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Jul 18, 2024

Saturday Special: Peter, Kirk, Kieran 3-Way!

by Bel Ami Online

3 of our big boys are joining us today for a special big dick bottom episode. Of course, that means that Peter Annaud is not going to be sticking his beer-can-thick dick anywhere tight today, but instead, Kirk Gauguin and Kieran Benning are going to take turns in pounding Peter's hole into submission. Hot and sweaty sex at its best as Peter celebrates his 10th year at and shows us he is still going strong.

By Bel Ami Online

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Jul 18, 2024

Touch Me: Gianni & Samuel

by Kristen Bjorn

The art of touch can be a very stimulating thing, as Samuel Blanco finds out when he meets his new roommate Gianni Gio. Gianni’s room does not have a door and asks Samuel to be quiet while he rests. Samuel is wild with desire after meeting his new roommate and peers in on him and sees that he is enjoying the art of touch and dreams of doing the same. Samuel enters and is handed a bottle of oil and begins applying it all over Gianni’s hairy, muscular body. Gianni stands up and Samuel removes his underwear, exposing his rich mocha colored cock. Samuel wastes no time in parting his mouth and sucking on Gianni’s magnificent cock. Gianni switches it up with Samuel and begins sucking his hot twunk cock. Another flip and this time Samuel is flipped onto his shoulders, ass straight up and spread wide open.

By Kristen Bjorn

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Jul 18, 2024

PRIVATE COLLECTION: Boomer Banks & Crush Daddy

by Naked Sword

The sun is out, the water is cool, and Boomer Banks is about to have some public summertime sex with Crush Daddy. Outdoors where any nosy neighbor can see them, Boomer swallows his tattooed buddy's big dick, bends over to be barebacked from behind, and then drops to his knees to eat up Crush Daddy's creamy load.

By Naked Sword

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Jul 18, 2024

Cody, Ethan & Steve

by Euroboyxxx

Cody Takes 2 Dicks In His Young Hole! What better way to be woken up than with a juicy boys cock in your face! Handsome Steve Agostina arrives to rouse his young friends Cody Reed and Ethan White and soon their morning boners are being shared in an orgy of cock sucking! Cody is the real greedy one, taking both their dicks one after the other, but then getting even more demanding as his pucker stretches to take both their big frothing lengths in his chute! It's amazing how much fuck-meat this boy can handle, but it does the job of getting them all off and shooting massive loads in a sticky finish!

By Euroboyxxx

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Jul 17, 2024

Auto Trade 2

by Raging Stallion

Once greased-up mechanic Beau Butler hears that Ty Roderick's wife hasn't been putting out, he's more than happy to offer up his holes for Ty's big dick to use. Horny and carrying around a week's worth of loads, Ty accepts his buddy's invitation and soon has his throbbing cock deep inside Beau's open mouth and hairy hole. Surrounded by old tires in the back lot behind their garage, Ty keeps barebacking Beau's inviting hole until he's completely satisfied and feeding his friend some of his sweet nut.

By Raging Stallion

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Jul 17, 2024

Squirt & Bear It

by XL Fucker

Diego's eyes are literally rolling back in his head when Leandro slides his 10.5 inches balls deep into his ass. But Diego is a real bottom and is no stranger to big cocks so he takes every thrust and actually seemed almost disappointed when he got Leandro off so fast.

By XL Fucker

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Jul 17, 2024

Whats Your Kink? Canyon & Theo

by Cocky Boys

It's time for a different kind of fun as CockyBoys presents a new WHAT'S YOUR KINK? series in which some newer faces reveal some of the secret pleasures that get them going! One kink just isn't enough for Canyon Cole! He likes to accentuate his sub experience with foreplay that includes blindfolding and light bondage and verbal Dom Theo Brady is here to make it happen. Once he binds his wrists and blindfolds him, Theo commands Canyon to suck him and soon he takes full charge feeding him cock and face-fucking him, and exciting him by spit-lubing and teasing his hole. Canyon really goes into full sub mode when Theo binds his ankles and wrists together and plows him every which way. Eventually Theo takes off the ties because he owns his ass just as Canyon wants.

By Cocky Boys

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Jul 17, 2024

Chicago Hotel Orgy: Cam 2 Pt 1

by Private Playground XXX

Our assistant captured footage in between checking guys in! Watch everything Cam 1 didn't get!

By Private Playground XXX

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Jul 17, 2024

Ashton with Joe & Viggo part 2

by Freshmen

Ashton Montana and Viggo Sorensen had quite a moment back in issue 396. In today’s follow-up we catch Viggo dashing out to his camera job. Before he can leave however, he meets sexy Joe Angelli coming in. Suddenly all he cares about is undressing this sexy new guy and maybe giving him some lessons in group sex. Ashton and Viggo take Joe to the couch and soon all three are passionately making out. Joe’s dick is ready for action in an instant so our two experienced boys immediately put their oral skills to use. Joe loves it as the two guys share his cock. After Joe demonstrates his own oral skills, Ashton decides to offer his hole again for some team play. Viggo and Joe share Ashton’s sexy butt and then Viggo’s decides to get fucked by the newbie as well. Joe’s dick brings Viggo to a crashing anal orgasm.

By Freshmen

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Jul 17, 2024

Gangbang 023-P3: 24/Seven

by WhoreHimOut

24 hours in a day, 24 loads in this whored out gay! How these 7 fuck machines somehow managed to bust out a collective double dozen nuts is beyond me. Your cumdump record doesn't stand a chance against me and my crew! Another broken one for the books.

By WhoreHimOut

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Jul 17, 2024

Big Fat Dick Seth! 8" RockerBoy

by Island Studs

Fat 8" Monster Cock Rocker Seth is excited to be modeling nude for his first time, delivers a Jerkin' Fest & Gaping Boy-hole Festival as he flops his massive throbbing cock and Donkey Balls out of his tight green jeans revealing a full bush of dick hair, hairy tanky torso, super hairy armpits and smooth wide fat boy butt, talks about the ink on his body and the musical instruments he plays in his band, combs his full bush of dark dick hair, strokes his rock hard 8" boner with Latex cleaning gloves, gets dirty and wet as a nudist house boy naked on his hands and knees with his ass and bare feet in the camera and his throbbing boner slapping against his thick thighs, playfully bends over, spreads his white ass cheeks wide open with both hands.

By Island Studs

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Jul 17, 2024

Hard Aggro Skin Dicking Dockside

by Raw Road Nation

Some serious skinhead outdoor deep throat kissing preempts a trip to a nearby dark room for some all out full on anal discipline. This skinhead has a massive weighted heavily veined hole stretching shaft which is well trained and has had several thousand holes practice around the European bareback scene where the rule is 'Fuck or get fucked to survive'.

By Raw Road Nation

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