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Brutal Tops - Update

Monday April 23, 2018

Brutal Domination

Finally, horny Masters Leo and Aaron unite to take our their sexual perversions on this chubby, fearful sub. The powerful pair take it in turns to humiliate and fiercely damage this worm by beating him and screaming abuse in his face. The naked sub has to lick his Masters' feet clean as they enjoy drinking beer and then piss into his worthless mouth.

Sean Cody - Update

Sunday April 22, 2018

Jakob & Jack

Jakob returns with a new statement: he has yet to be eaten out! Of course, it only made sense to pair him with Sean Cody's most jacked dreamboat, Jack! Describing rimming as his ""forté"", he eagerly pops Jakob's rim-cherry and introduces him to a whole new world of pleasure. These guys are really into it and you can tell. Muscle hunk vs. twink and guess who wins.

Next Door Raw - Update

Sunday April 22, 2018

Teacher's Pet

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Scott Finn wanted to get something special for secret boyfriend Michael Del Ray, so he brought a bouquet to his office. Michael appreciates the gesture, but since Scott is one of his students, Michael feels a little awkward about the timing of it all. He tells Scott that they have to be careful about their relationship when they're at school, and Scott quickly shows the dejection on his face. Not wanting to disappoint Scott, Michael offers to give Scott a part of his Valentine's Day present now. Scott lights up, as Michael makes his way over to where Scott is sitting.

Alpha Male Fuckers - Update

Sunday April 22, 2018

Nick & Bobby

Swarthy Nick Andrews reclines on a white leather sofa, legs spread wide while getting serviced by eager cocksucker, Bobby Hart. Nick's uncut meat is treated to the rare delight of an oral magician who knows how to work over a loose foreskin! Nick and Bobby then swallow one another in some hot 69 oral action. Nick buries his face in Bobby's beautiful round ass cheeks, devouring the pink puckered hole. Nick then fucks Bobby, plunging his cock deep inside with nothing more than spit and sweat. Nick nails that hole and pounds Bobby deep, pile driving his cock into Bobby relentlessly.

Falcon Studios - Update

Sunday April 22, 2018

Hungry For Moore 2

Josh Moore is lounging on a day bed when Wesley Woods sneaks up on him for some passionate making out and playful wrestling. With both studs bulging from their briefs, Josh slips Wesley's undies off first and wraps his lips around Wesley's swollen cock. Wesley groans in ecstasy as Josh deepthroats the fat cock to the base. Wesley wants a taste of Josh's uncut cock, so Josh drops his briefs and feeds Wesley his cock. After face-fucking Wesley, Josh immediately goes straight for the hole and mounts Wesley on his back. The two keep their lips tightly locked as Josh keeps a steady pace stretching Wesley's hole.

Spritzz - Update

Sunday April 22, 2018

Big Dong Frat Brother

These two doormies have a super-sweet bromance going on, after nights out at student parties they curl up in the same bed and start the day with breakfast in bed… which of course has to include a side of hot sausage! Once they’re both awake the first thing in any student’s life is to get ready for a day of concentration by beating down the morning wood. These guys take the task very seriously, throwing in some slick, wet rimming to get the bottom’s ass ready to take a good XL morning fuck from his relentlessly horny frat brother.

Deviant Otter - Update

Sunday April 22, 2018

Grin & Bare It

As much as I love rough, mean faced sex, I also think its really hot when a guy is wicked smiley and doesn’t take things so seriously, like my new bud, Jake. The weather was great so we chilled out by the pool…also because the construction guys were out working next door and I felt like putting on a show (sorry about all the drilling and banging). So its no big surprise that him and I shared the same fuck buds, and apparently they've mentioned to him that we have very similar dick (like size, shape, feel, etc), and boy were they right!

Breeder Fuckers - Update

Sunday April 22, 2018

Angry Leo

Angry fucker Leo has worked up quite a sweat struggling against his restraints. The room is thick with his horny masculine scent. Little does this stupid cunt realize the more he fights the more we've got a hard on for his hetero arse. To work him up even more Dave lays into him with a flogger, whipping Leo's bare arse until he's trembling and humble. The proud straight boy won't stop whining so Dave fills his gob with a ball gag before pressing open his bum cheeks and plundering his sweet hot hole. With a lot of angry prodding he widens this boy's pink arsehole and loosens him up.

Chaos Men - Update

Sunday April 22, 2018

Jerome & Thompson Pure

It has been a while since I have done a PURE video. I always need some very passionate guys, and actually have had a few videos that I was shooting and thinking they should have been Pure themed because of how sensual they were. When I set Jerome and Thompson up, I knew they would be glued to each other. Sure enough, they were making-out in the hallway before even getting in the room. This is a pretty long video, because as usual, there was so much hot action I couldn't bear to cut anything out. This one of the hottest videos ever, with passion, raw energy, and even some internal breeding.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

Saturday April 21, 2018

The Best Possible Plan

Salvador Mendoza and Manuel Skye have been making plans to hook up, but for some reason it never works out, but today they have made the best possible plan, no plan. Things work out perfectly as the guys get together and begin to enjoy each other’s sculpted, muscular bodies. Salvador drops to his knees and takes Manuel’s lengthy cock into his mouth and begins to worship it. As much as Salvador gags on this massive cock, he never stops his attempts to pleasure Manuel. Flipping Salvador around, Manuel darts his ever-probing tongue in and out of the hot Colombian's furry ass.

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