What are cookies?
HTTP cookies (also called browser cookies) are small data files created by a web server while a user is browing a website. The file or files are placed on the device being used to access the website. Cookies serve useful and sometimes essential functions. For example, cookies are required for you to add things to a shopping cart. They may also be used to store things names, addresses, passwords, etc. Sometimes third-party cookies are used to track your long term browing habits.

How We Use Cookies
We use cookies to improve your user experience. We use Google Analytics (third-party cookies) to collect and review aggregate data about visitors to our websites. We do not collect or store data with personally identifiable information, unless you provide that data to us for the purpose of using products or services on our websites.

How to Turn Cookies Off
Every modern browser gives you the ability to enable, disable, and delete cookies. We recommend using your browser's help function or looking under preferences on how to disable the use of cookies.

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