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Jul 13, 2024

Alexis & Robert

by Blake Mason

Robert Eldrich Fucks Alexis Scott With Skill: We knew this pairing would be a truly hot one, and let's just say Robert and Alexis didn't disappoint. The moment they arrive they're making out, eager to get their cocks freed from their pants. Alexis delivers some amazing sucking to his hung young pal and Robert is quick to show he can take his buddy's dick right to the base. We love seeing boys like these enjoying cock so much, but the real treat comes when Robert licks out that hairless hole and pumps his meat in deep! Alexis enjoys a good long fucking from his pal, taking it from behind and on his back before it's time to shoot those milky loads.

By Blake Mason

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Jul 13, 2024

Michael & Kyle

by Chi Chi La Raw

Raw Deep Prostate Check: Michael Roman has a penis problem, but little does he know those are the best problems for Doctor Kyle Hart. After a brief inspection of his manhood Michael is already getting hard, but with a little fingering of his hole to check that prostate things only get more intense! Kyle understands, of course, he's a professional. As such he knows how to tug and suck a good cock and feed a man like Michael his own big dick, leading to both taking a turn to perform a special prostate check on each other! A shot of cum might be the best medicine Doctor Kyle can deliver, but he wants a fix of the good stuff too.

By Chi Chi La Raw

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Jul 13, 2024

Leo, James & Dylan

by Lust For Boys

Cheating Boys Threesome! James Lain, Leo Rain and Dylan Thorne have gotten each other so turned on swapping cock pics that they can't hold back from taking it to the inevitable conclusion - a threesome of cock sucking and arse fucking that has all three unloading hard! Lucky James gets most of the dick, first fucked by Leo, then by Dylan, while Leo fucks him! With a massive load shot by Dylan, he lays back to get a double cum facial from his boys to finish off their session - no doubt the first of several!

By Lust For Boys

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Jul 13, 2024

Dylan & Lucas

by Euroboyxxx

Dylan Dexter & Lucas Harvey Get It On In The Shower: So when you go to visit a flat and the owner's mate answers the door wearing just a towel that's not too unusual, but when you're looking round the flat, checking out the bathroom and he's suddenly behind you with his cock in his hand, that's another story. Some guys might at least hesitate, but Dylan gets down on his knees and takes the huge, uncut dick in his mouth before offering up his pert little arse to Lucas's throbber.

By Euroboyxxx

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Jul 13, 2024

Duncan & Connor

by My Husband Is Gay at Phoenixxx

Buddy Boners Need Some Attention! When two good buds need to shoot some cum and can't get any action elsewhere they know how to help each other out. Duncan Black has been having some girl trouble, and his buddy Connor Patricks admits that he's been jerking off a lot. So when Duncan suggests they help each other to satisfy their cocks the gorgeous jocks are soon sucking and fucking each other in a flip flop session!

By My Husband Is Gay at Phoenixxx

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Jul 13, 2024

AJ & Hunter

by BadPuppy

Gio Caruso on Badpuppy with AJ Monroe and Hunter Vance: 28-year-old Hunter Vance and 22-year-old AJ Monroe arrive at the gym for a quick workout before their big Gay Day weekend event over at the Parliament House in Orlando where they'll be representing and signing autographs at the Badpuppy Booth. Hunter has a partial woody, so AJ offers to help him out with that! He takes Hunter's boxers down and starts sucking him off, right there in the locker room. Hunter begins squeezing AJ's cock, taking his boxer briefs down and returns the favor, giving him some hot oral action. Hunter gets up on the bench on all fours, and AJ begins fucking his throbbing hole, deep and hard, while slapping his ass along the way. Hunter wants to ride that cock, so AJ sits down on the floor, and Hunter rides him like a stallion.

By BadPuppy

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Jul 13, 2024

Trade Show

by Falcon Studios

Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale are hard at work preparing product for the Adult Toy & Novelty Show, but these two stockroom studs are never too busy for some on-site afternoon delight. Surrounded by boxes packed with the industry's newest sex toys, Jkab drops to his knees to suck Andre's mouthwatering rod as Andre glances down to admire his co-worker's advanced oral techniques. Jkab then hops onto a metal table where Andre lifts his bubble butt and rims it mid-air before using his stiff dick to bareback his smooth ass. With his cheeks covered in excess lube and glistening under the warehouse lights, Jkab moans loudly as his tight hole quickly learns how to accommodate Andre's XL cock.

By Falcon Studios

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Jul 13, 2024

Blond In Blond

by Kristen Bjorn

The rumor is that blonds have more fun, let us watch Mika Ayden and Kosta Viking and see if they have as much fun as you and I can. Mika and Kosta meet on a beautiful summer day in the port and enjoy the romantic feel of the sea breeze and the chemistry that is bubbling up between our sexy blonds. Mika leads Kosta back to his apartment and the lines between romance and lust become blurred as the kissing intensifies. As the clothes are dropped the lust bubbles over and a sexual desire takes over. Mika drops to his knees and Kosta begins feeding him his cock. Putting his talents on full display, Mika deepthroats Kosta’s hard, long cock. Excited about Mika’s cock sucking skills, Kosta begins face fucking that hungry and talented mouth. The drool is overflowing as Mika’s talents take over and Kosta’s hot cock is serviced.

By Kristen Bjorn

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Jul 12, 2024

Gemini Season

by Cutler's Den

End of the season means time for BEEF. Handsome Muscular Dom King Byrce is on duty to SLAY big boy Gemini. Gemini brings that big muscle booty to The Den for a workout. Dark room sweaty hot fucks is this vids vibe and you will want to get ready to get your self off this is the one.

By Cutler's Den

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Jul 12, 2024

Trip To Pound Town

by XL Fucker

Acácio is our newest big dick loving hungry bubble butted bottom and you can tell he is enjoying every inch of Guto's 10 inch cock. Acácio is no stranger to big dick and takes every stroke, thrust, and poke and in the end his bubble ass is literally dripping with cum!

By XL Fucker

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Jul 12, 2024

Gymnastyx Part 5

by Private Playground XXX

Typical jocks don't know when to quit. This may be the final entry in our GymNastyX series, but that didn't mean anything to our bulking buds. When the cameras turned off, the fucking just kept on going. Where else but PPX?!

By Private Playground XXX

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Jul 12, 2024

Four Massive Dildos

by Raw Road Nation

If you like hard as fuck big dildo action and complete and utter FINAL limits of a working man's fuck-hole then this is your new favorite scene. Without question the biggest and nastiest dildo scene we have filmed in 5 years, we did not think the sub would get through the scene in one piece and it will make the eyes pop out of your head just as much as pump the spunk right out of your red raw cock.

By Raw Road Nation

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