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Chaos Men - Update

July 05, 2018

Calhoun & Dani Pure

With so much passion coming from both Calhoun and Dani, I knew they would be perfect to do a Pure video together. Sure enough, they are amazing in this video. This is one of those videos that I didn't have to do much but chase the guys around with my camera, occasionally I had to remind them I was there and needed to see what they were doing. We stopped only once to take pictures just before they started fucking. Once they started fucking with such passion, I barely could keep up. In fact, you may notice Calhoun cums abruptly while I am down on the ground filming Dani's cock slam into Calhoun's hole.

Chaos Men - Update

June 29, 2018

JJ Smitts & Wren RAW

I wasn't really sure what to expect from JJ. He seemed cavalier about sex with guys, saying he had done it all. But when he submitted his profile to me, he said he was Top only. Perhaps he was hedging his limits before fully committing to doing a scene with Chaos Men. And he sure is excited about playing with the Chaos Men guys. He has friends that are on the look-out for his scenes, and he is eager to keep coming back and doing more. And this video certainly shows that we need more of him! He totally commits to this sex scene. Pushing as many limits as possible. He even sat on Wren's ever-growing cock.

Chaos Men - Update

June 01, 2018

Damien & Timmy Raw

Damien was really interesting when it came to his limits. He was fine with fucking a dude, but sucking on a guy was going to be challenging for him. Yet, rimming another dude was completely fine. We were also surprised that he kissed his first time. My guess is the reason he was worried about sucking dick was that his gag reflex would be an issue. Not that he didn't want to put a cock in his mouth. Rimming and even kissing are usually the last thing I can get newbies to try. But he says he loves to eat women's asses, so he didn?t think it would be that much different.

Chaos Men - Update 05/09/2018

Angel & Bennett Raw

I can't decide if I have been lucky pairing Bennett with other guys where there is so much genuine chemistry. But I am beginning to think that he brings a lot of it to the table or bed. Of course, it didn't hurt that Angel had asked to work with Bennett. The two arrived on the same plane, and though they didn't sit together, they were both eye-fucking each other. Once off the plane, they realized they both had a lot in common. It was a great car trip up to the studio as I just drove, while they bonded. I believe I was on my own shooting this video. Ransom was on a well-deserved vacation.

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Chaos Men - Update 05/07/2018

Lorenzo & Milan Serviced

One of my favorite things about working with Milan was his willingness to dive right in. He is definitely a straight guy with no experience, but he had the right attitude that he was willing to have fun and also make sure you guys were enjoying watching. So, he was not going to be weird about anything. It helps he is older than some new models, and he has lots of experience with women, including eating ass. He figured he could transfer all that to a guy. Lorenzo is so great with first-timers too. He started with a brief kiss, and just had to stop and admire Milan's hot body. He loved peeling-off his shorts and seeing his nice hairy pubes.

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Chaos Men - Update 04/30/2018

Dani & Nathan - RAW

I love when I have two models that can't keep their hands off each other before the cameras start recording. This is Dani's first full-sex scene and he was worried that he might not have chemistry with his partner. Thankfully he was blown away, and even Nathan was happy to have a gay guy who just wanted to fuck his brains out. Nathan had originally wanted to work with a straight guy and while Nicholas Duff was just that, he realized it was missing some passion that another gay guy could give him. And there is plenty of passion here!

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Chaos Men - Update 04/22/2018

Jerome & Thompson Pure

It has been a while since I have done a PURE video. I always need some very passionate guys, and actually have had a few videos that I was shooting and thinking they should have been Pure themed because of how sensual they were. When I set Jerome and Thompson up, I knew they would be glued to each other. Sure enough, they were making-out in the hallway before even getting in the room. This is a pretty long video, because as usual, there was so much hot action I couldn't bear to cut anything out. This one of the hottest videos ever, with passion, raw energy, and even some internal breeding.

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Chaos Men - Update 04/20/2018

Constantine & Draven

With Constantine literally having no experience with guys, I was not sure what to expect. He was a little worried that since Draven was a straight guy, that it might be awkward. But I put on a porn that they both liked and Draven took him through his paces like a pro. At first, Constantine was a little focused on the TV. Then he realized he was turned on by Draven sitting next to him with his cock out. Once he was confidently hard, he just let Draven lead the way. As soon as Draven starts sucking his cock, he puts his arms behind his head and kicks back to enjoy being serviced.

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Chaos Men - Update

April 12, 2018

Alonso & Calhoun Raw

After Calhoun's amazing video with Vander, I knew he could handle anything. Vander has an 'advanced' cock size, and Alonso's dick is in the same category, but it is bigger. Calhoun's has always liked sucking the extra big dicks, and now he can take one up his ass too! And you can tell Calhoun is in piggy heaven. He is slobbering all over Alonso's cock, gagging to the point his blood-shot eyes are watering. Alonso gives him great head too, though you can tell he hasn't mastered throating a big cock. He sure was enjoying it though. I think Calhoun was eager to get Alonso's cock back down his throat.

Chaos Men - Update

April 10, 2018

Easton & JJ Edge

During JJ's interview for his solo video, he mentioned that he has done everything with a guy, and was very casual and cavalier about it. No big deal. I think he might have been hedging his experiences to impress you all. I of course dug deeper, and his experiences were not as vast as I had first heard. He was just open-minded. I knew we had someone who was willing to push his limits, but not too far. With Easton in town and familiar with doing Edge videos, I figured JJ would be perfect in the Edge chair. We push JJ's limits in this video, which is what makes a great Edge video.

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