April 23, 2014

Spring Heat with Evan & Dylan

It's spring time and Dylan Hall is already feeling the heat. The handsome boy finds himself lounging around outside trying to deal with a hard personal problem when he finally phones his friend Evan Parker for a helping hand. Evan arrives and the boys undress for an afternoon make out but this spring fling really heats up when the thick man meat comes out. Evan takes control and fucks Dylan's tan ass all over the patio with two hard hitting positions until they both blow their sweet loads in the fresh spring air.

Titan Men - Update

April 23, 2014

Chain Reaction - Scene 2

George starts filming the bearded stranger, who is adorned in a cutoff flannel and cowboy hat. “Open your shirt,” George orders, one of many that have Josh stripping down to his jockstrap—his balls peeking out as his boner throbs. “Wanna see what’s inside?” he asks, slowly releasing his monster.

Chaos Men - Update

April 23, 2014

Graham & Ransom Serviced

As it turns out, Graham was hoping to do a massage table video...with me. He confesses this halfway though filming this video that was what he was hoping for. As always we had porn playing, and I don't have a lot of gay porn on my streaming server. I have about 300 videos of the straight porn . Gay stuff numbers around 50, and mostly it is pretty hardcore stuff that Vander likes to watch. Graham requested a couple of ChaosMen Serviced videos to be playing in the background.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 23, 2014

Tyler Works Justin's Ass

Tyler Wolf has a few workout moves he wants to teach to Justin Cruise while he’s visiting in New York City. But Justin is just using it as an excuse to see Tyler take his clothes off. Tyler gets a hard-on while working out, and that’s when Justin makes his move. Justin Cruise pulls down Tyler Wolf’s workout shorts and lets his thick cock pop out of his pants; the blond twink wraps his lips around the savory piece of man-meat and sucks it as Tyler moans on a piece of workout equipment.

Maverick Men - Update

April 23, 2014

Ginger Boy Cherry Pop

Got Gingers?!? I have to confess that Hunter and I LOVE gingers! I mean, we love ALL flavors and colors; for us it’s like a big sexy bag of man skittles, lol. But we especially have a big hard orange crush on the copper cock fire crotches. We have never been disappointed by the Cheeto-bush race of men! In our experience, gingers come with something extra special.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 22, 2014


Patrick from the Western Suburbs of Sydney is a knock about boy next door type bloke. He is into NRL /Rugby and Boxing. He has been into sport ever since he can remember. He had no problems getting a hard pulling himself while he watched straight porn till he blew his wad.

Maskurbate - Update

April 22, 2014

Introducing Jackson

Jackson is a young promising choreographer. He has won prizes imitating Michael Jackson then moved on doing some private strip shows mainly for ladies. His 8 inch large cock appears even bigger due to Jackson's height of 5'5".

Active Duty - Update

April 22, 2014

Steamy Shower Threeway

You won't want to miss this Active Duty three-way that's so steamy it may just fog up your screen! The scene opens with the three gorgeous guys in the shower, with Shea and Niko lathering up Tito. Their rippling muscles glisten under the water as they worship each other's bodies. Shea leans in for a kiss from Niko and the two make out as Tito gives a helping hand.

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 22, 2014

Kevin, Jaco & Billy

Kevin Warhol turns out to be quite the little house keeper. When he comes back to the apartment, Jaco Van Sant is still in the shower and Billy Montague is still in bed. In a jiffy he has the place clean, only to find out that while he was working, Billy has been playing with himself. Once Kevin was finished in the kitchen, and Jaco in the bathroom, they all began helping Billy out.

Cocky Boys - Update

April 22, 2014

Gabriel Fucks Levi

In every boy's life there comes a time when the boy becomes a man. For Levi Karter, that time was when he met Gabriel Clark. Levi's not shy about showing his attraction to Gabriel even though they had just met. When you have two such passionate men as Gabriel and Levi in the same room it's pretty much expected that they're going to just get straight to it. And they do. Gabriel's attention is all on Levi's bubble butt and he could hardly wait to get a taste of it.

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