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Sean Cody - Update

Sunday May 28, 2017

Sean & Joe

“You know I have a big dick, right?” Sean set the mood for the rest of the day, and Joe laughed nervously. “Oh shit!” Even though there was a bit of nervousness, he was confident that he could take it. Sean was impressed with his confidence, so he gave Joe a good, hard pounding that he won’t soon forget!

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

Sunday May 28, 2017

Abram & Brogan

Muscled Brogan has found on tight muscled ass to fuck raw tonight. Bearded Abram has two mounds of butt muscle that are just crying out to be penetrated by Brogan's bare dick. Abram sucks Brogan's cock to get it hard and ready. Then as Brogan lifts his legs in the air Abram's bearded fax licks Brogan's hole - burying his tongue deep inside. He then jumps on top of the hard cock and rides it like a PBR champ. The sound of their two bodies slamming together is bound to excite the whole neighborhood. Abram grips the bed as Brogan grips his ass and slams his cock deeper and harder. Brogan sprays that ass with a huge load and then sticks his cum soaked cock back inside Abram's sloppy hole.

Corbin Fisher - Update

Sunday May 28, 2017

Colt Slams Tanner

Tanner’s always at his best when on the receiving end of a hard fuck, and Colt’s set to deliver precisely that! Tanner gets Colt worked up with a killer BJ, letting Colt fuck his mouth. Tanner’s hands roam all over Colt’s smooth, ripped body as he blows him, while Colt’s hands eventually make their way to Tanner’s ass to feel it up and tease him. Before too long, Tanner’s lowering his hole down on to Colt’s cock, taking it balls deep and then bouncing up and down as he fucks himself on that cock. Soon, though, Colt takes over - Tanner goes from fucking himself on Colt’s cock to having Colt pump up in to him and drive his dick to the hilt. From that point on, Tanner gets thoroughly fucked and ends up soaked in cum!

Men - Update

Saturday May 27, 2017

Twink Peaks (Pt. 3)

The mystery surrounding Twink Peaks thickens, as do the hot cocks of the men wrapped up in it. Aspen is taken in for questioning by Twink Peak’s Sheriff Xander Brave and Special Agent Griffin Barrows. After learning he is the lead suspect in Noah Jones disappearance, he’s given a chance to prove himself innocent… and these lawmen know exactly what they want. Aspen’s delicious dick stuffs Xander and Griffin full, pumping deep inside them with the force of his sculpted hips.

GuyBone - Update

Saturday May 27, 2017

Ryan Tops West Raw

West’s first time bottoming on camera! Score! Big score! West is a beefy muscle pup covered in dark, curly hair and tattoos and up to this point had only showed us his topping skills, which were magnificent. But we admit, we were curious to see what he’d look like with a big, hard dick like Ryan’s up his tight asshole. We got everything we could have asked for with these two, including an extra 5 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!

Southern Strokes - Update

Saturday May 27, 2017

Trevor and Jackson

We started out with him in my favorite position. On all fours, blindfold on, Wrists secure and nothing on but a jock and socks. Trevor spread Jackson's smooth ass cheeks revealing his hungry hole. Trevor's tongue worked Jackson's hole until neither of them could stand it any more. Jackson got up and slid his spit lubed hole over Trevor's huge unwrapped tool. Jackson quivered as Trevor's naked cock slid inside his waiting tunnel.

Breed Me Raw - Update

Saturday May 27, 2017

Bishop Angus and Teddy Bryce

While laying in bed together, Bishop Angus and Teddy Bryce start to browse porn on their iPad. Teddy is curious to see what kind of porn the hot, older stud is into. Bishop suggests bareback porn. Teddy is slightly apprehensive about bareback porn but is secretly turned on. The two muscle studs begin to get naked and Bishop is ready to shove his fat dick into Teddy's eager hole. Bishop's cock feels so good in Teddy's ass that he begs Bishop for his raw cock and to take his Daddy seed!

French Twinks - Update

Saturday May 27, 2017

Two Parisan Guys in Nice

A weekend on the French Riviera (Nice) which looks very hot for our two young Parisians. Alexis Tivoli is totally unleashed on the smooth ass of Paul Delay and finishes to fuck him with a double penetration helped by a big dildo!

Dirty Boy Society - Update

Saturday May 27, 2017

Zach Alexander & Jason Sparks

Jason is an excellent cocksucker and Zach repays the supreme suck by fucking Jason's ass.

Club Amateur USA - Update

Saturday May 27, 2017


When Bennett first contacted me on AFF at the end of March to request more information, I did not hear back from him for three weeks, and then received this: “I’m definitely straight but I could use 5 Benjamins… Exactly how does this whole process work?” So, I gave him a short overview, and within 12 hours, Bennett was scheduled. Upon arrival, more in-depth questioning began, and I had a sinking feeling that he was on the verge of a “what the hell am I doing” freakout, and no shoot would happen. We had a 10-minute back and forth, and I was completely forthright with him. So far, so good.

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