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Mormon Boyz - Update

September 12, 2014

Elder Hart and Elder Jordan

Missionaries are generally only 18 – 21 years old, but they're expected to act like adults, always behaving with "quiet dignity." This means they have a lot of pent up energy to work out. One morning while Elder Hardt and Elder Jordan are quietly reading their scriptures, Elder Jordan reaches the Book of Enos. Enos was a prophet in The Book of Mormon who wrote about wrestling with himself before God to receive a remission of his sins. But Elder Jordan is restless, and his mind is wandering, and he starts to think about wrestling with his companion.

Mormon Boyz - Update

August 25, 2014

Setting Apart

Elder Harward’s mission is over, and the bishop has arranged for a very sexy send off. One thing that helps the missionaries wake early every day and work their hardest is the knowledge that they have only two years in the field. Every missionary will one day have to take off his name tag and return home. From their first day, missionaries are instructed to think about that day and to do all they can to return with honor. Of all the things Elder Harward will miss — including his investigators and his friendships with local Mormons — the thing he may miss the most is his intimacy with the other missionaries.

Mormon Boyz - Update

August 19, 2014

Elder Hardt and Elder Jordan: Transfers

Elder Hardt has a new calling: to find out all he can about Elder Jordan. It was the actions of a shirtless Elder Jordan which resulted in a mission-wide ban on P-day beach volleyball. His washboard abs proved to be too disruptive after a number of the other elders in his zone kept getting involuntary erections every time he took off his shirt.

Mormon Boyz - Update

August 18, 2014

Elder Miller: Inspection

Without a word, Bishop Angus binds the young missionary’s hands to the desk with two neckties, and then gags his mouth and blindfolds him with two more. Elder Miller is a good missionary — he knows that obedience is the first law of the gospel. So he doesn’t resist or say a word. He completely submits to the bishop’s authority. When he has been restrained, the bishop grabs his balls hard, and he tenses and whimpers in pain. Then the bishop takes his sticky dick into his mouth while he massages his own erection. Elder Miller moans with pleasure, unable to move or see what’s happening. The bishop gropes his chest and licks his neck, his nipples.

Mormon Boyz - Update

August 10, 2014

Elder Parker: Inspection

The sexy Elder Parker has heard talk about inspections with Bishop Angus, so when he gets called in, he knows a thorough examination and a hard pounding are in store.

Mormon Boyz - Update

August 07, 2014

Behind the Curtain

Thinking they have the church building to themselves, Elder Buckley and Elder Rileyfind a secluded spot for a long fuck. But Brother Newman overhears them, and he hides behind a corner and watches them while he jacks off.

Mormon Boyz - Update

August 06, 2014

Elder Buckley and Elder Riley Ep.116

Elder Buckley has a lot to say about personal righteousness, but Elder Rileyknows that he is hiding a serious transgression. Elder Riley caught him masturbating, and although he should have disapproved, he was totally turned on. He was smitten with his tall, handsome companion the moment he laid eyes on him, and he couldn’t believe his luck. Nor could he help pulling out his own dick and masturbating, too. So when Elder Buckley asks if there’s anything he’d like to get off his chest, he just comes out with it. He’s so nervous he can’t quite make sense. Elder Buckley is surprised and ashamed, but when Elder Riley says he felt jealous, Elder Buckley wonders where this will lead.

Mormon Boyz - Update

July 16, 2014

Elder Miller: Evaluation

Elder Miller has been called in to the bishop’s office for an evaluation. He’s very anxious to make a good impression. He irons his shirt, shines his shoes and slicks back his hair—he looks like a postcard of a missionary. He even arrives early and says a private prayer before the bishop calls him into his office. The bishop loves to perform evaluations of the elders. To measure their physical and spiritual health, he really needs to see and to touch everything. And the missionaries are very eager to earn his respect, so these one-on-one meeting are characterized by a special degree of trust and intimacy. The bishop preserves a studied formality in his dealings with the young missionaries, and Elder Miller finds the distance both intimidating and erotic.

Mormon Boyz - Update

July 08, 2014

School of the Prophets

Elders Gonzalez, Hardt and Harward have been invited to join the School of the Prophets. Little do they know that one of them will leave the School with a very sore, and very happy, ass. Elders are selected from the missionary program, brought into the school of the prophets, then sent back out into the field to find new recruits from a pool of hot mormon missionaries.

Mormon Boyz - Update

June 25, 2014

Elder Haddock and Elder Kensington Workover

All the missionaries know that Elder Haddock likes to take long showers. Which is understandable, since showering is pretty much the only time a missionary is allowed to be alone. But Elder Haddock’s showers are so long that the other missionaries have begun to wonder what he gets up to once the door is locked and his clothes are off. Behind his back, the other elders have decided that he must be masturbating in the shower, and they like to tease him about it whenever they all get together.

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