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Sunday April 22, 2018

Jerome & Thompson Pure

It has been a while since I have done a PURE video. I always need some very passionate guys, and actually have had a few videos that I was shooting and thinking they should have been Pure themed because of how sensual they were. When I set Jerome and Thompson up, I knew they would be glued to each other. Sure enough, they were making-out in the hallway before even getting in the room. This is a pretty long video, because as usual, there was so much hot action I couldn't bear to cut anything out. This one of the hottest videos ever, with passion, raw energy, and even some internal breeding.

Chaos Men - Update

Friday April 20, 2018

Constantine & Draven

With Constantine literally having no experience with guys, I was not sure what to expect. He was a little worried that since Draven was a straight guy, that it might be awkward. But I put on a porn that they both liked and Draven took him through his paces like a pro. At first, Constantine was a little focused on the TV. Then he realized he was turned on by Draven sitting next to him with his cock out. Once he was confidently hard, he just let Draven lead the way. As soon as Draven starts sucking his cock, he puts his arms behind his head and kicks back to enjoy being serviced.

Chaos Men - Update

April 12, 2018

Alonso & Calhoun Raw

After Calhoun's amazing video with Vander, I knew he could handle anything. Vander has an 'advanced' cock size, and Alonso's dick is in the same category, but it is bigger. Calhoun's has always liked sucking the extra big dicks, and now he can take one up his ass too! And you can tell Calhoun is in piggy heaven. He is slobbering all over Alonso's cock, gagging to the point his blood-shot eyes are watering. Alonso gives him great head too, though you can tell he hasn't mastered throating a big cock. He sure was enjoying it though. I think Calhoun was eager to get Alonso's cock back down his throat.

Chaos Men - Update

April 10, 2018

Easton & JJ Edge

During JJ's interview for his solo video, he mentioned that he has done everything with a guy, and was very casual and cavalier about it. No big deal. I think he might have been hedging his experiences to impress you all. I of course dug deeper, and his experiences were not as vast as I had first heard. He was just open-minded. I knew we had someone who was willing to push his limits, but not too far. With Easton in town and familiar with doing Edge videos, I figured JJ would be perfect in the Edge chair. We push JJ's limits in this video, which is what makes a great Edge video.

Chaos Men - Update

April 03, 2018

Draven & Timmy Raw

Draven is really throwing his all into doing these videos. On one hand he is motivated to make you all happy, but on the other hand, he is loving doing these videos. He seems to have no real limits, and has been bringing amazing energy to each video. Time to plunk him in the Bi category. I wanted to pair him with Timmy, but worried that his cock might be a bit 'advanced' for Draven. Well, it turns out Draven can indeed take a big cock. He is not at the point of cumming while being fucked (Yet!), but he loves the challenge.

Chaos Men - Update

April 01, 2018

Damien & Lorenzo Serviced

Damien was really looking forward to getting head. He said his girl doesn't like to give head, so it was a rare treat. He did have a buddy growing up that would suck him off, but it sounded like Damien only got serviced and that was about it. So, we started with familiar territory with a model who was looking forward to a nice blow job. Damien grins during the first part of this video, perhaps not believing he was getting serviced by another dude on camera. But as soon as Lorenzo stepped-up the volume, Damien was all business. Lorenzo treats his cock like a professional cock-sucker would.

Chaos Men - Update

March 27, 2018

Draven & Phillip - Raw

For Draven's first time fucking a dude, he really wanted to work with a gay guy because he thought that his partner should be into it, and he also really wanted to please him. But I put Phillip in the mix, assuring Draven that despite Phillip identifying as straight, he really liked to get fucked. Like many of the audience, Draven was dubious that a straight guy would like getting fucked, but Draven went with it. Once Draven met Phillip, he was confused because he was indeed a straight guy and I guess he just didn't get how he could like getting fucked. Draven is a little awkward at the beginning, trying his best not to smile, yet he was definitely turned-on.

Chaos Men - Update

March 25, 2018

Maurice & Timmy - Serviced

Timmy starts by kissing Maurice's neck, working his way down his back, and then rimming his hole. Maurice's cock grows from all the attention to his ass. Timmy teases his cock, and even sucks it backward. Then, Timmy flips him over and starts to tackle Maurice's ginormous cock. Timmy has those deep-throat skills and he makes Maurice's cock disappear down his throat. In order to get a better angle to swallow Maurice's cock, he spins around and sits on Maurice's face. Maurice rims Timmy's ass, while Timmy swallows Maurice's entire cock. After servicing his buddy, Timmy wants his own cock sucked.

Chaos Men - Update

March 19, 2018

Nathan & Nicholas - RAW

Nathan said one of his biggest fantasies was to get fucked by a straight guy. He normally likes to top, but the thought of a straight guy fucking his ass really turns him on. Nicholas has plenty of experiences with guys, but still identifies as primarily straight.Nathan starts by sucking on Nicholas's cock, worshiping it and getting it nice and hard. Nicholas then returns the favor, tasting Nathan's uncut cock. When it came time to sit on Nicholas's cock, I could tell Nathan had not sat on a lot of cocks. His experiences have been mostly topping, and he is only 18-years-old.

Chaos Men - Update

March 17, 2018

Boyd & Roman - Serviced

I think there are four cum shots in this video. Boyd mentioned he likes to be in charge when working with guys smaller than him. He gets off on pleasing bigger guys, but wants to be serviced by smaller guys. Turns out that Roman likes furry daddy types, so I had one of those moments when random guys lined-up perfectly. Boyd mentioned that he liked to bottom, mainly because it takes a lot to get his cock fully hard. So, I was a little worried about this video. Roman plays with Boyd?s hole anytime Boyd was losing his erection, and both of them really liked to tug hard on each other's balls.

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