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Jul 10, 2024

More Max Milan

by Cade Maddox

Last time Max and I linked up you guys loved the video. He is truly Sublime and I could not wait to get him back in bed. Check him out on Twitter and OF: @Soy_MaxLA.

By Cade Maddox

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Jul 10, 2024

Cocks & Robbers: Jaylon & Brent

by Like 'em Straight

These two rascals have both been here before, but not together. Jaylon is a tall wiry guy with coppery hair and a huge cock. Brent is on the girly side, but was gifted with a giant penis. Brendon loves to watch these two go at it. Brent kneels to service his new buddy and Brendon can't leave well enough alone. He steps in to savor the wares, spurred on by Brent's talents. Jaylon is so turned on he cums twice before this match is over.

By Like 'em Straight

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Jul 10, 2024

Twink Hole Hotel

by Boy Fun

It seems poor Archi Gold has been duped by an online booking site and the hotel he's supposed to be staying at no longer exists. While it would be a terrible predicament for any traveling BoyFun hottie to be in it's made less troublesome by Jackson Perceo and Justin Host breaking the news to him. They're not only a couple of friendly locals willing to guide a tourist in the right direction, they're the most hospitable boys, too. We could suggest they perhaps understand his desperation and just want to be good humans, but we get the impression they know this fit young visitor will be down to play. Indeed, they don't waste any time. As soon as they're inside they have their guest on the bed and the boy is no longer regretting his hotel mishap.

By Boy Fun

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Jul 10, 2024

New Traditions, New Gifts

by Family Dick

Dakota also wants to give his stepdaddy an early Father’s Day gift, so he gets on his knees and sucks Brody’s throbbing cock. It’s a wild blowjob, and Brody knows he shouldn’t be getting his dick sucked by his stepson, but it’s too good to stop, and the excitement between them is immense. Brody tops Dakota, filling his hole and getting as deep inside of him as possible. The stepfamily lovers cum hard together, making for an unforgettable Father’s Day

By Family Dick

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Jul 10, 2024

The Clergy, Chapter 6: Favor

by Stag Homme

He continued to kiss me and began to disrobe; he removed my shirt and I began helping him with his. He was so handsome with his perfectly kept hair and beard. It was strange; there wasn't much about this absurdly hot man that seemed or even looked remotely pious. As his massive worked out chest brushed up against my smooth one, I could feel his dominating presence. Soon enough I was on my knees for the holy man. I wrapped my tongue and mouth around it, teasing him and even myself. I pulled it out and went to town, ravenously, full throated. His cock pulsed and twitched in my mouth and throat, clearly more excited than that first time. Father Scott then had me bend over on a bench. I felt his hot breath on my hole and soon his beard scratching my spread cheeks and his tongue was swirling around my hole.

By Stag Homme

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Jul 10, 2024

Diary of an Attorney: Welcome to the Firm

by Men At Play

"Welcome to the Firm" is the first in a series of episodes in the new series “Diary of an Attorney” that will explore the not-so-average day in the life of an attorney, offering an uncensored look into their ‘professional’ lives. Brazilian Samuel Hodecker recently moved to the city and is starting a new job tomorrow. To clear his mind, he responds to a DM and agrees to hook up with dark, uncut Latino bodybuilder Sancho. After hooking up, they exchange numbers, and Sam goes home. The next day is Mr. Hodecker’s first day as an attorney at Sancho’s Associates, and when he walks in to meet the name law partner, he notices a familiar face. The guy he hooked up with the night before is his boss. But Mr. Sancho is not surprised; he knew all along and wants to get fucked by the huge cock again.

By Men At Play

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Jul 10, 2024

Tom & Jack Ch 3

by Jock Breeders

Gorgeous twink legends Jack Bailey and Tom Bentley are at it again! Tom is in the mood for some passionate foreplay; he unabashedly sniffs and licks Jack's smooth armpits to young Jack's pure delight. Tom slaps Jack's ass as a sign of appreciation: Jack wore the jockstrap that always makes his dick rock hard.

By Jock Breeders

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Jul 09, 2024

The Boy Dylan Ch 2

by Boy For Sale

The Appraisal: I looked around, trying to focus my eyes in the suddenly bright light. There were two other men in addition to Master Saint. Both of them, like Master Saint, were stern, but very handsome, older men in expensive suits. I was ordered onto my knees. Master Saint unzipped his fly and presented me with his cock to suck. All of them seemed pleased with my performance and the other two took turns using my mouth, as well. Then I was placed on my knees back on the box that I had been standing on. One of the men began teasing my hole with his fingers, and soon he was probing them deep into my ass. He got down on his knees to eat me out. Apparently, he was pleased with what I had to offer because he stood up and thrust his cock into my guts.

By Boy For Sale

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Jul 09, 2024

John & Tim

by Jalif Studios

In a sleazy basement sex club, handsome hunk John Despe reclines on a bench while sportswear-loving scally boy Tim Cosla makes every effort to suck him dry. John casually guides Tim's head up and down, pushing his giant dick a little further into the sub's mouth with each thrust. Tim is a deep-throat master. He loves pleasuring dominant tops like John. John starts to finger Tim's tight-yet-accommodating hole. It's important Tim knows he's going to be penetrated and hard before the evening's out. Tim kisses his new master with passion and urgency. The deal is sealed. John spits onto his hand and now pushes three fingers into Tim's ass, thrusting them aggressively in and out of his squelching hole. John's nine-inch dick is soon deep inside Tim. He pounds hard, fast and without mercy.

By Jalif Studios

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Jul 09, 2024

Scout Cole Ch 3

by Scout Boys

Pitch A Tent: In the end I just went for it, leaned right over and planted my lips on his. He kissed back like a little whore and was all over me in seconds, rubbing his dick impatiently, his ass no doubt already twitching for my raw 9-inch dick. I ripped his shirt off, exposing his beautiful pale torso and he instantly started groping the bulge in my pants. I had his shorts off pretty darned fast, the boy plainly has an enormous dick and I wanted to see it in the flesh. I was not disappointed. He helped me out of my clothes, his legs already spread wide apart in anticipation. I started sucking him off, simultaneously working a finger into his tight little hole, and he began to pant with excitement. I got him on all fours and started to open him up with my tongue.

By Scout Boys

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Jul 09, 2024

Numero 313

by Latin Leche

Blu is new to the neighborhood and is looking to make some friends. They're both beautiful, and David can tell Blu wants him. It doesn't take long for them to find a more private spot where they can play. Blu sucks David's cock before he gives up his hole. David pounds Blu hard and makes sure to treat the new guy with love and affection. They both cum hard and shoot big loads for each other.

By Latin Leche

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Jul 09, 2024

Milo Miles Cumdump 1

by Bareback +

Sexy Latin twink Milo Miles takes his turn getting that sweet ass gangbanged by eight urgently horny top studs. By merely the third load, Milo's tight anus is stretched out, gaping, and propelling thick, syrupy jets of cum out of that pink, pulsating hole!

By Bareback +

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