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Sunday September 23, 2018

Jerome & Matthew Raw

I love to see Jerome fuck the hell out of a guy. He is a great Bottom, but when I just let him lose to be a Top, his Dom vibe shines through. And Matthew West is a great Sub Bottom. He services Jerome and uses his throat and ass to please Jerome's cock. He always seems to be on another astral plane that is filled with anal pleasure. There is some great genuine chemistry in this video that is capped-off by Jerome fucking the cum out Matthew, his load spraying down on us. Jerome does another fantastic job breeding Matthew. He squirts the tiniest bit of cum on his hole and shoves the rest deep inside Matthew.

Chaos Men - Update

September 17, 2018

Bentley & JJ Raw

Bentley Layne decided he wanted to try some bottoming. I am not sure if he has on film before, but he did mention that his lady uses a toy on him and indicated that it was quite a large toy. He said, "Go big or go home!" I am not sure why he avoided getting fucked on film. He only wanted to Top in previous videos He sure liked it, so perhaps he might have had some worries about his masculinity being on display. Though he clearly has nothing to worry about. I had him ride on JJ's cock so he could control the depth and speed and he did just fine. JJ jerked his hard cock and frankly, he looks like he enjoyed it a lot.

Chaos Men - Update

September 09, 2018

Michael & Timmy Raw

Timmy has been working HARD this week! Michael Shores is versatile in bed, but with his amazing ass, I really was wanting to see it get fucked properly. I promised him next time he could show-off his Topping skills. With Timmy's abundant cock, I knew it would fit perfectly inside of him, and he is such a great Top. He needed a break after handling Carter Sloan's big cock earlier that week. Michael was only a little nervous just before getting fucked. Timmy sucked his cock until he was hard, then fingered his hole until he was eager for him to fuck him. In that first few minutes of getting fucked, Michael stayed soft. Apparently getting fucked on his back is not his favorite.

Chaos Men - Update

August 25, 2018

Declan & Easton

You may notice that a lot of these guys want to try bottoming there first time, and I suggest they get a butt-plug and get used to the sensation. We have seen a couple guys use butt-plugs to help open them up before fucking them, and I find this works out great. Declan was similar. He likes pumping his cock and having another toy for he and his girl to play with sounded like fun. Declan practiced at home first. When he showed-up for this shoot, he eyed the butt plug I had for him, and he looked concerned. It seemed a lot thicker than the one he got himself!

Chaos Men - Update

August 19, 2018

Chett & Thompson

Chett seemed down to fuck as well as be fucked. Not sure if it was his first time, but he acted like it would be. Thompson has been working with professional guys, and he was eager to take on a newbie. They suck each other's cocks, but Thompson is eager to get Chett ready to be fucked. He flips him over and begins to eat his hole. Chett smiles as his hole is tickled by Thompson's tongue. His smile is replaced by a look of hunger, as he grinds his ass back into Thompson's face. Thompson then began to finger Chett's hole, getting him loosened-up for his cock. Thompson takes his time working his cock inside, and Chett quickly was in pleasure mode.

Chaos Men - Update

August 13, 2018

Tag Team Raw

Yet another amazing Tag Team video where you will not know at which point you want to time your own load with! I focused on keeping shoes and socks in this. I always think it is hot when guys have athletic shoes on, and the guys actually fuck better with the increased traction. The shoes come, go, then come back again, just in case somebody was more interested in socks. As usual, I don't get too into the fetish, and mostly this is 3 guys taking turns sucking and fucking each other. Everyone gets fucked! Lots of sucking cock, and plenty of rimming. Favorite part is watching Jerome go back and forth rimming JJ and Mason, who are stacked on top of each other.

Chaos Men - Update

August 11, 2018

Dani & Justin Serviced

Despite Justin having some guy-guy experience, he wanted to start with a traditional Serviced video. If he was feeling confident, he would try more things with Dani. Dani gets in there and toys with his cock, but Top that Dani is, he seemed very interested in Justin's furry hole. Justin looked quite comfortable with his legs up in the while Dani tongued his hole. Justin says he wants to top only, but those legs flew up pretty fast. Dani then laid down beside him, giving Justin access to his cock. Justin starts by stroking him, eventually sucking on Dani's big cock. The angle is a little awkward, so they switch things up.

Chaos Men - Update

August 01, 2018

Barton & Nikolai Raw

I was going to have these guys flip-fuck, but Barton has gotten more of a dad-bod look. He is thicker and has his body hair, and Nikolai looked like the young twink (Despite being 23!) I knew that I needed Barton to fuck Nikolai and to be in charge. So, Barton has a bossier vibe and takes his Boy for a spin. They swap oral, but Barton is mostly interested in rimming Nikolai's hole. Nikolai giggles a bit, being tickled by Barton's scuff, but then has an epiphany, grinding his ass back in to Barton's face, eager for more anal attention. Barton flips Nikolai over, fingering his hole while stroking his cock until he practically begging to be fucked.

Chaos Men - Update

July 30, 2018

Lorenzo & Wills Raw

Wills was ready to take on getting fucked and was willing to try bottoming his first time out. Lorenzo was just the guy to do it. It surprises me how eager Wills throws himself into sex. He clearly has a lot of experience, but for a guy who identifies as straight, he is really enjoying himself, and there is never a moment of him holding back. I am going to have to shift him into the Bi category. I don't think he has figured it out yet! He handles taking a cock like a champ, and also likes kissing a lot. He rode Lorenzo's cock tentatively at first, but then bounced around on it with pure bliss. Next, he fucks Lorenzo.

Chaos Men - Update

July 27, 2018

Michael & Peter Serviced

After having a string of newbies doing blowjob videos, I was pleased to get two pros in so that they could attack each other's cocks with skill. This video has two daddy types, and I also really like that this video has more of a 'mature' theme. Always trying to keep the site balanced! Both guys are skilled and take their time servicing each other. Peter loves to rim ass and Michael's shaved ass was a treat. Michael's hole is perfect and I can't wait to see him getting fucked. Since I had two guys eager to eat some cum, they took turns feeding each other their jizz. Both their orgasms were intense. Michael basically collapsed after nutting in Peter's mouth.

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